kismesis if you will

Troll Quadrants: The Musical


(^parodies Call Me Maybe)


(^parodies Blank Space)


(^parodies You Belong With Me)


(^parodies He’s My Best Friend)

Congrats, now you know all about the quadrants.

because god knows what I need is more trolls and what the world needs is more of this terrible bloodline

it’s all Moth’s fault though. my hands are clean in this.

The kismesis of Patiin Proteo (Matron Greyhair, belonging to @glowtrolls, who had the original idea for this guy), Stitchthroat is a former dance instructor turned pencil pusher who does the job of sorting out where to put the indigos his kismesis brings to him. He placed Plaske in the dream circus, but has barely paid attention to them beyond that, being about as parentally oriented as most trolls. He’s only met them once, actually. Not that they’re bothered, considering both of them are about the same level of sentimental.

He’s fairly ancient, even for his caste, around five thousand years or so. His main passions in life are his job and complaining. He is a professional grumpy old man who would probably live in his office if you let him, but his kismesis would never allow that. 

He got his gills removed as a bid to prove he’s just as legitimate as any purple. Resents seadwellers mostly also as a show for that, though as he will loudly claim, he can find a reason to dislike anybody. He’s very proud of that.

Bitch Witches

>You were just lounging around your kismesis’ hive in lacy thigh highs and a giant black hoodie covered in various sizes of eyes. You whine quite loudly.

“Myyyyytaaaaaaaalooooo. Pay attention to meeeeeeee.”