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GoM's reactions to seeing an accidental panty-flash by their crush?

Aomine Daiki: The corner of Aomine’s lip curls up when the pushes the hem of your skirt just high enough up your thigh to reveal a hint of lacy underwear, and he mentally thanks whoever it was in his class who had decided to turn the fan on. The grin on his face widens even further when he sees that you hadn’t even noticed what had happened, and he leans back further in his chair, hoping to catch another glimpse, only to straighten back up hurriedly when you turn around suddenly.

“Is it getting a little cool in here? Should I turn the fan off?” You ask.
He responds immediately. “No.”

Kise Ryouta: You quickly hug down on the front of your skirt, holding the hem against your thighs as a gust of wind blows by. However, having only two hands means you’re unable to hold down the back of your skirt, and Kise’s eyes widen when he gets a quick eyeful of what you’re wearing underneath your school uniform. Never in a million years would he have imagined that you’d wear something like that - and this only fuelled his attraction towards you.

“____-cchi, the back of your skirt is blowing up…” Recovering quickly, he uses the situation as an opportunity to become closer to you. He reaches down to hold the hem of your skirt before you can protest, his hand brushing the back of your thigh. “Here, let me help you.”

Midorima Shintarou: ‘Is ____ wearing a…? Oh my god.’ Are the thoughts going through Midorima’s mind when you bend over beside his desk to pick up the eraser you had dropped. He feels his face burning up, and tries desperately to look the other way, but you had caught him looking, and oblivious to the fact that he was looking up your skirt, you try start up a casual conversation with him, only to wonder why his face was so red.

“Are you okay, Midorima-kun? Should I call sensei over and -”
“I’m fine, nanodayo.” Pressing a fist to his lips in an attempt to hide his blush, he pretends to take and interest in his pen, and all you can do is shrug off his weird behaviour.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara isn’t the only one who catches a glimpse of your panties - your entire class does - when you trip over your own feet whilst entering the class in a hurry due to being late. Sitting up quickly, the mortification from flashing your entire class your underwear quickly takes over the sting from tripping over and landing on your knee at an awkward angle, and you’re stressing, face flushed, wondering what to do when Murasakibara pushes back his seat and stands up with a yawn.

“Sensei, I’m going to take ____-chin to the nurse’s office…”
You’re being hauled up by the arm and marched out of the classroom before you can even register it, and you can’t help but feel relieved from being rescued out of that situation - by Murasakibara, of all people.

“Oh, by the way, ____-chin…” He finally speaks, when you’re almost outside of the nurse’s office. “Your panties are really cute…so you shouldn’t be embarrassed…”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko taps you on your shoulder and politely suggests that you should tug your skirt down slightly lower, because you were flashing him everytime the wind picked up a little. Blushing, you quickly apologise to him for having to look before reaching down to attempt to push the waistband of your skirt lower.

“No, it’s not that, ____-san,” You look up at his words, surprised to see that the colour of his cheeks matched yours. “I don’t particularly mind. I just thought that you wouldn’t like people seeing you like that without you knowing…”

Akashi Seijurou: Your skirt flies up whilst you’re helping Akashi pack away the basketballs after practice one afternoon, and you’re unable to do anything about it due to your hands being full. He doesn’t make a big deal out of it - the corner of his mouth twitching the only sign of him showing any reaction to your underwear. He puts down the box of equipment he’s carrying to quickly shrug out of his jacket, before draping it over your shoulders.

“There.” There’s a hint of smugness in his voice, almost as if he’s happy - proud, even - that his jacket reaches the back of your knees. “Now we can continue.”

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Headcanons for how the GoM and UK would express their love for their s/o? ((Hope your blog does well ^_^))

The blog is doing pretty well, sweetheart! And I’m getting to know wonderful people <3 


  • He often gives them little presents, like a couple of flowers or a cute bracelet.
  • He likes to take their hands and carress them.


  • Every saturday he prepares a surprise date, he never tells them where they’re going.
  • Every now and then he leaves a kiss somewhere on their body


  • When his partner is distracted he pokes them, little subtle calls for attention.
  • He leaves their lucky item in their locker, desk or wherever they’ll see it, but never in their hand.


  • The thing he likes most is laying in the sofa with them cuddling and lazing around all day.
  • It’s very important for him to ask his s/o’s opinion about a new pair of basket shoes before buying them.


  • He likes to touch their hair and put it behind their ear if they wear it long enough.
  • He always walks with them everywhere they go, even if he doesn’t really want to.


  • He invites them to dinner in fancy and expensive restaurants once in a while.
  • He likes to watch them while they sleep.


  • He spontaneusly hugs them from their front, back, side, anywhere.
  • He likes to sleep on his s/o’s lap while they stroke his hair.


  • He rests his head on his lover’s shoulder when he’s upset or just looking for some cuddles.
  • Jealousy is his trully way of showing love, but he doesn’t argue with his s/o when he’s jealous, he just sends threats.


  • He suddenly shows up anytime he can’t wait to see them one more minute, which happens very often.
  • It doesn’t matter what he’s talking about with his friends, he always brings his s/o up to the conversation.


  • Every now and then he winks at them, smiles and shoots them looks of complicity.
  • If their hair is messy or their clothes misplaced he fixes them with tender touches.


  • He tries not to burp in front of them.
  • He dedicates his shots to them doing some kind of love gesture, showing off his muscles or even lifting his jersey.

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im honestly not familiar with kpop songs but HAHA ok let’s just try this

KISE: Nope, you just couldn’t do it. You finally exploded into a round of laughter, probably catching the attention of everyone in that karaoke place. Kise was twirling around the empty floor and following all the dance moves of the boyband on the screen. After watching the music video once, he was able to perfectly copy everything and, God, you couldn’t stop laughing and grinning over how lame he looked but at the same time, since it was your favorite k-pop song, he was doing it perfectly.

Afterwards, when he asked you how his dancing was, you squealed and threw your arms around him and proceeded to do the next number together.

TAKAO: You couldn’t help the stupid, goofy grin that plastered itself on your face as you watched Takao close his eyes and sway to the music. He was moving his hips from side to side while his mouth sang out all the lyrics to your favorite song. It was slow and it was sweet but your boyfriend made it hilarious by doing some weird moves while belting out all the lyrics. God, he was doing the chicken dance. “Takao, stop.” You laughed as he came up to your face, as if he was serenading you at a concert.

He pulled you up and twirled you around, pulling you close to him. Oh God, your boyfriend was such a loser but you loved him anyway.

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GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi reaction when their s/o showed up riding a huge,badass black motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket and generally looking badass?

Okay. I’m using gifs for this one also. Thanks for requesting and I hope you like~