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How would the GOM + Kagami + Himuro react to seeing their s/o arguing with a strange guy and then he hits her ?

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi scowls as he quickly approaches you, kneeling down to check your well-being before he goes to confront the other person. He knows he’s shorter and perhaps not as intimidating, but he manages to talk down the stranger before letting the police handle it from there.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine goes in swinging the minute he sees the stranger raise a hand to you, not caring about the situation and only worried about your safety. He knocks the person to the ground and spits on him for good measure, scoffing as he grabs you and pulls you away before asking how you were faring.

Kise Ryouta: Kise is frozen in place as he considers calling for help from an outside party, but when he sees the strangers fist raised to hit you with another punch, he jumps in front of you and takes the hit for you. He pushes the other person away and glares, arms wrapping around you as his yelling draws onlookers and leaves the stranger in a bad place.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s ill will reaches the stranger instantly and the stranger jumps away, stuttering out something about a ghost as he appears in front of you. You’re surprised yourself that he chooses to directly confront the stranger but he knocks them off their feet before he grabs you, his angry look turning into one of concern.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima twitches when he sees the stranger hit you, approaching looking perfectly calm but letting his emotions get the better of him as he throws in one good punch that leaves the stranger on their back. He kneels down beside you and asks how you are, his expression too serious for your liking as it could’ve been worse.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara grows infuriated instantly, pushing all people in his path out of his way as he moves faster than you’ve ever seen him do; his fist of fury immediately cracks down on the strangers head and he leaves it at that, grabbing you and telling you it was time to leave before he pulls you off.


Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro lets out an audible gasp as he rushes over, calling the police while getting in between you and the stranger. He remains cool and collected despite being angry, telling the stranger to relax themselves and keeping them a good distance away from you until the proper authorities arrived, before going to take care of your injury himself.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami’s eyes widen and he rushes over, throwing a punch at the stranger immediately without assessing the situation. His rage is enough to cause him to beat the person’s face in, contemplating spitting on them before he focuses on you and ushers you away from the scene.

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Say their s/o has done something terrible (whatever that is) and they lost trust in her. Like they still love her but they are hurt. Now, she’s done everything humanly possible in order to regain their trust again but they get hurt bad somehow in the process. Drabble on how GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi react (like they’ll forgive her and trust her again or not)

so much angst! let’s say that their s/o has repeatedly apologized, begged them to forgive her and cooked them their favorite food and yes, short answers :)

AKASHI: Initially furious, Akashi’s anger would soon turn into hurt. Despite your multiple tries to talk to him, and his multiple rejections, you were relentless. Akashi knew that you had fucked up so he was going to make you suffer first.

AOMINE: Aomine growled at the fact that another bento with his favorite food had appeared in his gym locker. He was pissed but endeared but upset. His mixed feelings would prevent him from forgiving you yet, but when he realizes that he’s still in love with you, he’ll forgive you.

KAGAMI: With pursed lips, he stared at the box of band aids in his locker along with a box of his favorite cookies. He was still raw from the whole fight and your hurting him but he accepted your gifts gratefully and he knew that he would soon be ready to forgive you.

KASAMATSU: “No, stop distracting me during practice.” That was the nth time that week that Kasamatsu had to keep you away from practice. Though, he knew that you would still be waiting outside until it finished anyway. Although he was frustrated, he definitely appreciated your efforts and might consider you once more.

KISE: Kise, despite his happy-go-lucky exterior, was deeply wounded when you messed things up with him. He might take the longest to forgive you. Even if he did forgive you, he might still hold a grudge and have trust issues.

KIYOSHI: Being the one that everyone loved, Kiyoshi has always been patient so he accepted your attempts to get him to forgive you. However, he wouldn’t give in that easily. But, he might be the fastest in forgiving you if he understood your reasons.

KUROKO: He always found it endearing that you could spot him in the worst of crowds but he wasn’t in the right mood to forgive you. Despite that, he definitely admired your determination and might forgive you in the future.

MIDORIMA: It took him a long time to open up to you and the fact that you messed it up really hurt him. He avoided you for weeks, months even, and refused to speak with you at all. He might be one who might not end up forgiving you at all. Though, if he saw your sincerity, he might consider it.

MURASAKIBARA: He was unbelievably pissed of course when you screwed things up but he saw your sincerity when he noticed the cuts in your hands after you cooked his favorite dishes. He sighed and kissed your fingers lovingly and smiled at you.

TAKAO: Takao sighed as he saw another one of your encouraging letters attached to a basket of sweets in his locker. He smiled, despite himself, but knew that he had to hold out for a little bit longer so that you knew how much you had hurt him.

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Relationship headcanons for Kise and Aomine?? (the ask about the three free boys was so cute :3 )


  • Kise will spoil you to no end. If he catches you glancing at something in a window display of a shop, he’ll take note to buy it for you later as a surprise gift.
  • Kise is very very affectionate and requires your attention 24/7. If he feels as if you are ignoring him, he will literally pout until you give him a kiss or a hug. He loves hanging all over you and he’ll always be touching you in some way.
  • Despite this clingy, childish attitude, Kise has a more mature side too. One minute he can be clinging onto your arm and whining, but the next he could be wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and slowly kissing down your neck to your shoulder…
  • When Kise hugs you, he loves picking you up and placing your feet on top of his own so that he can rock back and forth, holding you in his arms.


  • Aomine is a bit lazy when it comes to relationships, and once the two of you have been dating long enough, you come to learn what specific noises and gestures mean. A raised eyebrow means, “Come here,” while a low grunt means he’s either hungry or thirsty. At first, learning what everything meant was quite amusing to you, but since you grow so used to it, you don’t even question it anymore.
  • Aomine is a slow kisser. He loves dragging out kisses by slowly pressing his mouth to yours and sliding his tongue between your lips, moving languidly until he feels you need to take a breath.
  • He isn’t really one for hand holding ((he’s secretly paranoid his hand is too sweaty)), so instead he’ll settle for wrapping his arm around your shoulder or waist while the two of you are out and about.
  • Aomine will always always take a bite of what you’re eating or a sip of what you’re drinking without even asking first. He’ll say something like, “Hey that looks good,” and just lean over you to take a bite or sip before you can even protest.

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GOM + Kagami, Himuro and Nijimura confront a couple of guys after over hearing them checking out and making vulgar comments about their s/o

Did you know that is one of the things you can do to make me hate you? Probably not, but now you do and that’s why there will be some dislocated jaws or smth I guess. And I used female pronouns bc it was hard when they talk about you, okay :-/


Kuroko was used to hear all kind of trash-talk when he passed people by unnoticed, but when he heard your name, his pace slowed down, especially as he saw their expressions. He stepped closer, knowing there was no way they’d notice him.

“… but did you see her ass? I’d give a lot for a handful of her ass, man.”

“Yeah, damn right… But doesn’t she have a boyfriend, though?”

“I’ve only heard rumors, but there only rumors, since I’ve never seen her with another guy like that… Should I make a move on her?”

And his decision to interrupt their conversation was set as he saw the dark smirk on the one that talked first’s face. He stayed beside one of the guys and then coughed discreetly, gaining their attention as they all jumped at his sudden appearance. His brows were furrowed and his fists were balled, but his overall look didn’t really impress the guys.

“What kinda guy are you? And how did you even get in here?”

“I think ______-chan wouldn’t like it if she knew that you are talking about her like this. And as her boyfriend, I also ask you to stop.”

Suddenly, one of them started laughing and (Kuroko was pretty sure it was the one that made the most vulgar comment out of all) walked up to him, almost close enough so he could smell the foul breath that left the guy’s mouth and he almost instantly took a step back.

“Listen here, little boy. If I tried hard enough and even if you are her actual boyfriend, I could probably steal her from you in an instant, let’s be real here. So get the fuck out and forget everything you’ve heard or seen, yeah? You don’t wanna get punched, do ya?”

And then he more or less likely walked out, a small smile on his lips as he waited beside the door frame and when they left, he would ever so subtly stretch out his leg and make them trip, before running off to you. He would also warn you that if they ever bothered you, you should not resist to call him and Kagami for rescue.


Kagami would honestly charge in right away, first kicking the door open with more force than needed, but the scowl was already enough to make the group inch away from the door, staring at him with either displeased or scared expressions and he was sure that they would all not to be able to even move a muscle in their face anymore after he was done with them. But he would not puch first, he’d yell first.

“Okay, what did you just say about _______, you asshole?”

“Hey, wow man! Take it as a compliment, she really does have a nice…-“

And that was when he punched the previously speaking guy across the face and didn’t care if he got in trouble for it, then grabbing him by the collar and pushing him up against the wall, screaming at him to repeat what he just said one more time, just to find the encouragement to give the asshole another punch.

He would probably also continue to punch and yell, until one of the guys belonging to the one he was punching right now went and called a teacher, who forcefully removed the two and the guy knew that he could get in trouble if he got called out on the things he said, so he didn’t tell the teacher about it.

And when you asked him about the few blew spots on his skin later on, he only shrugged it off, even though he received the small things when the guy kicked him in resistance, but he wasn’t very moved by it. He then would stay close to you, not sure if they would try to get revenge at him through you, but he wouldn’t regret the punches he gave, even if it was only to blow off his jealousy.


Kise would first make sure that he heard that right, because he was surprised any guy even thought that they had a chance to get any from you, since he was your boyfriend and no one at the school stood a chance against him. But when the guy continued to talk back at him without beating around the bush, the muscles in his right arm flexed almost instinctively.

“Well, sorry to break it to you, but with a body like that, it would be absurd if _______ was anything more but an used…-“

“Don’t you dare use that word in the same sentence as _______-cchi’s name.”

The dangerous gleam in his eyes creeped out most of the group, but some kept the now still somewhat smug grins on their faces, he would ready himself for a physical fight, if needed to prevent vulgar comments like this being made behind your back. And with his perfect copy, he’d surely be able to beat them, although he might also receive a bloody nose or something, but he didn’t give a damn about how his manager would yell at him later, he only wanted to save you from such crude comments and accusation that were already beyond improper.

He wouldn’t mind getting yelled at by a teacher, especially as he told them the part about their comments and then they would (even though not yet permanently) let him go and he would run to you first, hugging you and ignoring your demands to know what happened to his nose and hold you close. But he would tell you later on and even if you would tell him it hadn’t been exactly necessary, he felt a lot better after throwing those punches than if he would have just left after hearing it.


Midorima would think twice about actually saying anything right then and there, even if it was only because he barely had any experience in serious fist-fights and his hands were above such people, but he didn’t feel like he could let it slide at the same time. But he wouldn’t be able to walk off, especially while thinking that people like this should get told where the line between proper and improper is drawn, so he would at least say something.

“Oh, you’re her current boyfriend… That’s actually sad, buddy. She could do much better than you, like me, for example.”

And after subtly calling the guy saying the worst things out on it, his thoughts turned into a chaos after all the interpretations from this sentence flooded his mind, almost overwhelming him. There was the normal, insulting way to take it and then there was the light sexual and vulgar way to understand it and even the idea of reaching that level with you was almost too much at once to handle, although he managed to keep his composure on the outside.

“I’m her boyfriend and that is final. She wouldn’t even turn her head for someone like you.”

And after those words, he would walk out before punches could possibly be thrown and his lucky item would be moving in an area of potential danger, searching for you as fast as possible. And when he found you, he was suddenly confused why he was searching for you again, because you smiled him so brightly and greeted him with a hug and what did he need to be scared of with you by his side like this?


Aomine would start a fight right off the bat, beating up one at a time and insulting the ones watching and the ones that have been to slow or too stupid to run off. And he would only get more fired up if they showed resistance, because it meant that they were struggling and he finished them in slow, but still powerful punches and kicks, until they couldn’t even find the breath to utter your name anymore.

“If you ever talk about my girlfriend like that, either say it in my face or hers or not at all, you asshole. Now taste my fist!”

And yup, like that it’d go and when a teacher finally noticed the whole thing, he would probably have to call more teachers to help out keeping Aomine back and he would be in quite some trouble (especially because the teachers already don’t like him due to his constant skipping of lessons and club sessions. But when he managed to get away, he would feel you up by the next chance, even if it meant receiving a slap on the hand, because he had to remind himself that all this was all his. And there was no way he’d let another have any of you, either heart or body.


Himuro would know from the first glance on if this was a case of words or fists. When he asked one of them about what he had just said and received the first answer spoken even more sensual and slower after recognizing him, he put this into a case of fists.

“I said that _______ has the nicest tits that aren’t fake in our grade.~”

“I beg your pardon, because I fear that…”

Himuro stepped closer to the talking guy, dangerous smile on his face after closing the door of the classroom they were in to spare any possible witnesses the whole scene, until he was right in front of him. And the trailed off end heightened the anticipation of how he was going to end it, but the end took shape in the form of a knee spiked up in the vulgar guy’s stomach, as everyone jumped and the raven ended his own sentence quietly to himslf.

“I couldn’t quite hear you.”

And he would get out after he was done as fast as possible and either ask one of his fangirls or one of his teammates to cover up for him or give him an alibi, just in case the teachers would be sent his way. He wouldn’t mention it towards you, but only gave you well-covered information on how to avoid comments like those being made behind your back with an adoring smile.


Murasakibara would rather not like to have to end this with a crushed skull, but when the guy gets all about details, this is no simple matter of disrespect anymore. Most guys were smart enough to already run off as he had entered, but some of them had a bit longer, staring at him with smug faces and to observe his reaction. But when he threw a short punch, most of them were terrified and ran off, while he taught the talkative one a lesson. That would probably involve some broken noses and even a dislocated jaw, but Murasakibara’s protector instinct was already activated for too long when teachers came to help the guy. But even they would have problems pinning him down, so they maybe even have to fetch you to calm him down.

“Atsushi! Atsushi, stop! What are you doing?!”

And the scene would probably be scary to see, but the rage in his eyes would visibly fade away when he spotted you and then it wouldn’t take too long for him to return to his usual persona and the teachers had to sit through discussions of the case with him, but they refused to without your presence after they watched in awe how great he responded to you. By the end of the day, he would demand a lot of candy and give you more than usual, remembering that you were only his.


Akashi would step in right away. He would also try to go around a fist fight, because it’d look bad on his report card, but if there was no helping it, he probably will step up in a fighting position. Especially if the guys looked down on him as well, but he was nearly even more angered when he heard the names and descriptions they had called you.

“Shorty, do you really think her fine ass is worth getting beat up for? Because if you don’t, you should leave right now.”

And when his friends tuned in with his barking laughter, Akashi’s face darkened as he already formed a strategy, as to how to get rid of them and their improper thoughts about you. Then he would probably say something to provoke them, so he can say that they started it and swiftly respond with a punch of his own. If they weren’t too many, he would finish them and actually feel a bit disappointed because he wasn’t able to gouge their eyes out so they could never look at you again. And after threatening them to let his father’s contacts play if they told anyone about this, he would leave to search for you. But he honestly wouldn’t tell you about that incident, even if only to not pressure you with the thought of it happening again.


Nijimura wouldn’t even give anyone time to say anything, he knew that his hearing was fairly good, so the first thing entering that room and the guys’ face would be his fist. His karate knowledge would make it fairly hard and dangerous and especially painful (because he learned about the most sensitive spots to attack and responded best to pain in his lessons as well). He would probably even throw a punch at a rather innocent one, even if it was by accident, but he wouldn’t really regret it.

And the black-haired male would also only stop when teachers appeared, calmly walk up to them and then explain the circumstances while trying to calm his trembling fists, but all the bodies moaning in pain on the ground didn’t really make him look like the good guy and there was no witness around to prove what he was saying, so he would probably get suspended. But before that happened, he would explain it to you, so you knew he didn’t just took out some anger on them or something, that he had a reason to punch their ugly faces.

And maybe he would even get told off by his coach and his parents, but at some point, he’d grow tired of standing up for himself if no one was gonna believe him anyway, so he would just listen, but deep inside he was sure that he had done the right thing.


KnB is coming to an end, and I still have three unresolved questions.

First, who is the biggest sleeper, Ahomine or Kentaro from Kirisaki?

Secondly, who’s the KnB’s ultimate universally acclaimed pretty face - Kise or Himuro?

And last, but definitely not the least, who is able to consume more food, Bakagami or Nebuya?

Any suggestions?

not that any of it actually mattered.