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“This place is incredible” you chimed following Tablo through the halls of the AOMG office. He laughed seeing you stop off at each of the studios, poking your head inside and just taking it all in. “I can’t believe it. People actually work here” 

Tablo chuckled looking back at you. “You act like you’ve never seen a studio before. YG literally has Iron man in the lobby”

“That’s the lobby…And I mean…the ones at YG are so boring.” you pouted. “These all have such personality. Like the Gray Ground. He named his studio that’s so cool” you were practically bouncing from how excited you were. You’d seen Choice, Kush, and Teddy’s studios but they were far from Wow. GD’s was pretty cool, but come on, it was GD.

Tablo laughed opening the door and leading you into the next room. “If it means that much to you, then just name your studio too.”

“Fine. But I’m demanding YG-PD also give me a budget for LED’s, paint and decor”

“I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“Oh and candy! Gourmet chocolates from Belgium”

“What?” he scoffed

“Ya know…for clients…” you laughed.

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My Little Fairy (Simon D x Reader)

This was requested by anon. Enjoy!

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You were always the shy one, the “baby” of the group of friends. No one really knows why, you were acting like that since you were a young kid, you would smile and play kindly with the other kids, it wasn’t your thing to run around and make a mess like most kids.

As you got older that didn’t change. You preferred to listen to others than talking, you had few friends that you loved but not many, sine you always doubted yourself and could barely say a few phrases when you first met someone.

Kiseok saw you sitting on a bench on the park right across from his office window every day at 11 p.m to 2 p.m. and it was always the same bench and the same time. You would always bring a book and something to drink, you always looked so peaceful and happy, a ghost of a smile was on your lips, he noticed how you replied to anyone that talked to you with a smile, how you would pet the dog that passed by with their owners, how sometimes you would stare at the kids playing with a glimpse of melancholy but also excitement.

After weeks of being a weirdo, he decided to work the courage and walk those stairs, cross the street. He froze, what was he going to say to you? he couldn’t just start talking to you. As he walked with his mind completely off, he didn’t see the bump on the grass and tripped down.

“oh my god”

you said and left your stuff to run to the man that fell down kind of hard.

“are you alright sir?”

“physically yes, emotionally i want to crawl to a hole for the rest of my life”

you left a small chuckle as you looked at him. You knew those eyes, if it wasn’t for the mask you may have been more successful at recognizing him.

“we all tumble”

“not in front of the girl we wanted to flirt with

Kiseok loved how pure you were, how you would blush every time he made a flirty or dirty joke. How you would play with your fingers when you got nervous around him, your genuine smile when he complimented you. He was so used to women that tried to take advantage of him or girls that were just seeking a good night sex, he almost forgot that women that would blush and hide their face after a single kiss.

AOMG took you in as family. Even though you were younger than their “baby” Hyuk-woo they could tell that your feelings for Kiseok were 100% real, so they accepted you and enjoyed having you around.

Of course you had to be there for Kiseok’s birthday. You were happy for your man no doubt, but his birthday was one more reminder that you had a big age gap. You had just blow out your 25th birthday cake, Kiseok was turning 34 in Korea. They were plenty of times you were scared to seem childish and unattractive to him, that he would realise how much of a baby you are and leave you.

No matter how you felt, you got dressed in a A line princess sweetheart beading sleeveless short mini organza dress in lavender colour, you did your heart in loose curls and put it up in a ponytail and your make up soft and summery, you even put on heels and got to the club.

You were not happy to see a sea of women that looked much more sexier and older than you, most of them around Jay and Kiseok. Of course when Kiseok saw you, he politely excused himself and got to you. He swiftly wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a kiss on the forehead

“Happy birthday”

“Thank you babygirl, come on and drink with us”

He saw how your smile dropped when you saw the women that were in the V.I.P area, so he made you sit right next to him and took your hand in his.

“Ladies, this is (y/n)”

None of them spoke, they just kind of nodded at you with displease and got to talking with Kiseok, completely ignoring your entire existence.

As time went by your insecurities catch up with you and ate you from inside out, you clearly stood out with your girlie dress, you felt like you look like you just left prom. All the women here wore sexy dresses that showed up their glamorous bodies, Their hair flowed down like a waterfall and their make up was done to perfection. Kiseok seemed much more interested in them than you, so you did what everyone here hoped you would do, you picked your bag and walked away without saying a word and looking at the ground.

You heard your name but didn’t turn around, you just kept walking towards the exit. You almost made it to the car until a hand wrapped around your elbow and pulled you back

“y/n, what happened? are you ok?”

Kiseok asked concerned. He thought you got sick or something, when he saw you leave the worst case scenarios bombarded his mind. Your eyes avoided his and looked at the concrete.

“I just want to leave”

“why? who hurt you?”

you got silent again, there was no one to blame except you. Kiseok placed his hands on your cheeks and made you look in his eyes

“tell me what’s wrong”

“it’s me ok. I am a baby, i showed up in the club like i’m going to prom, and all those girls, they are so glamorous, now look at me Kiseok. I…. don’t belong here”

Kiseok could do nothing but hug you. The reasons that made you feel insecure were the reasons that he wanted you by his side. When you showed up in that dress you looked like a fairy, he was actually worried about your age cause you were so young and full of energy, he was getting old and could not really keep up.

“I love your dress, i love your youth, i love everything about you. Do you love the old man?”

“i love you and you’re not old”

“Give me a kiss”

He requested and you pulled away from his shoulder to give him a quick peck.

“Don’t worry about those girls we got way bigger fish to fry. I want you, my little fairy to be there and no other girl will change that

“I’m Just Going To Ignore You Now.”
“You Can Try, But You’re Going To Miss Me In About Five Minutes 😚”
Family Life × Simon Dominic [2.17.17]

Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget
[Sometimes it’s just not possible to forgive and forget │Simon D & Christian Yu]

You were almost embarrassed by the amount of time it took for you to get ready for this fashion event. AOMG were invited to many of the Seoul fashion week events, including the one for some designer you couldn’t even pronounce that you attending now. You posed alongside your long time boyfriend Kiseok as the photographers snapped away. Calling his name and Jay’s name every few moments to grab their attention.

You used to hate being a plus one- This wasn’t who you were. Glam events and photographs were out of your comfort zone. But somewhere between the lovely fitted dress that Jay’s stylist picked out for you and the killer custom boots you were rocking you felt pretty proud of yourself. Besides after three years with Kiseok, these events were a walk in the park.

Kiseok wrapped his arm snuggly around your waist, placing a kiss just below your ear as the shutters continued to go off. You smiled up at him laughed. “What are you doing?”

“I just want everyone to know you’re mine” he chuckled, straightening your necklace before walking you inside the event.

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Where would you be without me? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon and @mariamahashi9. It’s two requests together cause I thought they fitted perfectly with each other. Enjoy!

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You were always a strong woman, you got on your own two feet and you were not afraid to face the world head on. When Kiseok met you you had just started giving love a chance, you were so focused on your career and making a name for yourself that your love life had taken a back seat. You hadn’t realised how lonely you were until you met him.

He broke every barrier down, you showed each other every scar- mental and physical- your love was strong and you could see in each others eyes the adoration and care you had for one another. So when the relationship went to the public you thought nothing of it, he was too busy and you were too naive to actually consider what can happen.

The hate hits you like a truck. You knew that hate comments would come in but not the extent of them, and especially how dangerous they could get, you even had to get a taser and pepper spray just in case someone really did try to put those comments in action. It scared you and it made you a bit cold towards Kiseok. He didn’t know why or when this change occured, but what he did know was that he did not like it at all.


“Why did you post the god damn picture?!”

“Cause it was a good one, why are you acting crazy? I had to grind on her and you did not say anything”

“That’s in the past, why don’t you use your brain you claim you have for once?”

You knew that the picture was not a big deal, the comments were. Honey J was a great girl, you’ve met up with her a couple of times, she was also a gorgeous woman and people loved to compare you two, of course they sided with her. It had gotten to the point were you started blaming him, making up stories that he did it on purporse and secretly siding with the public.

“You are acting like a pshycopath! what is wrong with you?”

“and you are acting like an insensitive piece of shit”

“Really? where would you be without me? you were a cold hearted woman before I came in the picture! don’t act all tough when you are the one that said that this is relationship worked because of me!”

“and it will end because of you!”

You started walking away from him, not even bothering to keep the tears back or wipe them away, it just wasn’t worth it anymore, you were tired and this was your cry for help. It was put out the wrong way and it only made things worse but it happened.


You stayed with Jessi. She took you in and let you cry in her arms all night, she was the reason you met Kiseok so she knew damn well how much you loved it and the pain you went through those months, she was the one you runned to whenever you wanted to complain about the comments. You didn’t listen to her, she told you countless times that you should talk to him and tell him how you feel.

Kiseok had seen a bunch of comments, it made him hate himself. Although most of them were towards you he couldn’t help but blame himself, he let the secret out and now the woman that he loved was suffering. He saw it as betrayal, he promised you that he would do whatever it takes to protect you, now all he could think about was that he was the cause of this.

When he saw you leave it broke him but he also could not help but think that it would benefit you, if you broke up you wouldn’t have to deal with the hate anymore. That’s what kept his feet glued to the ground and his mouth shut, the hope of you finding serenity. After an hour he started acknowledging that what he said has definetel hurt you, you were always ver insecure of your cold heartedness and not showing enough love, he stabbed you at your open wound and that was off limits.


“Jessi I know she is here, I just want to apologise you can even be there while we talk”

“Fine, come in”

As soon as you heard the knocking on the door you runned for your life to her bedroom, you heard their conversation clearly and you kind of hoped that she would let him in. Wheter you liked it or not you missed him, your heart skipped a bit when you heard that he wanted to apologise. Love could not be forgotten in just one night, that’s just what it was and that’s why you went out of the room before jessi even got to you.

“Give us a minute please, i’ll be fine”

You whispered to her in english. She just nodded with a supportive smile and went to another room, leaving you in each others presnece and silence.

“I’m guessing you are here to set things straight”

“It was not just about the picture right?”

“No, it was what came with it”

You wanted to be honest with him, that’s what your relationship was based on, honesty and you tried to crack it by keeping all your emotions in. Letting it out was the least thing you could do.

“What do you mean?”

“The comments Kiseok, I am a human being and the things they say are frightening. I admit that I was wrong for not facing the truth and talked to you”

“All you had to do was reach out to me, we always talk things out that’s why we are still together. Why were you so scared now?”

“I didn’t want to dissapoint you. I wanted to seem strong to you, I thought that I could do it by myself and that it would go away. I guess I was wrong”

You were always proud of taking care of yourself and not letting things face you. So admitting that things actually got a reaction from you it would hurt your ego, it was embarassing and very egoistic of you but it was the truth.

“Will you come back home?”

“Do you want me to come back home?”

“Of course, we can do this together, if we are honest with each other we can keep going. I love you (y/n) and you love me. Come back home baby”

Petty & Jealous

⇢ Summary: Christian gets jealous and becomes petty as always

⇢ (Requested) // Word Count; 1,422

⇢ Christian Yu x Reader ft big brother Kiseok - A/F

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(gif cr; respectful owner)

Christian was ignoring you and being distant, he had been doing this for the last two days; it all started when Kiseok began coming over to yours.

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Forgive or Forget II

Forgive or Forget II
[Having lunch with an old friend│Simon D&Christian Yu]

◇ Forgive or Forget I

Christian remembered watching you as you left the party. The obvious hurt, etched on your face as you got into the car with Kiseok. He felt so helpless. It was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes what was happening, but Kiseok was still trying to cover his tracks. 

He couldn’t even pretend he was any better since it wasn’t like he didn’t have an ulterior motive. You were beautiful, fun, and he wished more than anything that he got your number that night…

It took you a few days to finally forgive Kiseok about his little antics at the event. But much like any other time, he charmed his way out of sleeping on the couch and back into your heart. You pouted as Kiseok clipped on a new charm onto your bracelet. “Don’t be mad Jagiya…” he nuzzled your cheek, lacing his fingers with yours. “You know you’re my girl right?” he whispered lowly in that voice you loved. 

“I know…” you groaned looking at the little star charm on your bracelet. “Why do you only ever give me a charm after we fight? It’s never on an anniversary or something.”

“Because” he pecked your jaw. “We have more fights than we have had anniversaries and I like to spoil my girl.” he grinned against your skin. “Do you like it?”

“Shut up” you groaned, trying to not smile at that smug grin of his. He ran his hand up your thigh, giving it a little squeeze but you swatted him away. “I’m still not ok. That girl….she wanted you.”

“And? Does that mean I want her? I can’t help what other people want. But I can help what I want.” he smiled, caressing our chin and giving you a little peck. “The only thing I ever want.” kiss. “My one and only.” kiss. “You got that?”

“Yeah….I know…But still, I don’t like it…I hate it…why’d you have to let her touch you like that…?” you sighed looking away, pulling back just slightly.

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Your Love~Kiseok Angst/Fluff

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 Requested Prompt: ~it’s Elo ft The Quiett - Your love. thank you. you can takes your time. but i’m really looking forward to read the story. if you don’t mind you can do both. but it’s okay if you’re busy. so basically this song is about two lovers who been drifting apart. but they still love each other and even tho they been been flirting around but they still have each other. i’m not good at explaining smth. but you can see the translation based on that song. (i’m sorry i’m sucks at english)~


You and Kiseok have been together for almost two an a half years. The first two years were great, the both of you loved each other very much, and people could tell. Kiseok and you weren’t afraid to show each other affection in public. But the past couple months Kiseok and you have been drifting apart. 

You weren’t really sure why you guys were, but the people around you were noticing as well. You figured it was because Kiseok was really busy with work, so you weren’t really worried You weren’t really worried until one of your mutual friends texted you saying that they saw Kiseok at a nightclub with the rest of the AOMG crew, and that they were with a bunch of girls. 

 As you read the text, you realized that you kind of expected a text like this. You knew that the two of you were drifting apart. Maybe it was time that the two of you started to see other people. You looked around the apartment that the two of you shared, and bit your lip. The walls were covered in pictures of you two, of friends and family, the walls were covered in memories that the two of you made together over the two years. The thing was though, that these past couple of months Kiseok hasn’t been home. So you have no current pictures of you two. 

 You sighed as you grabbed your jacket. You didn’t want to be in the apartment anymore. You just needed to get out, all of those memories were coming back to you, and you didn’t want to remember because if you remembered then it would hurt you twice as much. 

 You grabbed your keys, locked the door and left. ‘Kiseok wouldn’t be home anyway, so why should I stay?’ You thought as you jogged down the stairs. As you walked down the street you pulled out your phone and texted one of your friends asking them if they wanted to go out tonight. 

 You stopped at a convenience store as you waited for the reply. You walked around the store browsing for anything that you may like. As you grabbed a small bag of chips, your phone vibrated in your pocket. You pulled out your phone, and checked the message that you received. “Sure! I’m at Nighttime Club, meet me here!” She replied. 

You stared at your phone. Going to a night club wasn’t exactly what you meant when you asked if she wanted to go out tonight, but whatever you could use some time out with your friends. “Okay, be there in fifteen!” You replied. You put the bag of chips back onto the shelf, and headed out. You looked around and saw that a cab was waiting at the other side of the street. 

You quickly walked over and asked if they could take you to Nighttime Club. When they agreed, you got into the cab. After about ten minutes you arrived at the club. As you walked in you looked around for your friends. You looked for them for about two minutes until you spotted them in a corner in a booth. You smiled and walked over to them. 

 "Hey guys!“ You greeted as you sat down in the booth. They all smiled at you and greeted you in return. You ordered a drink. After about two hours you were buzzed. You felt happier than you were two hours ago. 

You looked around the club, and your eyes landed on this tall handsome guy at the bar with a couple other guys. You smiled and stood up. "If Kiseok can flirt with other girls, why can’t I flirt with other guys?” You thought as you walked up to the handsome guy. 

 You tapped him on the shoulder and smiled at him. “Hey, I just thought you were really cute!” You giggled. He looked at you before chuckling. “Well thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.” He told you as he winked at you. 

 You blushed slightly. “Sorry, I’m not very good at this whole flirting thing.” You said as you looked into his eyes. “His eyes look nothing like Kiseok’s, maybe that’s a good thing.” You thought to yourself as the guy ordered both of you some drinks. “He looks nothing like Kiseok either. Honestly he really isn’t the kind of guy I would usually go for either.” You thought. You quickly shook your head of your thoughts. “I shouldn’t be thinking about Kiseok right now, I don’t need his love.” You scolded yourself. 

 As the guy came up to you, you smiled at him as you took the drink. What you didn’t notice was that your friends took a photo of you and the guy and uploaded it onto social media. 

 After an hour or so, you bid the guy, who’s name you never got by the way, farewell and walked back over to your friends to get your jacket so you could leave. You smiled to your friends as you put your jacket on and waved to your friends. Walking out of the club you smiled as you thought about the night. 

You did have a good time, but being with that guy made you realize that your feelings for Kiseok never really went away. You couldn’t compare him to any other guy out there. You needed his love, and hopefully he needed yours. 

 You walked outside and looked around. As you looked around you found a cab parked down the street. You sighed in relief as you walked towards the cab. As you got to the cab, you asked them to take you home which they agreed to. 

You quickly got into the cab. After about ten minutes you were home. You paid the cab driver and got out. You bit your lip as you walked into the building. The tiredness just hit you now. All you wanted to do was go to sleep. You got into the elevator and hit the fourth floor button. 

 As you got out of the elevator you pulled your keys out and walked down the hallway to your door. You were going to put the key into the lock, but the door swung open. Surprised you stepped back, tripped over your feet, and fell onto your butt. You quickly looked up to see who was in your apartment, to your surprise it was someone you knew very well. 

“Kiseok? You’re home?” You asked. He looked at you and nodded. “Yeah, I came home about three hours ago. I looked for you but you weren’t here.” He told you. You nodded along. “I was going to call you, but I got a message from Jay telling me to check my social media accounts. So I did and to my surprise I saw you. With another guy.” He told you as he crossed his arms. 

 You looked down ashamed. “Kiseok, I can explain. Y-You’re never home anymore, and when you are home you’re not. You’re always in your home studio, and never with me. When we go out, you’re always looking at other girls. I just feel like we’re drifting apart.” You told him as tears filled your eyes. 

“So tonight I went out. I wanted to at least feel something close to being wanted again, but as I kept talking to him I kept comparing him to you. He was nothing like you and I didn’t really like that. Tonight made me realize all over again, exactly how much I love you. And how much I need your love.” You whispered the last part as the tears fell down your face. 

 Kiseok stood in the doorway staring at you with wide eyes. He quickly knelt down and pulled you into his arms. “I’m so sorry baby. I knew we were drifting apart, but I didn’t want to believe that we were.” He mumbled to you. You nuzzled your head into your neck and quietly sobbed. “I love you y/n I will always love you. I need your love to baby.” He told you as he pulled back and wiped your tears. He stared into your eyes before slowly leaning in and kissing you. You immediately kissed him back. 

You both realized tonight that you both needed each other’s love.

*I’m so sorry that this took so long to write! It’s been a really long week, and my computer hasn’t been working properly. I really hope I did this justice! Again I am so sorry it took this long to write!*

Hidden Pain

Eeek here it is, the story I had written in hopes to put a smile on my lovely @tears-of-orphans face. It was supposed to be a fluff story but went to angst town real quick. Please just know this is a/u for Kiseok, well I hope it is. I know I am not alone with worrying about whats going on with him. The pressure to put out new music is probably super overwhelming for him and I really hope he has someone there to help him not become consumed with everything. Trigger warning for excessive alcohol use. I may have drawn from my personal experience with dealing with someone who has a drinking problem. I made a moodboard so maybe that will cheer you all up. Enjoy, and please leave me a comment or send me an anon with your thoughts. They really do help me grow as a writer.

You have been away from Kiseok for over a year, you know something is wrong but he shut you out. Coming back home this isn’t what you expected to find, will he ever open up to you?

Word count: 49946

Theme: angst

Rating: Mature, alcohol abuse

Pairing: Simon D (Kiseok)  x Reader (F)

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Take Care Little Girl (Simon D x Reader)

Request by anon. Enjoy!

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You loved Kiseok, from the moment you saw him even when you did not believe in love at first sight somehow you fell in love as soon as your eyes met, you thought he was going to be the man of your life, you loved him and he loved you but sometimes love is not enough.

You quietly packed your stuff, only the sound of the clock and your sniffles were heard around the house… the house full of memories, memories that you cherished and memories that you want to erase forever in your mind, the memories that made you put all your stuff in a few suitcases. Fight after fight, curses followed by petty insults, smashing stuff and closing doors, accusation after denial, tear after tear, all that stuff that broke his and your heart. It was time to face the music, you had to put an end of this even that would hurt you, it would be better for everyone, since you hurt each other every day it won’t be much of a difference you thought bitterly.

You waited for him,sat on a stool at the beautiful kitchen you had designed, the kitchen you used to cook meals for both of you, the kitchen that he would make breakfast, the kitchen that you broke so many plates and glasses, yelling from the one side of the table. You turned to the clock and saw the time, he would be there any minute now, your heart started racing, it was like you were going to pass out right there, you felt nauseous and for a second you thought that maybe you should unpack. You shook your head refusing to back down, you had backed down so many other times, not anymore, it was final and it had to happen, this loving relationship became toxic and you had promised to never let anyone make you feel lost or helpless.

As soon as you heard the door open and close your heart went from fast pace to completely still, your breath hitched to your throat and your body suddenly became cold. You knew he saw the suitcases, you could tell by the silence, he usually calls for you. You took deep breaths as you heard his footsteps approach you, when you opened your eyes he stood right in front you, his face showed hurt, you had to hold yourself from breaking down right there.


“You are leaving me?”

He sounded so broken, so vulnerable and it made you feel so guilty inside, you could feel a knife going straight to your heart as he started right through you.  A part of him expected this, he just prayed it would never happen, he couldn’t help but blamed himself too, he thought he would be the one to protect you, instead he became the root of your pain and he hated himself for it.

“I don’t want to, Kiseok we are in pain, we can’t be like this”

“I love you, you are my woman”

“And I love you but love is not enough, do you want me to hurt you even more?”

“You never meant it”

He whispered to himself, he knew your Love for him ran deep and he knew that you would do anything for him, that’s why you are sacrificing yourself to become the bad guy and end this.

“Let’s say you forgive me, can you forgive yourself?… cause I cannot forgive you Kiseok, I just imagine… her”

You couldn’t handle it anymore, you broke down in tears, completely collapsed on top of the cold surface and cried. He had cheated, yes it was one time and you thought you could move on, turns out you can’t, after that it just went downhill and it mostly was because you could not trust him, everytime he had to practice, every time he went on tour and she was there… you just went crazy and many times you end in a fight over the phone, text, face time, anything. 

You felt his hand your back, you knew he hated when you cried specifically when he was the reason behind those tears. He rubbed your back soothingly, holding back tears himself, he had destroyed you, he felt so ashamed for what he has done, every day of his life after than night, the one woman that he adored he betrayed and traded for someone that had not done half of the stuff you had done for him.

“I love you (y/n), I love you so much”

He whispered in your ear, placing a kiss on your hair. You managed to pull yourself together and wipe away those tears, as you raised your head and looked at him again you reached for his face with your hand.

“I love you too, with all my heart”

You don’t know why but you just pulled him closer and placed a soft loving kiss on his lips, the last kiss. As you pulled back you got on your feet and gave him the best smile you could give.

“Be good okay? No drinking and no partying”

“I will, call me if you need anything. Take care little girl”

You turned your back on him and went towards your stuff, grabbing your luggage and opening the door, you looked to his side one more time, as tears ran on your face again.

“Go on, you will regret it if you don’t leave”

“I love you Kiseok”

“I love you too but you have to leave, you know I don’t like it when I cry in front of you”

Dealing with a break up is already hard, being on the public eye is even harder, it almost feels impossible. People did not know about you and him, which made it even more difficult since you had to put on a smile and perform, give interviews, sign autographs, take pictures like you were not dealing with a bad case of a broken heart. You only found peace at the privacy of your dressing room, your house and the booth, so many touch ups for make up, so many tissues around the house, so many tear stained papers that you could barely make out the words you had written. After the release of your new song “I can’t stay” people started to catch on, luckily you and Kiseok had never made public appearances even as friends so people did not suspect him, they jsut knew you were dealing with a very emotional break up.

“Hello and welcome back to our radio station, today we have with us a very special lady, miss (y/n), welcome”

“Thank you, it’s been a while”

You said with a fake smile. You dreaded this interview, you begged your publicist to call in sick for you, obvioussly it did not work. You knew they would ask questions abou the song, which you did not know you would react.

“So you have just finished a tour and you came out with a new song right?”

“Yes, it’s called I can’t stay and it’s available on Itunes”

“So I have to ask… why did you write such an emotional song, cause i have to admit I cried when I first heard it”

You took a deep breath and braced yourself for the worst.

“Well… I recently went through a break up and… I was and I still am very conflicted and sad about it”

“May I ask why?”

“I was with that person for a long period of my life, I lived with him and a lot of things happen from both sides and it was happening for a long time now so I just said that I can’t stay anymore”

You could feel the tension in the room, the producer could see how you struggled to speak and put sentences together, honestly your eyes were already getting cloudy.

“Do you still talk to him?, cause you sound angry in the song”

“I have not but I do want to keep him in my life cause… i love him and he loves me, we didn’t just stop loving each other, but you know… reality is not always good to us”

“Are you on to the next?”

“No, I can’t move on yet. I need to deal with it and leave it and then move on to be real happy, I honestly do hope I found someone that will make me as happy as he did cause he did make me happy and he gave me his all and I gave him my all but that kind of dissapeared from the relationship… one second”

Your voice broke as you spoke, you closed your eyes and took a really deep breath, trying so hard to not let those tears spill. It was the first time you ever talked about thiss and it brought all those emotions back, all the pain, all the hurt all the anger, it just hit you right in your heart.

“It’s okay, we will stop talking about it now.”

“Thank you”

As you got back to your dressing room your phone vibrated, you had a message. You saw his name on the screen and it terrified you, what if he was angry at you for talking about it on air? What if he was hurt for betraying him? You opened the message with shaky hands and saw the screen.

“I’m sorry, I love you too, don’t cry for me I want you to smile. Call me when you want, we can go for a beer”

You smiled as the tears hit the screen, it’s not fair! you wished you could hate him, you wished he hated you, but no, breaking up while still being in love made it even harder, you wanted to run back to him. You hit reply and started typing

“I would love that, maybe when we get better. I’m sorry too, I love you”


Y'all worried about Yoongi who hasn’t posted since like March… Simon D hasn’t posted since FREAKING OCTOBER OF 2016……um….so I don’t wanna hear it😂😂

Forgive or Forget III

Forgive or Forget III
[Mutually putting forth and effort. Simon D & Christian]

◇ Forgive or Forget I  ◇ Forgive or Forget II

You shuffled around with your paperwork on your desk, trying to gather the new contract for your last client of the day. On one end you liked being able to leave work early for a meeting, on the other end sometimes these new client meetings could last longer than your actual shift. But anything to solidify a new partnership.

Looking at your watch you groaned. If you could wrap up this meeting in about an hour then you’d have plenty of time to stop at the grocery store and pick up Kiseok’s favorites for dinner.

But something told you that this client was going to be a pain in the ass. He already had so many demands, one of which being that you had to meet him at his restaurant of choice.

Walking out of your building, you hailed a taxi and gave Kiseok another call just to check in, to your surprise he actually answered.

“Kiseok!” you grinned brightly. “I missed you”

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That Fuckboy Shit (A Simon Dominic Scenario)

A/N: This is my first khh scenario. I hate rereading my stuff so sorry in advance if there are any mistakes. Anyway this is a requested Simon angst.

“Are you on your way yet,” Jay huffed into the phone. You rolled your eyes, listening to him complain. “I’m literally walking up the stairs,” you said. 

You pushed open the door to the studio and looked around. The lobby was completely free of any living being. You pulled your phone from your jean pocket. “Sorry, I got called into a meeting,” you read out loud. You let out a long sigh and made your way to a couch. Kiseok gently closed the door to his studio. He looked up and saw you, “Y/N? What are you doing here?” You turned to face him, a slight blush heating up your face. “Jay wanted to hang but he’s in a meeting now,” you said pointing to Jay’s closed door. Kiseok nodded and took a seat next to you. You looked straight ahead, too nervous to look at him for too long. 

“Have you thought about what I told you,” you asked staring a hole into the wall. Kiseok sighed, “Yeah.”


“Look Y/N, I got this reputation that I want to keep up.”

You nodded as his words sunk in. You scoffed as a tear slid down your cheek. Kiseok reached out to grab your hand, “I do care about you and if it weren’t for the-,”

You shook your head, “How can you say that Kiseok? How can you blatantly reject me but still say you care? I get you want to keep up this fuck boy persona you’ve got but don’t use that bullshit on me. Just leave it alone.”

“I do care, Y/N. I care so fucking much but I also care about my music and my fucking income.”

“Save it, Kiseok. You’ve already decided,” you pushed off the couch and opened the door to an empty studio. You shut the door behind you and locked it. “Why do I care so fucking much,” you asked as you wiped the tears off your face. Kiseok banged on the door, “Y/N open it.” You sat in the office chair and stared at the door. Kiseok spent five minutes begging you to come out.

“Why do you care so much,” you asked through the door. Kiseok stopped banging, “Fuck I don’t know why. I just know that I care about you.”

“Then why do you keep pulling away,” you yelled through the door. It was silent for a few seconds. “Y/N, can you please open the door?” You slowly cracked open the door. Kiseok stared into your puffy, red eyes, “I’m afraid.”

“Of what?”

“I don’t know. I like that you come around here all the time. I like seeing you. I’m afraid that we’ll date and break up and I won’t be able to see you anymore. I love you and I’m afraid of losing you.”

You laughed. Kiseok stared at you. “Sorry,” you said in between breaths, “It’s just, I think that’s the cutest thing you’ve ever said.” Kiseok’s face softened, “So am I forgiven?”

“I guess, but no more of that fuckboy shit.”