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GoM, Hanamiya, accidentally witnessing their teenage daughter being slapped hard across the face by her boyfriend

Kuroko: He would appear next to the boyfriend’s shoulder instantly and escort him out brusquely with no invitation to return. His daughter would be his first concern.

Kise: The (ex) boyfriend would not leave until several hours later after Kise had beat him up and gave him a very angry lecture.

Midorima: He would insert himself in between his daughter and her boyfriend and just loom over the boy silently. He’d let the silence draw out for a very long time and block the only exit.

Aomine: He’s old enough to have the sense of mind to not fight violence with violence, but that doesn’t stop him from roughing the boy up a bit.

Murasakibara: After scaring the boy off, he pries open a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for his daughter to eat.

Akashi: He sits the boy down for a brief lecture on the repercussions of hurting a member of the Akashi family, which basically translates to “I will ruin your life for putting your hands on my daughter, so you should apologize now. I will still, however, ruin your life.”

Hanamiya: He seems calm and firm at first as he escorts the boy out, but it’s just for pretense’s sake. Suffice to say that the boy doesn’t escape without injuries.

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Since there's been some cute wedding asks, I have one~! What if the GOM+Taiga's so fell flat on her face while walking down the aisle? (Funny story, this actually happened to my cousin on her wedding day omg)

(Oh god)

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi lets out a soft sigh as a commotion starts when you fall, knowing you were probably very embarrassed at having fallen in front of such a large amount of people. He makes his way to you, caressing your cheeks and telling you it was no big deal, gently kissing the red mark on your forehead, before leading you to the altar and having you focus your attention on him (after the wedding was over, he would share a laugh with you over the moment).  

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would begin to laugh hysterically, breaking the awkward silence as both of your families stared at your fallen form. He would fall to the ground, leaving you to not be the only one rolling on the ground, though you were in more pain than he was. After the commotion had calmed down and you joined him at the altar, he’d wipe a tear away from his eye before smirking at you and asking if you were just falling for him all over again.  

Kise Ryouta: Kise grows alarmed when he sees you fall, freezing in place from shock and wondering what he should do. Should he call an ambulance? Had you cracked your skull? What if you’d broken your ankle while walking in those shoes? He jumps to the worst conclusions, but by the time he’s back to reality, you’re already at the altar, looking up at him with a slightly red face and a raised eyebrow as you ask why he’s hyperventilating. 

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko would be frozen in his place at the altar, eyes wide as he sees you stumble. He makes his way to you after you initially stand up again, asking if you wanted to take off your heels or if you needed something to drink, worried you were pushing yourself too hard. He would cup your face as everyone watched, telling you he was glad you were okay, before allowing you to continue your walk to the altar as he waited up front for you. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima’s anxiety is alleviated once you fall, his mind feeling content knowing that he wouldn’t be the one to strike the first embarrassing move at your wedding. He strides over, kneeling down beside you and offering his arm, helping you to rise while whispering in your ear to ask if you were okay. He would look more ecstatic than he should, though, leading you to punch his arm as you think he’s too happy about you falling. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara blatantly covers his mouth and tries to hold back his laughter, unperturbed by your stumbling and being questioned by one his best men on whether or not he should check up on you. Shrugging and saying it’s not like you’d been assassinated, he lumbers over and asks if you need to be carried instead, getting an angry reaction from you as he clearly wasn’t too worried about your condition. 


Kagami Taiga: Kagami jumps when he sees you fall, rushing to your side and kneeling next to you as he makes you feel more embarrassed about your sudden fall. He brushes your hair from your face as he asks sincerely if you need another few minutes, but when you insist things continue, he gives you a cute grin, chuckling as he said that you were elegant even when you fell on your face. 

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Please do GOM+TAKAO+HAYAMA being affectionate to their s/o because they're somehow tired and just want to nuzzle their face into their s/o's neck. Hickeys are a must please. Thanks!~

omg this is the cutest but yes relatively short answers

AKASHI: Leaning in and burying his face in your neck, Akashi breathed in your sweet scent. He began to trail kisses up and down your neck, lips barely skimming over your bare skin. “Akashi,” you whispered blissfully. He nipped lightly at your skin, smiling devilishly. You groaned, “Please don’t tell me you left another hickey. That’s like three tonight.”

AOMINE: He would grumble in his sleep and you thought that it was adorable. Then he moved closer, wrapping his strong arms around you and ducked his face into your neck. He was awake. He started to suck on your skin, biting it hard enough to leave a mark. “A-Aomine,” you stammered out and he shushed you, kissing to that spot behind your ear before moving back down and leaving more marks on you.

HAYAMA: “Hayama!” You squealed as he nibbled lightly on your skin, making it incredibly ticklish. He laughed and continued his torture, leaving love bites all over your bare skin. You groaned though when he kissed that one spot that drove you insane. When he noticed, he would focus all his attention on that particular place, making sure to leave a mark for the next time.

KISE: Kise was extra cute when he was tired because he would just whimper and snuggle up to you, clinging onto you for dear life. However, when he felt himself rubbing against you, his lips skimmed the back of your shoulder as he shifted all your hair to one side and then placed his lips on the nape of your neck. “Kise!” You scolded when he bit that spot, surely leaving a bruise. He just grinned.

KUROKO closet pervert: When he was tired, he mainly stayed a little quieter. However, this time, he seemed to take pleasure in leaving kisses all over your skin. You just accepted his attention because it was just as good for you. Then he bit. You gasped and stared down at him and he merely gave you a small smile that held a promise for much, much more.

MIDORIMA: Being drowsy, Midorima would be half-conscious for everything he was doing, including his placing plenty of kisses all over your neck. He would nuzzle into your neck, something he rarely ever did tsundere, and softly kiss all your favorite places, biting lightly on some of them to leave marks. “Midorima,” once you whispered out his name though, he would snap out of it and back away embarrassed.

MURASAKIBARA: You would be plopped right on top of him, all your hair moved to one side, as he nipped on your skin, moving one spot from another, leaving marks all over. “You taste so sweet, _____-chin.” He smiled against your skin and continued with his delicious teasing. “Didn’t you say you were tired?” You moaned as he bit down on a particularly special area.

TAKAO: As he slid down, he would let out an exhausted groan. That was, until he saw that your bare neck was exposed to him. You were still asleep and he couldn’t help but kiss you there. Your eyes jerked open at the sight of him grinning like an idiot. He buried his face in your neck and began to nibble lightly on your skin. “Takao,” you complained. “You left hickeys the last time already.”

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GoM + Kagami + Hanamiya to being in an argument with their s/o and their s/o suddenly yells out "I love you, idiot!" (first time saying it)?

Love this!!

Kise:He always hated fighting with his S/O. He didn’t like seeing anger on their face, rather than that smile he loved so much - much less knowing he was part of the reason why. That’s why he was just about to give in - right before those words were yelled out, that is. “_____ - cchi… You love me!?” he yelled right back, hugging them tightly. “I love you, too!”

Kuroko: He never liked fights in general. He tried calming them down with his words, but they didn’t seem to want to have it. So to appease them, he’d stand in silence until they got everything out. After a few moments, his S/O blurted out words that shocked him beyond belief. “____- kun…” he replied quietly, blue eyes wide. “I love you, too.”

Aomine: He was the one who started this, so why was he getting so angry about it? He was nearly fuming as he gave a frustrated sigh, and was about to turn and leave when he heard those words. “… Are you serious?” he asked, shaking his head. “I love you, too. But that was a stupid time to say it!” he replied, shaking his head. He wasn’t going to let it go that easily!

Midorima: They were simply being irrational! How could his S/O not see his way, when his way was obviously much more logical? He had plenty of things to say about this argument, and there was no way he was going to give in to them. ‘I love you, idiot!’ Did he hear that correctly? “What?! Why are you saying that now?” he asked incredulously. That wasn’t romantic in the least. He shook his head. “Yes… I love you, too.”

Murasakibara: What were they even going on about? He had tuned them out a few minutes earlier. It wasn’t as if he didn’t care about what they were saying, it was simply that this argument was pointless to Murasakibara. So he stood and munched on his snack as his S/O continued on, obviously becoming more frustrated by the moment. “I love you, idiot!” they yelled, shocking him out of his food-daze. “Eh? _____- chin loves me? Well I love _____ - chin, too,” he said lightly, returning to eating his snack. The smile on his face showed he didn’t think so lightly of the words, though.

Akashi: Akashi understood the reason behind this conflict, but that didn’t mean he was okay with it. He’d end this right here and now, but they just wouldn’t have it. So an argument it would be. Anything they could come up with would be promptly refuted by him, and he could tell they were giving in. “I love you, idiot!” they finally said. Well, that wasn’t something he expected. He gave a soft chuckle. “I love you as well. I still am right, though. Please understand that.”

Kagami: There was a lot of grumbling and defensive yelling coming from Kagami at that point. How could they just go at him like that when he didn’t even do anything? There was no reason for this, in his opinion. They were obviously just angry! That was why he was shocked to hear those words. “W-what?!” he asked, taken aback. “Hmph. I love you, too,” he replied, shifting his gaze off to the side. 

Hanamiya: There was no way he was going to give even an inch. He would fight for the rest of his life rather than do that. His arms crossed and brows furrowed in anger, he was about to talk over whatever his S/O was about to say. “I love you, idiot!” they said loudly. “Hah?!” Did they seriously just say that? “I love you too, idiot, but I’m still mad!”

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can you do a scenario where gom+himuro does cosplay just for please his gf 'cause they forgot their aniversary? xD thanks

This took me a while to reply but I had so much fun thinking of these dorks doing cosplay omg- Admin Roy

It just so happened that you would find your husband in the living room with a Haku cosplay from Spirited Away. You couldn’t help but gape at KUROKO for a few seconds. Of course he would be embarrassed as well, a small blush on his face and eyes averted to the side. “This was to make up for the anniversary…” You ]couldn’t help but hug him. “It’s so cute!”

“____chii!” A loud yelp leaves your lips as KISE glomps you into the kitchen. You start to yell something back when you suddenly notice the change of hair color. He must have styled it…Then you saw the uniform and knee pad, finally noticing that he was cosplaying as Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu!! You looked up at him in surprised. He had that playful, worrisome look. “I forgot about the anniversary! Will you forgive me?!” Geez, what to do…

You were simply enjoying a nice rest by yourself in the morning. It was a disappointing night yesterday and you wanted to sleep in more. However, you were bothered when the ray of sunshine hit your face. You thought you closed that curtain… “It’s time to wake up, Miss.” You open your eyes slowly in confusion. Miss? You decided to sit up and your eyes widen to find MIDORIMA in a Sebastian Michaelis cosplay. His face had a tint of red in them as he stared. “…Im sorry about missing the anniversary.”

“Daiki, Im home.” You just came back from work and you were tired. Though, you felt something wrong. Everything seemed to be too silent. Usually, your husband would be in front of the TV, doing his own activities of some sort. You look around the house confused until you hear a small, irritated groan. You step inside the bathroom and blink at seeing AOMINE attempting to put on some ghoul-like contacts. Was…Was he cosplaying as Ayato from Tokyo Ghoul? He looks back and gives an annoyed sigh. “Hey, how do you put this on?“ Not mentioning the forgotten anniversary as always…Oh well, he probably knew. 

“Uwaaaaaahhhh….” A yell left your lips as MURASAKIBARA wrapped his arms around you in a glomp. He rested his chin on your head and continued to eat his potato chips. “___-chin, I forgot about the anniversary.” Oh, now he remembered. It was about time. You were about to say something until you noticed the drawn muscles on his hands. Then, you turned around to see him dressed up as the Colossal Titan from Shingeki no Kyoujin. Oh…so he really felt bad. 

You were reading your book with mixed feelings. Half of you was deep within the story of the book’s words however, the other half continued to wonder about what happened yesterday. It was extremely rare for AKASHI to forget a date let alone their anniversary. Did something happen? You suddenly heard your name being called and looked up to see a sight you have never seen before. Your husband was wearing the exact outfit of Izaya Orihara from Durarara. He was clearly embarrassed, even though his expression showed no such emotion. “I’m sorry to forget such an important day. I hope this will make up for it.” 

“___, there’s something I want to show you.” “Hm? What is it?” Usually, if HIMURO was going to show you something, it was that of a huge surprise. You walked into the living room, interested in what you were about to see before you stopped at the sight of the Samezuka swimming uniform on your husband. He gave a small smile, nervous yet apologetic. “I hope you forgive me for forgetting about the anniversary.”

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Can you do a Kuroko and GOM find out their s/o can sing?

i bet a lot of you chibi-chans have a lovely singing voice and you can’t convince me otherwise.. i added the songs the s/o is singing, you don’t have listen to it though, it’s sort of just for effect tbh  (✿◠‿◠)

KUROKO: | x | The basketball player and his s/o were cuddling in his bed together during one of their lazy days together. They were laying there in silence just staring at each other and listening to the rain hitting against the window like a soft lullabye. That’s when Kuroko asked. He asked for his s/o to sing for him, and if they weren’t any good they could still indulge him. So after a couple moments of asking repeatedly his s/o caved and nodded. They shyly shut their eyes and began to sing a sweet little love song that reminded them of their relationship, and when they were done he just smiled sweetly and pulled them closer. “I can’t get over how lovely you are, every day you surprise me~”

KISE: | x“C’mon ___-cchi, please?” the blond had been begging his s/o repeatedly for the last ten minutes to sing for him while they were walking home together. “No, baka~! People can hear me!” his s/o reasoned, but the model was having none of it. He just kept asking over and over again until they finally stopped in front of his s/o’s home. The thing that made them finally cave was Kise’s threat to come and follow them inside and stay until he finally got them to crack. His s/o let out a sigh and shook their head and muttered a ‘fine’ and took a breath before singing a random ass song that had been stuck in their head all day long. Resulting in Kise smiling and clapping, when they finished he scooped them up in his arms and peppering them with kisses and telling them that they had a lovely voice.

MIDORIMA: | xThe fact that the shooting guard heard his s/o’s voice was just one of the minor things that had happened in the very embarrassing moments during the moment. Shintaro was actually coming to over to their house for a study date. But when he entered their room and found that they weren’t there he started searching for them, wondering where they could possibly be. Though, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to go and check the bathroom where his s/o was currently in the shower and belting lyrics to a pop song. As soon as the green haired male realized what was happening the water turned off, as did the water and they were about to step out when they noticed Midorima standing there with a blushing face and fixing his glasses in an awkward attempt to look normal. “Y-you sh-should lock the door nonodayo.” and that was the end of that.

AOMINE: | xIt was during one of their dates, somehow Aomine and his s/o had decided going to a karaoke club and getting drunk was good idea. Which had ended up with his s/o getting up on stage and drunkenly started singing a song he had picked out while he recorded everything on his phone. So the next day with the two of them laying in bed together with hang-overs, Aomine somehow stumbled on the video. Once he hit play and watched his s/o’s attempt at singing he burst into laughter and then showed it to them with a proud little smirk on his face. While his s/o just covered their face in their hands to hide the blush forming on their face, so Aomine just grinned and pressed a kiss to their forehead. Though he would show it to his team the next day and it would become an inside joke between them.

MURASAKIBARA: | xThe two were sitting in the gym after basketball practice, it was a soft of ritual that Atsushi and his s/o had. They would wait until every one left and they would goof around in the gym. It would range from anything to just playing basketball against each other, talking, eating snacks together, and just cute little couple things. Though, that day they were laying on the floor next to each other looking up at the ceiling talking about everything and anything. Until Mura suddenly asked, “___-chin, will you sing something for me?” and looking over at the purple haired giant, it only took one little look for his s/o to cave and nod their head. For a moment, when they sang the whole gym went quiet and all Mura could hear was his s/o singing. When they were done he nodded his head in approval before pulling them towards his chest and snuggling with them. 

AKASHI: | x | Akashi had his arms wrapped around his s/o and they were in laying in bed staring at each other. It was one of those nights were either person could fall asleep. Which had resulted in the redhead running his fingers up and down his s/o’s skin and murmured random things to them, just to relax them both. When that didn’t work he sighed and asked his s/o to sing something, anything, to him. And his s/o couldn’t say no to him, even if they really wanted to. Until finally they caved and snuggled up close to the basketball player and began to sing softly. Resulting in Akashi smiling softly and kissing their forehead, “Thank you~” he mumbled and listened to them sing, until finally his eyes closed and he fell asleep holding his s/o with a tiny smile on his face.