Whatever you say about Kishi, he is a great person. It takes a lot of creativity to create an entire new universe with so many different characters. Growing up I cried with them, I laughed with them… Sometimes I even empathized with them more than I would empathize with real people. When life was hard I would read and watch Naruto to get away from reality. And I still do that, even though I’m 20 years old. The characters are like family to me and I care about them. They taught me a lot about loving, suffering and not giving up! So thank you Masashi Kishimoto, for everything!

People of all countries and of all Naruto-Fandoms – ATTENTION!

Have you already forgotten what this Manga was able to teach us?

Do you really tie your affection for this work to the fact which pairing got together in the end?

Your behavior is honestly shameful. Not just the behavior of the Fandom which ships a pairing which didn’t become canon, but the behavior of everyone who is willing to fight over something which is just a minor part of the series.

Have you once, just once, reconsidered what you are doing? Meeting people like you with hate, just because they have a different opinion?!

Insulting and disrespecting someone who worked 15 years on something which has brought you joy, just because you are not able to accept that he has a different opinion on a minor thing in this Manga?

You know what happens with people who don’t try to understand others. Who cannot accept others or their decisions. Who forget everything good about a person and a thing, just because a minor part did not go the way they wanted. Who are full anger and envy and who are not able to deal with things the way they are without begrudgig others.


You are neglecting every value characters of NARUTO represented. You reduce something diverse like NARUTO on parings while you ignore everything it’s able to offer besides that.

Is it that what you wanted? Congratulations, you got it.