• Kagami:*joins in* GET YOUR GAME ON!
  • Kise:*looks at Kagami bc he actually knows the song* GO PLAY!
  • Kise:GET PAID!
  • Akashi, the one being serenaded:…I don’t recall ever being told that I get paid.
  • Akashi:But after this, I deserve money and all the power in the world.

What if…

Anime: Kuroko no Basuke ♡

Original Source: Mystic Messenger✧ 


Almost took me a week but was worth it, I hope you enjoy this~*:・゚✧

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GOM: finds childhood friend aka crush's cardigan and starts jacking off to its smell. Cursh walks in on them and chaos ensue. On a side note, you're awesome. I look forward to your writing every time ^_^b

Generation of Miracles

Akashi: He’d try his best to clear his mind. “It’s not what it looks like” he began. But there was no other excuse he could use. “I suppose it is, but I can’t seem to help myself around you,” he said in a suave voice. He figured making you swoon would help the situation.

Aomine: Boy he got caught. His mind goes blank as he watches you. “Ah damn,” he sighed covering up his dick. He tried to cover his face with his hand, accidently using the hand holding your cardigan.Your scent only made his hard-on grow more. “Shit, what now?!” he growled.

Kise: Take a picture. Chances are you walked in on him looking a hot mess. whimpering into your cardigan about how he wanted to cum. Tears pricked at his eyes from embarrassment as he tried to look presentable. “___-cchi! you should knock!” “Isn’t that my cardigan?!”

Kuroko: God does he wish he could vanish now. Kuroko would go bright red but still have a poker face. He was practically frozen with your cardigan covering his dick. “Please don’t say anything” “Kuro-” “Please”.

Midorima: How could he have been so careless? He’d turn away from you and try to get as far away as possible. He’d wish the wall would suck him in and out of your sight. If he tried to walk, he’d have tripped on his pants around his ankles. “Please forget what you saw”.

Murasakibara: Even though he was embarrassed, he wouldn’t make a big effort about hiding it. “Eh, ___-chin did you want your cardigan back?” he’d asked despite feeling the blood rush to his cheeks. “Sorry, but I’m using it right now”.

{kinda NSFW} how kagami + the gom act as Daddy Doms towards their chubby lover {Hispanic

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Akashi: he will be the type of daddy to be extra and be more compassionate about being with you. He’s a rough man and he will differently do things that you never imagined. He doesn’t care about your weight while doing these activities, as long as you cum on his dick or face then you will be treated like the good girl you are supposed to be. When you do something bad it’s more like torture, depending on how bad you act or how disrespectful you act. Smacking on your ass cheeks with his hand, making you count as each one goes. As long as you don’t be a brat he’ll treat you like a princess wait scratch that, his empress.

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Aomine: This daddy will love to treat his princes all the time. He honestly loves having public sex with you, he likes the worried look you give when you feel like someone is gonna walk in on the both of you or sees. He loves how seeing you suck him off that is like the biggest turn on for him, especially in the locker rooms. Likes the fact that he has a busty chubby girlfriend, more to hold and more to explore. Just when you thought it was over it was actually just a beginning to a new dirty round.

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Kise: kise will be the type of daddy to tease you till your begging. He loves playing games especially if they leave you sexually fustrated. But the after care is so nice, treating you like his princess. Kise will beg you to model for him in your sexy lingerie. This cutie pie will be seceretly rough with you sometimes, maybe you guys will do it in his dressing room. Who knows?

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murasakibara: this one will be the type to go soft on you if you wanted to. He will be the type of daddy to give you treats and do fun things with you. Would love to cuddle you all the time and durning sex he will be rough or however you like it. If you’re being punished he will actually get rough with you. So I highly suggest you be a good girl.

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Kagami: Alright this guy will be the real deal. Total tumblr daddy, meaning he will be the possessive type, the one to treat you like the princess you are, if you are being bad meaning spanks on the bottom. To be honest with you Kagami will be shy at first but give it 3 weeks and he will be super comfortable being the daddy you want.

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Kuroko: Kuroko will be the type of daddy to be gentle with you, sometimes he will go beyond treating you like a princess more like a queen. But when you are least expecting it he will be rough, when he’s having a bad day he will make sure that you will satisfy him but you at the same time. He really likes it when you guys do it in public too, he loves the thrill and the excitement going up his spine.

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Midorima: Oh my god, midorima will be the roughest during sex despising the aurora he gives off. One thing though is that when he tries to treat you like a princess he acts shy and stutters which just makes you fall in loves with him over and over again. But he tries his best he loves when you sit in his lap, loves gripping on you. Total cute package. ||||| I’m so sorry I haven’t updated! Hopefully this writers block will go away!👑~Norah

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Can I have pleeeassse have Kise and Sakurai becoming sobbing begging messes in bed??~

I suppose

Kise: “W-wait!” Kise was cut short as you turned on the cock ring. The soft buzzing noise indicated it was running if his red face didn’t tell you already. His hips jumped upward and he threw his head back. Kise twisted his eyes shut and fisted the sheets under him. “A-ah!..ha..” his voice began to waver as he tried to find his voice. A bit of drool escaped his lips while he tried to sit up. “___-cchi…a little lower..” he pleaded eying the device. You were only on level 3 of 5 and he was already a mess. Sweat began to form on his body, causing his hair to cling to his forehead. “Mmmm no” you shot him a devilish grin as you turned the dial to 4. Kise released a choked sob and arched his back. You could see his dick throb as the ring increases speed around him. You leaned over his body and stuck two fingers into his mouth. “Suck Ryouta~” you ordered. His eyes were downcasted as his tongue began to wrap around your digits. Once you had enough of watching him, you pulled away and drag your finger down his chest. You stopped just before his dick. “Are you doing your best Ryouta?” you asked gliding your finger up his shaft. Kise inhaled sharply and released a shaky moan in response to your question. “That’s good, really good” you purred turning the dial to 5. “____!” Kise yelled thrashing on the bed. His hips began to thrust upward into your hand as he tried to quell the heat. You moved your hand down to the base of his cock and slowly raised the ring of him. When the ring passed his tip, he released his long awaited load in front of you.

Sakurai: “I’m sorry” came his apology again as he fisted the sheets. Sakurai was on all fours with his ass in front of you. He had moved forward when he felt you push two fingers into his ass. You reapplied the lube onto your fingers again and pressed them to his opening. “Don’t make me punish you Ryou” you warned, your digits slowly entered him and applied the lube. Sakurai let out a shameless moan and buried his face into the bed. You raked your nails down his insides until he raised his head back up to whine. “I want to hear your voice, so don’t to that again” you ordered pulling your fingers from him. “I-I’m..sorry” he cried trying to relax. His ass clenched when he felt something bigger than your fingers on his ass. You had a dildo pegging him gently. “W-wait…I think it’s too big…” Sakurai began to whimper when you pressed it with more force. “Then you better relax” your reply made him shiver. You heard him intake large breaths and release, his asshole began to relax and you forced the dildo in. “A-ah!!” Sakurai resisted the urge to crawl forward and away from you. When you had the whole device inside him, you turned it on a low level and stepped back. “How does it feel?” you asked. Sakurai’s face was burning red and he was panting hard. “I-It…feels…” his tongue felt heavy and his mouth full of saliva as he spoke. “Too slow” you increased the level before he could finish. Sakurai released a yelp and buried his face into the bed. His body was practically shaking, his dick bobbed with his erratic movement. “That made you hard awfully quick” you wrapped your hand around him. “S-sorry!” Sakurai gasped as you began pumping him. He felt ready to cum, but he knew better. “M-may I cum, please? I really…really…” he cried out. You felt pre-cum ooze from his tip and coat your hand. “Good boy, go ahead,” you said giving his cock a hard squeeze. Sakurai released a high pitch moan as he came all over your hand. The vibrator still moved inside him, making him ride out his climax.


Kurobasweek2016 Day 7: Free Day

                                • Kurobas Dog & Cat
  [ 黒子のバスケ くつろぎコレクション 第2弾 -With a Dog & Cat- ]

  • Midorima:If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
  • Murasakibara:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Midorima:That means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Murasakibara, learn to listen.
  • Kuroko:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Midorima:It’s voodoo.
  • Akashi:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Midorima:That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Kise:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Aomine:That’s kinky.
  • Momoi:Oh my god.