What if GoM had normal hair color?  I know it was probably done by someone  before but I need to try out myself.  Akashi probably would be ginger (I could choose between ginger and brown) 

Atsushi hair was pain in the ass. I could choose every rainbow colors but not normal, but at last I found carmel. 

Kuroko… Well.. he gave me hard time just like with Atsushi cause i could get every color beside normal ones. Well I could choose black one, but Kuroko is too pale to have black hair, I think that light blond suit him pretty well. Even Kise is jealous xD I wonder if with such hair he could go as super saiyan :D

I never was big fan of Midorima, but now brown hair plus green eyes… Marry me. 


Kagami and Akashi are Related! Reactions

Requested by anon


Kuroko: Well this is awkward.

Kise: Yeah, almost doesn’t seem possible.

Kasamatsu: I have to agree with Kise, this can’t be real.

Kasamatsu: I mean, these two are to opposite to be relate.

Midorima: Well different upbringings would make them act different.


Kise: Also physically they’re totally different except for red hair.

Murasakibara: They both have red hair, surprised we didn’t put it together sooner.


Okamura: I guess this makes Seirin vs Rakuzan more of a battle between brothers than our match.

Himuro: Damn, another brother to compete with.


Aomine: Wonder which parents had Kagami?

Imayoshi: My money is on Kagami’s dad and Akashi’s mom.

Momoi: Guys this is serious!

Momoi: We should be helping them through this confusing time!

Kagami: Honestly, I’m okay with this.

Kuroko: Seriously?

Kagami: Of course, true this is weird but, I think me and Akashi can act like mature peopl-

Akashi: NOOOOOOO!!!


Kagami: HEY!

Akashi: I’m an emperor and yet half of my blood flows through this beast!

Hayama: Oh come on, having a brother can’t be that bad?

Akashi: If it’s Taiga yes!

Kiyoshi: I think Akashi is in shock cause not knowing you have a brother out in the world for sixteen years and then finally finding out you do, probably will take some getting use to.

Akashi: Finally someone who understands the situation.

Kiyoshi: But now they’re together and can call each other nii-san.

Akashi: No.

Mibuchi: Oh, and sense sei-chan was born later, he can call Kagami Onii-Chan! It’ll be so cute!

Akashi: Shut up, now!

Mayuzumi: Oh, how wonderful, brotherly love.

Akashi: Okay, that’s it *Holds up scissors*

Kuroko: Where are you going, Akashi-kun

Akashi: To trim the family tree, Tetsu

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i don't know if you have other requests or something but you're not writing aokise and i'm crying inside so can you do it with number 34?

Don’t cry!  Actually, I remember when I received this ask.  I think the next drabble I wrote was AoKise (convenient!)  Anyhoo, please enjoy this little bit of Valentine’s Day smexiness (still rated T because no onscreen business)

Ooh, also, the quote is paraphrased in this one.

*~* #34 “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”*~*

Kise dropped his bags to the ground and very nearly knocked his boyfriend over, wrapping his arms and legs around him and crushing their lips together. Aomine caught himself – and his boyfriend – and returned the kiss, one of his large, tan hands coming to cradle the back of his head, tangling his fingers in blond locks.

They drew back from each other, coming up for air, just as their clock began to chime, signaling the start of the new hour.  And the new day.

“I made it,” Kise said breathlessly, cheeks tinted pink and lips wet.

“Just barely,” Aomine teased, kissing his boyfriend’s nose before giving it a nip.

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A scenario where Kise, Midorima, Kasamatsu, Himuro & Murasakibara's childhood best friend (s/o) is gonna be someone else's gf and they can't stand to hand them over(?)

[I’m going to NATIONALS!! HOLY SHIZ! If you guys saw our post a week or two ago, I said I was preparing for a contest AND surprisingly, me and my group won! We’re going to nationals! Whoop, whoop! I have to double-time especially since it’ll be on March 8. So both Admins are really busy. There are a few more requests in the ask box though! (Most of which are match-ups). Hopefully we could finish them before my competition cause I’m planning to update the Masterlist huehe.]


“W-what?” Kise’s eye widened at what you just said. “You’re planning to say ‘yes’ to him?”

You nodded. “Well yeah. He’s been really nice to me and he’s a huge gentleman! He’s also really patient considering he’s been waiting for my answer for two months.”

Kise thought about it for a moment. Yeah, the guy was a nice person but there was a problem.. “B-but… ______-cchi won’t have time for me anymore.” Eyes widened in surprised, you asked him why he thought of it that way. “Well, if you have a boyfriend, you might change and you might spend all your time with him. We won’t be able to hang-out and have movie nights and I can’t stay over at your place anymore because he might get mad and he might not want you to hang-out with me.” He pouted with tears forming in his eyes.

“Oh, Ryouta.” You said, giving your best friend a hug. You wanted to say yes to the guy but you also wanted to get your best friend’s approval. Right now, you were just gonna have to let (Guy’s Name) to wait a bit longer.


“W-why would you ask me such a thing?” Midorima asked, pushing his glasses up.

You frowned, “Shintaro, you’re my best friend. I need your help with this kind of things.”

“G-go say yes. I don’t care if you’re going to have a boyfriend.”

Sighing, you flicked him in the forehead. “Could you please let your tsundere side go away for a minute? I need your help. You are my best friend, aren’t you?”

Midorima averted eye contact. “W-well, if you want to say ‘yes’ then you can. But I’m not ready to share you, yet. I-I mean.. You know, I don’t like it when someone would claim you as their own. I w-want you to be- be my best friend only.” His face could resemble a tomato by now but you didn’t care. You laughed at your best friend and promised him that he would always be your best friend- no matter what happens.


“Yukio….” Silence. “Yukio, would you please hear me out?” Silence.

Rubbing your temples, you sighed. “Okay, so that guy has been courting me for the past five weeks an-“

“And you didn’t bother telling me?” He said coldly. He may be shy when it comes to girls, but he was comfortable with you. The both of you have been best friends since you both learned to walk and talk. He wasn’t the strict captain everyone knew of. You knew the real him.

“I’m sorry, okay? But, you’ve been really busy so I thought y-“

“So this is why you’ve been busy too, right? Why you haven’t watched our practices and why you stop walking with me home? Why you suddenly disappear in the middle of lunch? He’s the reason why every time I go to your house, your mom would tell me you went out, isn’t he?” You were speechless.


“I want my best friend back.” He muttered. “I-I’m not ready to let her go yet. But it seems as though I lost her without knowing, huh?”

“N-no! It’s not like that! YUKIO!” You ran towards him the moment he turned around to leave. “Listen, I’m sorry, okay? I haven’t answered him yet. And… And I won’t accept him until you’re comfortable.”


Himuro has been quiet the whole day. Well this might seem normal, but for you it was really unusual. “Tatsuya, what’s wrong?” You asked once the both of you were walking home. He shook his head which made you frown and kick him in the shin.

“Oww.. What was that for, _______?”

“You’ve been out of character for the whole day.” You frowned, “What’s wrong? What’s bothering you?”

“Well, I saw that guy courting you a while ago and it just made me think.” You looked at him, silently asking him to continue. “We’re getting older and eventually we’ll go through relationships and everything. And I guess I’m just scared that we might change and we won’t be able to hang-out anymore. I’m not yet willing to give up our friendship. I’m not willing to give you up.” He muttered.

“Oh, Tatsuya.” You smiled. “I know you’ve lost a brother but I promise we won’t be like that. You would always be my best friend no matter what happens. You’ll always be important for me.” The both of you smiled at each other. “So let’s make a deal, we won’t be in a relationship until both of u are ready to.. you know.. share each other.”

He smiled, “Deal.”


“Eh? ______-chin, where did you get those chocolates?”

“Huh? Oh these? You can have them if you want, Atsushi.”  You said, handing the chocolates over to your best friend. He took it gratefully and ate it.

“Who gave these to you ______chin? They taste delicious~”

“Just some guy who asked me to be his girlfriend.” Murasakibara immediately stopped eating and stared at you. “What?”

“Did you answer him?” You raised your eyebrow and asked him why he asked that. “Because your my best friend and I want to know if you would still give me snacks if you’re with him.”

You laughed, “Of course I would give you snack, Atsushi. That will never change.”

[Admin Vry]

  • Midorima:Alright, uh, moving on to strategies…
  • Akashi:[groans]
  • Kuroko:Are you okay, Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi:Just a little tooth pain, I’m fine. Continue.
  • Midorima:Okay. Each of you will be handling an opponent, and…
  • Akashi:[groans]
  • Midorima:Do you need to go to the dentist, Akashi?
  • Akashi:I don’t like dentists. Just a second. [takes out a pair of pliers]
  • Midorima:Hey! No, no, no!
  • Kise:No, no, no, no!
  • Akashi:[pulls his tooth out]
  • Everyone:[yells]
  • Aomine:What the fuck?!
  • Kuroko:Oh my God.
  • Kise:[faints]
  • Akashi:I’m sorry, everybody, what were we talking about? Strategies?
  • ...
  • Akashi:(aside) Dentist pulled the tooth out yesterday, but it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your teammates that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain. Plus, it’s always fun to see Kise faint.

Saisei team ver. 

Kakyôin team ver.

Mihashi team ver.

Ichijyōkan team ver.