KnB Stageplay- Kise’s “fangirls” (and the secret behind them)

Naturally you can’t have Kise without his fangirls. Surprisingly, the play only has 4 extras and only one acted as a fangirl for the most part. So who are the other fangirls? Shuutoku and Touou of course. 

Kise always threw his jacket to the “Aomine fangirl” and the “Imayoshi fangirl” beated him up for 99% of shows. 

*For the play, the ‘extras’ wore rain jackets to hide their outfits without needing to change out of them,etc. Apparently that’s just the style these stageplays do. I believe Haikyuu did the same thing or something similar.

*These were taken from multiple shows

The GOM+Kagami and why they started playing basketball [REQUESTED]

Kuroko Tetsuya - he saw a basketball match in tv in 5th grade and got interested 

Kagami Taiga - he admired Himuro’s skills and was interested to learn 

Kise Ryouta - he wanted to learn after seeing Aomine play 

Aomine Daiki - he has been playing for as ling as he remembered that he forgot 

Midorima Shintarou - it was required in school and he had no choice but to play it 

Murasakibara Atsushi - he was invited by kids to play mini basketball when he was young 

Akashi Seijuuro - it was a sport his mother taught him 

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can i request a scenario where kise's s/o finds him cheating on her best friend ?

I hope you mean, him cheating with s/o’s best friend? I hope I got that right D: Hope you enjoy xx Raniku 

This was the third time this week Kise bailed on dinner with you. And you being a calm, collected girlfriend, shook it off and went on your merry way towards your best friend’s house for dinner.

You were on your phone as you unlocked her house, having your own key to the place because it was tradition for the both of you to give each other keys to each other’s place. 

Walking towards the living room, you were tapping away on your phone till you realized that the light was shining bright against your eyes, blinding you for a few seconds. As your eyes start to adjust you slowly started to make out to figures right in front of you, rushing to get their clothes on, only to realize who it was.

It was your boyfriend and your best friend. 

Your heart clenched, your whole body froze and time stopped. 

You’re about to lose the two most important people in your life, and you definitely did not prepare for this shit to happen. 

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I just read the Kiyoshi Fic l requested and you are my favorite person on the planet, it was so great. If I could, can I request a scenario for Kise, Aomine, Kiyoshi,Hayama, and Kasamatsu where they notice bruises on their S/O and they get extremely overprotective but there's no need for it because the bruises are actually from a sport/activity that S/O does. (Ex: i was on the Colorguard in high school and I regularly came home with mysterious bruises, softball and volleyball are other examples.

A/N: Yaaaay I’m so glad you liked it! The Tesshin is so underrated! Plus me being anyone’s favorite makes me so (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ and you know I like writing your reqs! I did something a teensy bit differently with this; hope you enjoy. 

Also, there’s mucho volleyball in the imagines on my blog so far I’ve noticed *tobe flyyyy hiiiggghh* On a side note, if I ever made a Haikyuu blog I’d totally title it Yuu Nishiyolo or Yuu Nyahshiyolo alternatively, since I love my rolling thunder bae so much 

Aomine: Though you enjoyed your time together your boyfriend had his own interests, as did you. When you two weren’t in each other’s company, he was usually napping or looking at his Mai-chan photobooks, (a habit you did NOT approve of,) or on a good day, he’d go to practice for once. You, on the other hand, were much more disciplined than your lethargic significant other. You didn’t consider yourself too proficient to go to practice, or simply unbeatable and above everyone in your sport. You went to practice near daily because it was something that you thoroughly enjoyed, and things generally tended to work out in the end anyway because your boyfriend dozed on the roof of the school as you trained; you woke him up after you were done, and with customary sleepy cuddles ensuing, he’d walk you home afterwards.

You trained to perfect the beauty of artistic gymnastics, a sport that while gorgeous and appealing to you, was incredibly difficult. Your activity required finesse; even the top competitors failed to perform such artistry at times, and even you, just like everyone else. Needless to say, when you ended up trudging through the school halls with your closed eye throbbing, a nasty array of colors blossoming over your injured skin, your were frustrated but not surprised; slipping and falling during routines happened even to the best of gymnasts. You glanced out one of the windows you happened to be passing, noting the oncoming darkness of night time. It was late, and on a normal day you’d probably already be with Aomine by now, but you determined it’d be better to go the infirmary first, just to clean your wound up a bit. You figured you could head right home afterward because, despite your partial blindness, you were feeling pretty swell. You heard the identifiable tapping of footsteps echoing off the walls of the hall, a sound that startled you because you figured only so many people were left at the school; needless to say, you were surprised when your boyfriend turned the corner.

“Daiki!” You greet merrily, voice bright (as you realized that you didn’t have to wake him up for once!) mind wandering from the heat of the sore trauma on your face. Aomine, in contradistinction, was visibly cranky, a slight frown gracing his handsome appearance. “_______!” He growled, voice lined with morose, “where the fuck have you been? You know how late it is?! I’ve been look-” his voice cuts off as, in the midst of his frustration, he realizes your closed eye and abnormal colors painting your eyelid; something that, he realized, was much more than a failed attempt at eyeshadow. His demeanor changes suddenly whilst you stare on in confusion. You watch as his eyes go from narrow to slightly wide, a silent ‘oh shit’ tumbling through his lips as his eyebrows furrow.  

“W-wait.. Are you.. What is.. Are you okay!? How did you do that!?” His fingers grasp at your cheeks as his concern and distress spills from him. “Shit, baby. That looks awful.. I mean, you’re still pretty babe, but..” Your own eyebrows raise out of puzzlement, and though you open your mouth to say something, he immediately cuts you off. “Hold on, wait. Don’t tell me that this isn’t from practice! Is that why you’re not saying anything!? Alright, who’s ass do I have to kick?” You feel amusement bubble in your stomach at his sudden conclusion, your straight face breaking as laughter tumbles out of you. “D-Dai!” You manage out between giggles, a smile on your lips as you reach up to caress his cheek, a display of your affections, “that’s not it at all!”

Kise: You loved the rythmic art that was dance. When you were younger, you admired the way that dancers could convey such emotions and interesting stories, all translated via a moving of limbs. It was your passion, and though such an activity was hard on your body,  often leaving you with aching muscles, dance practice was the thing you looked forward to the most when you woke up for school - besides your doting boyfriend that was. You considered yourself an incredibly lucky person, because not only did you have a passion in life, but you had an amazing lover, too. 

Of course, dating Kise had its own set of trials and tribulations, because much to your discomfort, you  weren’t the only girl at your school in love with him. He had an entire herd of girls who clashed for his affection, despite knowing full well that he was already dating you. You had never felt insecure, because he was very open about showing his love and affection for you, but his fangirls often gave you trouble. The more agressive ones cornering you had happened more than once, because ‘no one except one of them should be allowed to date Kise-kun!’ and though they had never gotten physical with you, Kise always chased them away before they had a chance to. Of course, those girls always just ended up being replaced by a different set of aggressive fans, so try as he might, there was only so much he could do. You grumbled something incomprehensible to yourself as you stretched your muscles, walking up the steps to Kise’s home. He had invited you over, but you had woken up with your joints feeling like unoiled gears, your muscles tight, and a fresh number of blossoming marks gracing your body, the physical activity of dancing leaving its temporarily visible imprint on your body. The new routine you were working on required balance and incredible amounts of precision, something you were getting used to, and your limbs had given out on you due to instability many times during practice the day before. 

Your attention piqued as you heard a lock come undone, the front door opening and revealing the frame of a model. “_______-cchi!” He called, and you smile, “Ryouta!” he walks up to you, arms outstretched and meeting you halfway for a hug, before he immediately falters. Your own arms are stretched out, expecting him to come to you, so you immediately furrow your brow and lower them with the sudden change in demeanor. “Ryouta?” You ask, puzzled, and your boyfriend clears his throat. “_______-cchi, what are all of those?” He asks you, and upon following his gaze and realizing he was staring at the marks on you, you open your mouth to answer, only for him to cut you off. “Well, those are bruises, I know. But, I’ve never seen them this bad on you before! Don’t tell me..” He gasps, “Don’t tell me these are from those girls!? I can’t believe they would ever lay a hand on my gorgeous _______-cchi!” He brings his hands up to your face, cupping your cheeks, causing you to smile at his concern, heart warmed from his concern. 

“Don’t worry! I’ll take care of this.. those witches!” He’s frowning as he stares at you, expression visibly plagued with vexation and you giggle, bringing a thumb up to brush against his lips, “Ryouta, you look so handsome even when you’re worrying about me.” His eyes narrow in confusion at this, “B-But that’s not.. We’re talking about your health here, _______-cchi! You really shouldn’t change the subject like that!” His voice comes off lined with obvious uneasiness, causing you to laugh as bring a hand up to brush your digits through his hair, toying with his silky locks. “Ryouta, honestly,” you chuckle to yourself and bring your hand down, running alongside his arm until you find his palm resting against your jaw, unhinging it from your skin to hold. “These are from dance, but I’m happy you care about me so much.”

Hayama: Despite the good that came with playing sports, you had your own fair share of injuries as a softball player. Even with proper equipment and experience, accidents happened despite the fun that physical activity provided, and you were reminded of this fact all the time with how often you played and practiced your sport. You were no exception to karma’s irritable grasp; the last time you had gone to practice you had been running after the flying sphere, leather mitt in hand as you streaked across the field. You were so focused that you didn’t notice a small hole in the soil, which your toe promptly slid into. You slipped face first with a gasp of surprise, skidding on your knees and stomach, the action completely tearing up your clothes with your skin opening up in fresh, bloody scrapes. Thank goodness no one besides your teammates was there to see your grand performance of the night, because the way that the softball smashed into you through the clothes of your back, successfully knocking the wind out of you and serving as icing on the cake, was pitifully comical.

Needless to say, when you showed up for your date with your boyfriend the next day, your joints moved in a way reminiscent of rusty door hinges. Your muscles screamed and cried with their overexertion, your skin raw and occasionally shooting pain through you. A tattoo of the object of your sport was imprinted between your shoulder blades, leaving a circular kiss of discomfort that you were sure wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. The trend of your luck appeared to be constant, because with the summertime weather and outdoor meeting place, your shorts and tank top did little to mask your battle wounds, the said lesions out in the air, apparent and noticeable for all to see. Perspiration began to dot your frame with the rising outdoor heat, almost as if your poor luck wasn’t already enough for you to handle. You spotted Hayama nearby and still, despite the unfavorable circumstances and the gloomy feeling in your stomach, the bright and jovial face of your boyfriend was enough to pacify the sting of uncomfortable melancholy pulsing through you, your lips upturning in a smile as you waved in response to his appearance.

“_______-chan!” He exclaimed, expression bright, his very aura strong enough to rub onto you. You giggle in response, “Kotarou,” you greet, “you look handsome today.” He was always so youthful, so carefree; you loved that about him, as he always made you happy. You forget about your wounds for a second, and with your boyfriend being the child he is, he doesn’t notice either. “Yeah, but not as good as you look! You’re so cute, _______!” It was then that he decided that he couldn’t control himself anymore and he closes the distance between you, wrapping you in a big bear hug, typical of Hayama. On any other day, you would’ve loved the gesture - save for the fact that at that moment, your entire body was in pained distress. 

“O-Ow!” You gasp, pushing him away instinctively; the tight embrace brought tears to your eyes out of natural reaction, and your nerve endings screamed in a discomforted fever. Your boyfriend immediately releases you, expression visibly puzzled, and it’s only then that he notices your wounds and pained expression. “A-Ah! _______, are you okay!? Oh no, ahh, I’m sorry! How’d this happen? Don’t tell me I did this to you just now?! Ahh, the doctor! We need a doctor!” His train of thought brought amusement to you, and you felt a giggle slip past your lips, laughter soon following. “K-Kotarou! Hahaha - you didn’t do this! I’m fine! It happened in softball practice; just don’t crush me like that!” Relief immediately flooded his features and you reached up, brushing his cheek with your lips as a display of your affection for him.  “You’re so ridiculous sometimes.”

Kiyoshi: Volleyball was the best thing you had ever done for yourself. Not only did it keep you in shape, but you loved everything about it; with the exhilarating thrill you felt chasing after a ball, you sometimes found yourself running on pure instincts and adrenaline during games, not thinking, just feeling, your limbs moving on their own and your mind solely focused on a sphere. It was no wonder that your boyfriend compared you to a dog playing fetch, a juxtaposition that aggravated you at times, despite knowing full well yourself how intensely focused on the game you could become. The sport had hardened you. Your mental fortitude had only improved since the first time you had spiked a volleyball and your skin had become tougher - literally. You waited for your boyfriend by the front gates of Seirin, your desire to play volleyball having been satiated. You and Kiyoshi had the perfect setup because with him having practice as well, you were both ready to leave school at the same time which made walking home together convenient.

You hummed as you stood in place, shuffling your feet slightly out due to lack of mental stimulation, your expression brightening immediately and your limbs moving on your own as you scurried up to your boyfriend turning the corner. “Teppei!” You giggle, arms outstretched, to which he smiles at. “_______!” He greets lovingly, expression buoyant and lined with his usual bubbliness. He stretches out his arms out of habit, prepared for the routine hug,  immediately dropping his limbs with a dimming expression, however, when he rests his eyes on a certain part of your arm. You’re about to go in for the embrace, only to halt suddenly when you realize the change in the air between you. “..Teppei?” you inquire, voice coming out sotto with the sudden change of demeanor.

“_______,what are those from?” Kiyoshi’s appearance had gone from jovial to somber as he stared at the lesions along your arm. They were crude and natural; red, swollen and raw battle scars. Your eyes followed his gaze, finding the inner part of your arm with sincere earnestness. You’re interested to see what’s troubling him, eyes scanning until you spot the angry marks you hadn’t known you had been sporting. “Are those.. Are you..” his digits moved to touch your skin, though he immediately withdrew out of concern for your comfort. “Are you okay? Did you trip and fall? That looks really painful, _______.” Kiyoshi is starting to run his mouth, a display of what you liked to call his ‘mom mode.’ Still, despite his circumspection, your heart soars, a smile forming on your face with the knowledge of his love; his desire to care for you. “Do I need to take you to the infirmary? What about my house? I worry about you sometimes, you really shouldn’t be.. Mmmph-” His distress ends with a meeting of your lips, and when you pull back, his bewildered expression is a contraposition to your own gleeful. “I’m fine, silly!” You giggle, “It’s all just from volleyball!”

Kasamatsu: Your weekday routine tended to lean towards unchanging, the same every day because of how busy you were. Between school, practice, and spending enough time with your boyfriend, there really weren’t enough hours in a day for much else. The little details drifted towards constant as well, more often than not. For example, you’d always wait for your significant other at the school gates to walk to class together, and Kise would almost always come at you going full speed to glomp you because for some reason, you had earned his adoration and the title of ‘_______-cchi.” Kasamatsu would kick him around, lecturing his kohai on the need to treat you with more respect, and you’d stand there and giggle light-heartedly because you loved the familial vibe your boyfriend’s team had. You’d eat lunch with your friends or boyfriend and then after school you’d go to practice, meeting up with him again once you were finished, usually getting glomped by Kise one more time before you walked home with your lover. What wasn’t in your daily routine, however, was when you ended up tripping and injuring yourself, falling forward and jolting your forehead against a rock. 

You were a runner, so when your captain announced that the team would be going off campus to run, you thought nothing of it - you had done so countless times. Plus, you had never had any previous problems with balance, though the risk of tripping and falling was always there, you supposed. Luckily, though you were dazed, light headed and slightly out of it, you hadn’t passed out. With one of your friends graciously helping you back to the infirmary, you were cleared to be sent home with some ibuprofen and a bandage around your head. Still, you decided to wait for Kasamatsu, since it only seemed right. You had finished with practice early, standing by the school gates and twiddling your fingers, waiting a good while. It wasn’t until you heard the loud, oncoming tap of footsteps, a jovial “_______-cchi!” following that you realized the basketball team was out. “_______!” You heard a familiar gruff voice, then a gasp, “Your head! What happened to-” and whilst you looked up, you were immediately greeted with a spinning sky, a small grunt leaving your lips as you were hit with an impact, the weight of someone baring down on top of you and making it impossible to breathe. If your head wasn’t pounding with your previous injury, then surely it was about to crack open now with the force of the headache you had. You were ‘blessed’ with the sight of Kise, making out his form with blurry eyesight, sitting on top of you with a cheeky grin. “Ah, sorry _______-cchi! I didn’t think you’d actually fall ov-OW!”

His blonde locks are met with the underside of a leather shoe, the kick forcing him off of you and having come from a certain captain. “Kise, you idiot! What have I told you about respecting my girlfriend!? Can’t you see she’s hurt? I-” You and Kise both groan in pain, interrupting his criticism, but Kasamatsu really only cares about one of you at the moment. His eyes widen and his limbs move on their own as he crouches down beside you, using his arms to help you sit up.  “Ah, are you okay? Your head.. what happened to it? Was that from practice, or something else?” Kise groans, and you swear you see a vein bulging in your boyfriend’s head, “Kise, shut up! Oh,” his attention is brought to a certain fleck, and he wipes blood off of your cheek. “You really should be more careful. Did you get hit in the head with something, or did someone hit you? I’ll go right away and-” You giggle, bringing a finger to his lips to silence him. “I’m grateful, Yukio, but I really am okay! It’s from practice; I got cleared from the nurse and,” he opens his mouth to talk again, causing you to smile and chuckle because you knew exactly what he was going to ask you. “Yes, I’m one-hundred percent sure I’m okay, Yukio! Thank you for caring so much.. Do you think you could help me up?”

☆ knb boys’ reactions to your sigh... (pt.1)

kuroko: “is there anything bothering you, ____-san?” kuroko props a hand up as he stares at your hunched figure, looking down at your book.
“tetsu-kun… do you- do you think i’m gaining weight?” you quivered, fiddling idly with your thumbs.
kuroko’s expression visibly softens. he reaches out for your hand and caresses it gently. “____-san, i think you’re perfect the way you are”

kise: ”____cchi! ____cchi!” kise waves around from a distance in nothing than a dress shirt and ripped, black jeans. it’s safe to say that he looked dashing in it, with his blond hair combed back and a basic jet black choker decorating his pale neck. upon closer inspection of his aesthetically pleasing complexion, you notice the outline of his jet black eyeliner and the redness of his lips. least to say, he looked hot.
“you look too good ryou-chan” you sighed, upon his arrival.
“_-_____cchi!” kise muttered quietly, yet you could see that he was throughly touched with your comment as he touched his lips in shock, a blush decorating his already rosy cheeks.
“_____cchi!” and then he lunged at you. 

aomine: you sigh. it had been one hour and fifteen minutes since you’ve arrived at the designated location of your date, now throughly pissed at your cobalt haired boyfriend, who is seemingly nowhere out of sight. you had attempted to call him twenty times by now and texted around the same amount of messages, only to reach voicemail and no replies. you almost had about had it with him. this one time that the both of you agreed to have a proper date outside of his home domain, he bailed out on you.
this might be the last straw, you thought, hands tightening on your bag.
by the second hour, you think he’s not going to come at all and hastily headed towards the bus stop to head to his house and throw the promise ring he gave you when you started dating right back at his face.
passing by a basketball court, you heart a familiar voice.
“heh, you’re too slow bakagami!”
“shut up ahomine”
you see the sight of your boyfriend, in a lazy sweater and tracksuit pants as he played against seirin’s first year, kagami. you were fuming at this point. and so, you decided to give him one last call.
hearing the sound of a phone in the distance, kagami stopped dribbling and glances at the bench. “oi aomine, I think your phone rang”
“cheh, really?”
“I think it rang a few times before too”
“probably satsuki trying to bother me coming to weekend practice”
sighing, kagami held the ball firmly by his side. “I think you should answer it”
unwillingly, aomine shifts from his spot and trudges for his phone. “what is it?”
“hello aomine kun, guess who just broke up with their girlfriend?” you faked a cheerful tone.
“huh? _____? uh, I don’t know” he yawned.
“you” and then you ended the call and headed the other way, towards the train station.
“what the-”

midorima: today was a rainy day, with clouds gloom and grey above you and your boyfriend at least three steps ahead of you. it was a terrible day, least to say. you thought that since the both of you shared mutual feelings in terms of love, affection and physical contact would come naturally. but of course, you were proved wrong by your grass haired boyfriend.
“shin-kun” you called out, receiving nothing but silence.
“nee, shin-kun!” you say, louder.
stopping in his spot, midorima turned around swiftly before pushing up his glasses. “what is it, nanodayo? I heard you the first time”
blowing air into your cheeks, you pursed your lips. “then why didn’t you reply?”
“I was waiting for you to continue nanodayo.”
“then why don’t you wait for me to catch up to your pace instead midorima” you state, venom lingering as you spell out his name.
midorima went silent for a while, staring back between you and the ground before approaching you and holding out his kerosuke decorated umbrella out to you. “would you like to s-share nanodayo?”
your anger immediately vanish from sight as you folded your umbrella and held it by your side. “with pleasure, shin-kun” you linked your arm around his and rested your head on his shoulder.
least to say, midorima was beet red from initiating ai ai gasa.

akashi: “what is it, love? are you alright?” his concerned, scarlet eyes searched yours.
smiling at his consideration, you intertwined your hand with his. “of course, i’m more than alright” you cheered “i have you don’t i?”
he smiled back, squeezing your hand gently as the two of you continued your ‘study date’.


Kurobasweek2016 Day 7: Free Day

                                • Kurobas Dog & Cat
  [ 黒子のバスケ くつろぎコレクション 第2弾 -With a Dog & Cat- ]

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Can I get a scenario with GOM when there female s/o is in a popular Kpop group ?


- He’ll be very supportive of your career

- expect him to deliver you some of the things he knows you’ll need if you’re on tour

- he’ll surprise you when you’re on tour when he has the time 


- expect him to roll his eyes at you when you tell him you’re part of a KPOP 

- but even if he acts cold to you, whenever you’re nearby performing, you’d see him standing near the exit of the hall as you performed the whole show


- will be 100% supportive of you

- he will wait for you by the exit, ready to bring you home with Nigou

- your routine will be, Kuroko would pick you up and then bring you to your restaurant of choice and have a romantic dinner together

- he’ll also be the perfect cover for you when you want to be away from the pubic because of his misdirection skills


- will be super excited for you 

- will be in all of your shows (when he can)


- will show you off to everyone


- will be happy for you (but you can’t tell)

- will always give you snacks when he thinks you look stressed

- when you fall asleep on the couch from exhaustion and he sees you there, he’d carry you to the bed and snuggle up to you


- will tease and bug you about your job and the clothes you might be wearing

- will consistently ask you if there’s anyone hot in your group

- BUT despite all the teasing, he’ll be there when you’re tired and you need a pick up

- Aomine oozes the bestfriend/boyfriend material, perfect for when you just need a shoulder after a long day

  • Midorima:If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Murasakibara:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Midorima:That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Murasakibara, learn to listen.
  • Kuroko:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Midorima:It’s voodoo.
  • Akashi:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Midorima:That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Kise:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Aomine:That’s kinky.
  • Momoi:Oh my god.