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Gom, Kagami and Kiyoshi meeting their ex after a year, and there are still a spark between them :) good luck with this blog!

Aomine Daiki: Aomine notices you on his way home from school with Momoi, and his gut twists with jealousy when you throw your arms around Momoi but only offer him a simple handshake; he would never know that you were too shy, too nervous, to do anything but shake his hand. After forcing Momoi to walk ahead first, he lingers behind awkwardly to talk to you. 

Hey…whaddya say we catch up over lunch tomorrow?”

Kise Ryouta: You bump into Kise at the local coffee shop, recognising him immediately as the guy complaining at the counter about his misspelt name on his cup. He turns around when you laugh, eyes widening in recognition at your voice. Kise immediately turns to head your way; the incident with his coffee cup suddenly forgotten. 

It’s been too long, _____-cchi…I can’t believe it’s really you…”

Midorima Shintarou: When Midorima enters the charity shop you’re volunteering at - no doubt to purchase his lucky item for the day - you can’t help but marvel at fate. You start a light conversation with him when he places an odd looking spoon on the counter, and notice the familiar way Midorima stutters when he’s nervous.  

I come here often to buy lucky items. I-It’s good to see you again, nanodayo.” 

Murasakibara Atsushi: You find Murasakibara outside a snacks store, watching the pastry chef through the window. He glances up at the sound of your giggle, and notices how much taller you’ve become. You rack your brain to think of something to say that would let you remain by his side for longer, but he beats you to it. 

_____-chin, I’m going to buy some of whatever he’s making…do you want some too?”

Kuroko Tetsuya: After the initial shock of Kuroko appearing by your side at the supermarket - almost making you drop your carton of milk in the process - the two of you begin to reminisce over your first-year days, and you realise just how much you’ve missed seeing his smile. You’re only too eager to agree when Kuroko subtly implies that he would like to see you again.

It was nice talking to you like this, _____-san. Maybe we’ll see each other around more often.” 

Akashi Seijurou: You spot Akashi stepping out of a sports store with some of his teammates, and he returns your gaze almost immediately. Demanding to his teammates that they remained where they were, he walks in your direction.
"You’re still as controlling as ever, Seijurou," You tease him lightheartedly as he nears you, watching his lashes lower in response. 

I’m interested to know how you’ve been faring, _____. Will you join me for dinner tonight?”

Kagami Taiga: Kagami halts mid-chew as you slide into the seat opposite him, amused at the bewilderment that flitters across his face. Chiding him in exasperation - as you always have - at the sheer size of his mountain of burgers, he finds himself grabbing one off his tray, before extending his arm over to you. 

Here, uh…do you want one?”

Kiyoshi Teppei: “Teppei.” You frown at your clipboard. “It says here that you haven’t been coming in for your regular check-ups.” Kiyoshi chokes on his water when you stride into the room, unsure if he was supposed to be more surprised at seeing you, or seeing you in uniform. You hurriedly explain that you’re at the hospital to gain work experience, before moving on to focus on a more important subject - his injury. 

"…well, if I had known sooner that this place had such cute nurses, I would’ve come in more often.”

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I want a scene where kise is jealous because I "flirted" with a guy at school so he just want to fuck me in a class room!

(*≧▽≦) Dark!Kise strikes again (really it’s normal Kise tho)

Sitting on the desk you had to ask why?

Why did he have you caged onto the desk?

Why was he roughly thrusting into you?

Why did he have an irritated look?

Ah, that’s right

Kise was jealous again.

”___-cchi you play a hard game…” he scolded staring at your flushed face. “That guy was so interested in you..”

"Kise I don’t get it" you argued back feeling him give a sharp thrust to stop you.

"I don’t want anyone to steal ___-cchi, so I’m going to make you forget that guy" he growled kissing you hard on the lips. You felt him go deep into you and start grinding on you. "I’m gonna love ___-cchi hard and rough, just the way you like it"

"K-kise…I’m..not…interested in that guy.." you said between kisses.

"That just makes me want to do you more ___-cchi~" he purred starting a quick pace.

"Only moan my name ___-cchi, come on, I want to hear you"

You choked out his name, people were surely still around school now.

”____-cchi~ I love you so much~”

Omg no pls imagine this with me

Okay so, imagine that somehow the human race’s frontal cortex (the main part of the brain involved with strategies, common sense and decision-making) is not that evolved as it is today. Imagine that this makes us much more primitive, and our decision-making is based a lot on instinct.

Imagine we have mating and territory battles (though that at least is a less lot violent than in the animal kingdom) and all that shit.

Okay here comes the good part buckle your seatbelt kids we’re going on a ride.

Imagine the absolute chaos it would be when Kise found his mate. His puppy and wolf switch would go completely mad and he’d alternate between the two a lot faster than people can actually keep up with. Imagine that he gets really violent and agressive whenever someone gets within two meters of his mate, and he’s just really possessive and keeps an arm around their waist at all times and just keeps rubbing his cheek against theirs and nuzzling their neck (to get his scent all over them of course the territorial bastard) because people just won’t back off. Imagine what he’s like when they’re in heat.

Okay next let’s imagine uh Akashi. Can you imagine Akashi? When he finds his mate he wastes no time in claiming them as his and making them wear his things and things he bought for them so the whole world knows they’re his and his alone. He’d honestly go insane (like, worse than ‘I’ll gouge out my eyes and give them to you’ insane) if he even saw someone touching his mate, even if it’s just a shake of hands. Imagine Akashi around his pregnant mate holy shit.

I don’t know what came over me.

I am not sorry.

Someone needs to write a thing about this.


This has been your random situation of the day.

Thank you for the compliment, cutie))

Kuroko: He paused and slowly put the stuffed animal down. Yes, even in his rage he was still cautious enough to only throw soft objects. They flew across the room, thumping loudly as they hit the wall, floor, even the dog. Even if they were harmless objects, you couldn’t help but flinch every time a thud echoed through the room. One of them knocked over a lamp and a heavy silence instantly followed. Your body was trembling, and Kuroko waited for you to follow through with your side of the outburst. But tears began to well up in your eyes, and soon enough they were streaming down your face. Your angry fists relaxed as you brought your hands up to cover your reddening face. He approached you quietly and tried to pull your hands away. He didn’t quite understand how your rage had suddenly turned into a crumpled, fearful sorry, but he didn’t have to understand it to know that he didn’t like it. “___-kun,” he murmured as he pulled your face against his chest. “I’m not going to hurt you. I couldn’t if I tried.” It took him a while to calm you down. He couldn’t just leave you trembling, breathing haphazardly, crying over his actions. He nuzzled his face against the crook of your neck and murmured quiet apologies as well as sweet nothings until you had nearly forgotten what he had done to upset you in the first place.

Kagami: As if the yelling wasn’t bad enough. He looked furious and his face was growing redder and redder with every passing second. The only thing louder than his voice was the sound of a pot smashing against the wall. The clang left a ringing in your ears and you instinctively flinched away from him, covering your ears as you sank to the floor. It took him a while to understand that you weren’t playing a game with him, you weren’t going to continue fighting with him, you weren’t pretending to be afraid. “Hey! Why are you—” he paused, kneeling in front of you to get a better look. “H-hey?” You covered your face so he wouldn’t see you crying, but he pulled your hands away. “Look, I’m sorry, ok? I wasn’t going to hurt you…I just get really heated when I’m angry…” He picked the pot up and put it on the stove. It was time to make you an apology dinner.

Izuki: Seeing this side of him was frightening as it is. He was angry, yelling. His arms moved spastically, making you flinch every single time. He didn’t noticed though, and proceeded to approached you quickly, accidentally knocking a vase off the table he managed to bump into. The sound of shattering glass caused you to gasp and squeeze your eyes shut. You brought your arms up, prepared to defend yourself if he was going to try to hit you next. He stopped and cupped your face in his hands. “Don’t cry ___-chan. Seeing your tears tears my heart out.”

Kise: It had been a phone. The latest model. The screen was probably cracked and while it would probably cost a fortune to fix or replace, that was the last thing on his mind. He felt his whole world crumble as you flinched away from him, avoiding any and every touch he tried to console you with. For once, he didn’t know how to comfort you. He had always been your protector, your shining night to cast away the shadows of your past.”____-icchi….I’m so sorry..please.” His hands clenched and unclenched uselessly at his side. Please what? Forgive him? If you couldn’t yet forgive and forget the past, what right did he have for bringing it back. But he wasn’t about to let you suffer. Kise childishly crawled into your lap, as though he was the one who needed comforting, and pulled your face against his chest. “Please let me make things better.”

Midorima: Neither of you knew what it was, other than the fact that it was ceramic and shattered into a million pieces. What he knew was that anything lucky about it had lost its effect the moment it became a part of his emotions. You didn’t cry or yell, only dropping to the floor to began sweeping of up shards as if it was the most obvious thing. He immediately went to stop you, worried that the sharp edges would cut into your skin. “Don’t.” The hollowness of your voice was like a tightening fist around his heart. It was void of any emotion or feelings, completely closed off to him. It scared him most because, you had been the one to worm your way into his heart, seeking comfort from your past. You had always been the initiative in the relationship, and now where all the cards fell scattered onto his side of the table he didn’t even know where to start.

Takao: His typical, light hearted teasing had become abrasive and malicious, which already brought back the dark memories. He knocked a few of your things off of the counter, hoping to get his point across. What he had forgotten was that you could handle any verbal attack he threw at you. What you couldn’t handle was when he got physical. That caused you to tremble. It was like nothing had change. You had thought that he was your saving grace, so understanding that nothing had changed brought tears to your eyes. Those same tears brought Takao to a realization. He reached out and wrapped his arms around you, repeating insistent apologies as he tried to kiss the memories away.

Aomine: It wasn’t long into your argument before he tossed the book he had been holding roughly at you. It nearly hit you which led to your gasp and squeek of surprise. This brought a halt the argument completely. He tried to come close to apologize and make sure that you were alright. But you merely kicked the book towards him, shying away before he could hurt you again. He scoffed at your reaction, taking your arm gently before you could escape. “I’m an idiot, I know,” he said quietly. “But I’m not dumb enough to hurt the only person I really care enough about.”

Akashi: It was amazing that you could bring this side out of him. You always sought out the best in him, but it seemed like that part of him was lost. His words and actions revealed a primitive struggle for complete dominance, and when that wasn’t enough, he resorted to throwing things around you. His attempted to frighten you into submission worked better than he would have thought. You had collapsed against the wall, curled up tightly as far away from him as possible. That was when he remembered where you came from, why it had taken you so long to trust him. He approached you slowly, kissing your head softly before lifting you up into his arms. “I don’t deserve your forgiveness,” he confessed. “But you should know by now that I would never harm you.”

Murasakibara: Like a child’s, his tantrums were always loud and involved reckless actions.  He tossed things about the room simply for the effect of making a mess. You bravely held onto what was fragile, keeping things from breaking in his hands. He didn’t like that so much, and ripped the plate form your hands before smashing it against the wall. The sound of it shattering was rather satisfying, but your quiet whimpers drowned it all out. He watched you tremble for a while before he patted your head. “I would never crush ___-chin,” he reminded you quietly.

Hanamiya: He tried to pretend like he didn’t notice—or at least like he didn’t care. The shattered remains of the several glasses he had shattered in his fit of rage surrounded the two of you as you tried to fight off the terror your memories always tried to drown you in. You knelt down  after a while and began to pick up the larger pieces, letting them rest in your hand as you tried to fight off hot tears. “Don’t be an idiot,” he told you as he took your hand and shook off all the glass. He had finally cooled down enough to care about you again. “It’s my mess so I’ll clean it up.” He wiped away the tear that managed to escape your eye and sighed. This wasn’t the only mess he had to clean up.

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Kise + affection


Whenever he got into one of those moods, you knew better than to try and struggle - but well, it’s not like you disliked it. No, quite far from that, actually. Since your boyfriend was busy a lot of the time, calm moments between the two of you were rare. Which is why you always snuggled a bit closer to him, kissed him just that little bit deeper every time you two met. He, of course, delighted in the attention you gave him, and couldn’t help but wrap his arms tighter around you, often refusing to let you go until he was properly satisfied. Well, you had to admit you quite liked it.

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Lol a scenario where GOM+kiyoshi+imayoshi+hanamyia so their S/O singing and rapping the song I don't fuck with you by big Sean ?

This is one of the most beautiful asks I have ever come across. Thank you so much~ <3 (Btw, I’m assuming it’s Kiyoshi Teppei? : D Just correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll add Miya-baby^^)

Akashi: Not realizing your boyfriend had been behind you during the whole process of your random outbreak of rap, it was only until you began to perform some rather vulgar hand gestures that the red-head decided to speak up, a mixture of confusion, amusement and disgust lacing his voice.

”____, may I ask what on earth you are doing? What is this preposterous language, and who do not not wish to “fuck with”?”

Kuroko: Your boyfriend was somewhat proud to say that he had never before witnessed you, nor anyone at all, loudly rapping the popular song “I don’t fuck with you” by Big Sean. Due to his lack of presence, Tetsuya found it rather easy to listen to you rap every word of the song correctly. It was almost like one of those romance movies where the guy is watching his crush sing without her noticing. Except in this case, you were spitting lines such as “You little stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you”, instead of the more common "I gave you all the love I got".

"U-Um…_____-kun, could you maybe sing something a little more appropriate?"

Midorima: One turn-off about Midorima was the fact that he didn’t have much of a sense of humour. Due to this, your boyfriend stood there twitching whilst you passionately rapped the song “I don’t fuck with you”. It was only until you jumped around that you noticed Midorima standing at the door, a flat expression plastered across his features.

”_____, I do not find this funny in any way.”

Murasakibara: “Nn, you’re singing too fast, slow down…”

You knew your boyfriend was somewhat slow, however you were pretty much in denial when you found out that Murasakibara didn’t know what rap was. 

"I don’t get it…So do you fuck with me or nooot~?” 

There were some things which would always be a complete mystery to Atsushi Murasakibara.

Aomine: “____. What are you doing?”

Gasping, you turned around to face your boyfriend, your rap being cut short. You had no idea that Aomine was behind you, and the smirk he was holding made you even more surprised.

”____, if you’re gonna rap, then you’ve gotta rap properly.” 

For the rest of the evening, you and Aomine proceeded to learn the way of Big Sean, rapping to your heart’s content.

Kise: As you expected Kise to immediately be repulsed by your outbreak of rap, you were more than surprised when the blonde decided to join in with one of your “I don’t fuck with you” phases. Your boyfriend seemed more of the type to be involved with happy K-Pop or something.

"Rapping with ____-icci is so fun! We should go to a karaoke bar! We should go on a talent show!

Kiyoshi: "Wow, ____’s such a good rapper!" Your boyfriend chanted, watching you with friendly eyes. Unaware of his presence, you let out a slight squeak, turning around to face Kiyoshi.

"I-I didn’t realize you were here!" You chuckled nervously, hoping that the past 5 minutes of deep rapping never happened. 

Kiyoshi simply chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist with a grin. 
"You should teach me how to rap!"

Imayoshi: "You don’t fuck with me, hm?" Your boyfriend announced from the doorway, watching you with an intense stare. Jumping, you turned to face Imayoshi, a look of horror spread across your face. "Well then, I’ll just have to prove you wrong, won’t I?" The brunette grinned, adjusting his glasses before slowly approaching you.

Hanamiya: The moment Hanamiya caught you rapping, he burst out laughing. You watched with a somewhat hurt frown whilst your boyfriend clutched his rips, rolling around the floor in sudden fits of laughter. 
"I-It’s not funny!" You pouted with a slight frown, crossing your arms. 
"Sorry, I won’t fuck with you!" Your boyfriend howled in reply, finding the situation much more funnier than any other person.

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How would GOM react to their crush walking around holding a big plushie then becoming embarrassed? I carried around a hello kitty plush in Walmart begging my mom to let me get it. I got shot down hardcore.

[When I worked at Toys R Us we had these huge teddy bears on sale for 25 bucks and I wanted one so bad but I have nowhere to put it]

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would smile as he sees you carrying the large plushie around, asking from the start if you needed help carrying it; if you rejected him, he wouldn’t push the subject, as he believed if you needed help you should admit to it. He’d let you struggle through the entire store until he could purchase it for you, before asking again if you needed his help and sighing as he takes it from your arms, spouting off something about teaching you your limits later.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would offer to hold it for you from the very beginning as he saw you struggling to hold it; if you refused, he’d take it regardless and tell you that he was going to hold it until you got home, and that was that. He would have considerably less trouble than you with carrying it, even teasing you that you should’ve just asked him for help from the start.

Kise Ryouta: Kise would ask if you’d like some help, chuckling as he says this side of you is rather cute to see. He’d hold it above his head, telling you to look at how strong he was, focusing all his attention on you and hoping you saw how incredibly manly and strong he was for holding your plushie for you.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would find your taste in plushie’s to be cute, asking if you’d prefer a smaller one or if the larger one was exactly to your tastes. Being the chivalrous boy he was, he offers to hold it for you but due to his own stature he doesn’t manage to off much help, causing both of you to have to carry it together to prevent the possible destruction of the store you were in.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would tell you that having such a big plushie didn’t make much sense, especially since there was a plethora of smaller ones that looked exactly like the one you were holding except easier to hold. If you remained stubborn regarding your purchase he’d hold it for you, narrowly avoiding small children and knocking things from the shelves surrounding you both.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would be a bit jealous you were giving so much of your attention to the stuffed animal and out of spite he wouldn’t offer to carry it for you, instead pointing out that perhaps you should put it down so you wouldn’t fall over. When he sees you tear up he realizes how much you want it and grumbles as he takes it from your arms, not saying anything to you until you were both home and the plushie was placed out of his sight.

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Gom kiyoshi kasamatsu kagami hyuuga react gf snoring very badly because she is sick (flu or something like that)


  • He would be with his s/o no matter what, caring for her and feeding her is what he did!
  • Eventually, he would get sick from being constantly around his s/o, so it would be her turn to care for him plot twist
  • His reaction would be calm.


  • The blonde would go out of his way on getting you the items you needed most. Like medicine, food, and other demanding stuff that you had requested.
  • Since he really doesn’t want to get sick since he models, he’ll be a little distance from you
  • His reaction would be just plain out “awww” face


  • The lazy male would tease you for getting sick, but if she got the flu he would be a little concerned.
  • Little gifts is what you would receive from the male every twice a day. He really didn’t know how to deal with a sickling.
  • He would be soooooo annoyed with your loud snoring


  • He would always check up on you 24/7, seeing if you got the right prescription and getting your lucky items.
  • His reaction would be shock and concerned.


  • The titan would think junk food would be your medicine, so he would buy various candies and snacks.
  • When you snored very loudly, he would just cuddle into you thinking that would make you stop.


  • He would send a private doctor to check-up on you and would make you stay in bed a whole week, while he got your homework.
  • His reaction to you snoring would just be a half-smile and he would rub your forehead.

Hyuuga & Kasamatsu:

  • Those two would be concerned about and always ranting about how you got yourself in this situation by hanging out with too many people.
  • Their reaction to you snoring would be an annoyed look, not liking how the noise disrupted their studies.


  • The redhead would be worried about you, texting you during class wondering if you will survive.
  • Everyday he would check up on you, cooking for you. His reaction for snoring would be priceless he would just stand there wondering why you made so much noise.

Haruka’s basketball. The basketball which Haruka plays. The basketball of Haruka. That basketball.

for freerarepairs, day 7, crossovers, Kisumi/Haruka in a Free!/Kuroko no basket…ball… scenario. Were they any good at basketball? I don’t know, probably not better than Kise and Kuroko…

One day, l will finish the others, Nagisa vs psychedelic Jesus, Rin vs soulless ginger… after I learn their real names, anyway. Like in a year.