Kitmet [Kitten/Kismet (“doom”)] - The Flail Pokemon (ROCK)
These Pokemon are known to be feisty scrappers. They often use their long canines made out of coal, and the tassels on their ears as whips when in battle.

Diaminx [Diamond/Sphinx] - The Crook Pokemon (ROCK/GHOST)
A regal Pokemon who prowled the deserts during their time, terrifying other Pokemon with their diamond fangs and glowing red eyes. They are believed to have once been denizens of the afterlife.

Some sources of inspration: Smilodon, carbon and diamond, crook and flail, egyptian pharoahs, afterlife, rebirth

Ran out of time for art of the fossil, but it would probably be the Flail fossil.

In the event this does win, we could come up with some more spritable poses.

Thank you for your consideration!