Ghost Adventures: Bidders

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Eisuke & Soryu: Lead Investigators. 

Eisuke and Soryu founded the paranormal investigation group that all of the Bidders are a part of. It started out as a new way to kill time aside from the auctions, but these nerds really got into it. Soryu is a skeptic, but he’s willing to stick with the team since he’s in a leadership role. Eisuke is a total believer, and he loves to act tough and try to provoke spirits. He’s the first one to start screaming and crying if he gets a response, though, because of course he is.

Baba & Ota: Location Scouters, Investigation Team. 

You know these little shits think Eisuke and Soryu aren’t picky enough to find good locations, so they decided to take over. They’re willing to find the most obscure places across the globe if they think the haunting is enticing enough. Honestly? 90% of their decision making is

“Will this scare the shit out of Eisuke?”

“Oh totally”


Mamoru: Equipment Technician, Investigation Team. 

Mamoru thinks it’s lame to get too into the fuss of the supernatural, so he’s fine being behind the scenes. He’s strong, so Mamoru has no issue with resting a heavy camera on his shoulder for hours. Plus, he can just lean up against a wall if they’re sticking to one spot to investigate. Perfect, right? Sometimes when he’s fed up with a spirit, he gets the audio recorder and just starts yelling at them lmao

Luke: Interviewer, Historical Researcher, Investigation. 

Team Spooky Dude is probably really into the history of a place, especially if there was a really gruesome murder or a botched surgery so yeah, perfect role for him. He’s calm and quiet enough to conduct interviews, and honestly he just spaces out because it’s his personality lmao.

Shuichi: Interviewer, Demonologist, Investigation Team.

Being the religious type, Shuichi would be perfect for the role of the Demonologist in the group. Not only can he conjure up spirits, but he has the power to eliminate them from an area and even bless the property the team is investigating.

Hikaru: Engineer, Investigation Team. 

Hikaru is the one that comes up with all the cool gadgets that the team gets to use. He’s into tech stuff, so he’s usually on scene in case something breaks during the investigation. He steps in for camera operation if Mamoru gets dragged into an investigation.

Rhion: Audio Technician, Investigation Team. 

This sweet innocent bean would get roped into doing audio technician work, even though he’s terrified of anything related to the supernatural. He certainly doesn’t want to get roped into anything having to do with talking to or interrogating spirits.

MC: Interviewer, Investigation Team. 

Since MC is such a calming presence, the team felt it was a perfect fit to ask her to conduct interviews with people who have had paranormal experiences at each location. Sometimes she gets roped into the actual investigation, but she’s usually one of the bravest of the bunch. It’s hilarious to see her stand her ground with a spirit when Eisuke is in the corner crying, so the rest of the team asks her to join on the more intense investigations.

Lose To Win Chapter 15: One Hell Of A Night (Ota / Reader Smut)

Title: Lose To Win Chapter 15
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Her Love In The Force
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
Goto, Kaga, Shuichi, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota

Summary: Ota and Baba on the moves, well Ota’s one slightly involves more- more energy, more moan and sweat and among other things between reader’s character- silver-red-rose

Background: Mika went to the Tres Spades Hotel under Eisuke’s request. (Order) and led to seeing her ex- Hyogo Kaga. With Namba’s persuasion, Eisuke agrees to work with Public Safety, going on an eight days cruise trip with Kaga, Goto and Mika. What kind of mystery and danger await? You have no idea!

Chapter 1: The Reunion
Chapter 2: RSVP
Chapter 3: Recharge
Chapter 4: Welcome Back
Chapter 5: Decision Of A Lifetime
Chapter 6: Our Story
Chapter 7: Stress Release
Chapter 8: Play Thing
Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean
Chapter 10: A Real Man
Chapter 11: The CEO
Chapter 12: Boarding
Chapter 13: What Did You Wish For?
Chapter 14: Don’t Tease Me

Chapter 15: One Hell Of A Night

Most people wouldn’t at all be sure about the idea of being tied up, it sounds sexy in theory but in reality, it could be entirely something else. And it can be, depending on your partner. Staring into the pair of brown and lustful eyes, Mirana tries not to show her worries as well as anticipation.

“Do you like getting tied up by all your patients?” He asks with a smirk that doesn’t match with his angelic face. 

With the swing of the pendulum muted, her room feels unsettlingly still. Silence seizes the room and the doctor shakes her head,  "No but if it’s you Mr. Kisaki, I’m happy to make an exception.“

Twenty minutes ago, Mirana never would have guessed to have the famous Ota Kisaki in her room, the man she has admired for so long- technically his work but still Mirana totally fan girl the whole situation and tells him how much she loves his work, what an inspiration he is until the blonde artist returns her compliment by playing a clip that should not exist.

To Mirana’s surprise, she watches herself on the screen with her hand pressing her legs, soon her skirt is lifted up and she begins rubbing against her panties while her other hand’s squeezing her breasts.

“Naughty doctor,” Ota whispers into her ear.

Mirana nearly forgets to breath, eyes wide and fix on the screen.
“Someone’s a bad girl,” he adds.

Mirana shivers, “Where did you get this?” Ota shrugs, “What do you want?”
On screen, she climbs up the examination bed, getting comfortable right before she pulls out a rather impressive looking dildo.

“Oh!” Ota chuckles, “Naughty doctor playing with herself at work. Did you change the sheet?”

Mirana pushes his phone away and slaps his left cheek, “What the hell do you want?” She asks through clenched teeth.

“Just want to make a deal, well also to punish the bad girl in the process.” Ota whispers, “A very bad girl.” Moving her hair out of the way, he starts to kiss and nibble her neck.

“What kind of deal?” She asks, scolding herself internally for enjoying this while her brain tells her not to.

This is how it starts, a deal- trading information for her “behavior”.

A barely audible moan plays from Ota’s phone, “Horny?” The artist asks, one of his hands cupping her breast and he gives her nipple a little pinch. Mirana whimpers, still transfixed by this whole situation. Her breathing is getting louder as Ota continues to tease her breasts. She licks her lips, wishing her hands to be free and to touch the bulge inside his trousers.

“What do you say when there’s something you want?” His hand travels down her stomach to slip between her thighs.


Leaning in, he kisses her as his fingers rubs at her heated center.

“Will … you … punish me?” She hesitantly asks, sinking lower onto the bed and spreading her legs to give him more room. God, she can’t believe The Ota Kisaki is looking directly at her sex!

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Say what you will.I am forever grateful to Mashima for ending his manga the way he did.He did it magnificently.Perfectly.Out of the kishi-kubo-mashima,he did the best job.Thank you.I’ll get to bawling my eyes out now,excuse me

as soon as I get a little rich I’ll buy the whole FT manga and have it on my shelf

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Omg when will this glasses conspiracy end!!? Why are people so focused on it? Why do they need to bring out their family history of bad vision to somehow prove that Karin is the mother despite everything that has been shown and said?!?!? It's a damn story about ninjas!!! I don't think Kishi was focusing on shit like hereditary eye issues when he thinks of the plot (except for Sharingan stuff). We have villages sending out pre-teens to kill but nope bad vision is hereditary so plot hole!!!

Yep, I certainly don’t think Kishi was paying anywhere near this level of attention regarding Sarada’s glasses. He literally just gave her glasses to give her a more intellectual feel and to prevent her from looking too much like a female Sasuke, and then he capitalised on the ridiculous reaction from the anti extremists to create some drama because of the glasses. That’s literally it.

1K Comeback: Results!

After a solid few weeks of voting, I have counted all of the votes up and I can finally announce the winning fan-fictions that will be returning to my new blog, @the-girl-who-lives-in-her-head!

There was an influx of votes in the last two days, so here is the final list of fics making their comebacks!

1. Soryu Oh - Too Shy to Scream (12 Votes)
2. Joshua Lieben - Soft Creaking of the Bed (10 Votes)
3. Eisuke Ichinomiya - Intoxication (9 Votes)
4. Mamoru Kishi - Make Some Babies (7 Votes)
5.  Takuto Hirukawa - Internet Diagnosis (5 Votes)

Those are the top voted for fics, but I mentioned in my original comeback post that people giving me reasons for why the liked a fic so much, that reason could persuade me to bring back stories regardless of how many votes they received. And I received many messages and asks including reasons for why they liked a fic, but two really stuck out to me: and so here are the returning fics for those who gave me wonderful and amazing reasons!

Mamoru Kishi - Build It Better (@levisaudrey)
The reason that she gave me… It was truly heartwarming to read, to see how much impact this story had and I simply couldn’t not bring this fic back for her.

And there you have it! Six previous stories of mine that will be returning to my new blog! I will be saving all my other stories to my laptop, and I may choose to return others in the future if I want to.

I’m going to go over the returning stories and proofread them (maybe even tweak a little if I want to), before I re-post them on my new blog but don’t worry - they won’t be drastically different! 

I’ll post them tomorrow (my 18th birthday!) but since it’s my birthday, I probably won’t be too active tomorrow since my family and friends have decided to drag me away from my laptop to go out and drink copious amounts of alcohol with my newfound legality! Hopefully I won’t be hungover on the 23rd so I can start writing a new comeback story for you all!

Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you on my new blog!

PSA - A few of you know my real name, but in the interest of trying to keep my real life separate from my blog life, I’ve opted to go by my childhood nickname ‘Bumble’ when on my blog. I hope you understand the need for my privacy! Thank you.

Orochimaru literally tells his kid that he’s one of the legendary three so he can’t be beaten, Kishi further hammering ‘THE SANNIN ARE THREE EQUAL SHINOBI’.

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"I never would have imagined people would take denial to such extremes." EXACTLY. Tbh I find that quite pathetic. I see "everything from 699" isn't canon, like wtf? I guess, maybe they went through shock mode from extrem pain. That exist I swear. Their pride must've taken a huge blow, and now that NH and SS fnas rub it in their faces I'm still laughing that ppl don't accept that sarada IS sakura's! should sasuke comes and tell them that? Bc Kishi isn't enough lol

Lol, Sasuke wouldn’t be enough either Anon. They’re all chronic liars according to the anti extremists, remember? XD

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And I think, correct me if I'm wrong, in regards to Sasuke being in love with Sakura, it wasn't something he thought of or even realized according to Kishi until after the big fight with Naruto and Sasuke and Sakura healed them. At least I remember reading something along those lines, unless it was the voice actor that said it??

Yes it was one of the voice actors who said something along those lines, I believe it was Sugiyama.