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GOM + Takao finding out that their biological female s/o is infertile after their so many attempts to have a baby and s/o feels so incompetent because it's been always their dream to have a big family (if it's too many, you can pick just one of the choices)

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi understands why you’re upset and why you feel incompetent, but would talk to you immediately before he allows your negative feelings to consume you. He’s very gentle as he speaks to you as he doesn’t want to hurt you further, but reiterates the reality of the situation, and promises to do more research

Aomine Daiki: Aomine’s a little frustrated, and would need time to himself, but when he realizes he’s isolating you he does what he can to fix the situation. He becomes more affectionate, holding you against his chest and stroking your hair as he assures you that you’re not incompetent and that, despite the obstacle, your relationship was still alive and well and you both still had things to be thankful for.

Kise Ryouta: Kise would feel dejected, especially since you seemed to be taking the news of being infertile so roughly. He holds back his own sadness and tries to focus on making you feel better, bringing up adoption as a plausible option to raise a family of your own. If you were to break down in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to help but feel brokenhearted as well, finding that a couple that cries together, stays together.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko is devastated that creating a family with you isn’t taking the same turn that he thought it would, becoming rather quiet and distant from you unintentionally. He has trouble dealing with his own feelings on the matter, let alone trying to help you cheer up, but he opens up to you and explains he doesn’t blame you, and that he just needed time to get used to the idea of creating a family in a different way.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima stays neutral in front of you, nodding his head at what the doctor tells the two of you and comforting you when you begin to tear up. You almost believe that he’s unaffected until you hear him in the bathroom, trying hard to cover the sound of his own sniffles as the news effects much more than he allows you to know, not wanting you to worry about him.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara is a mess of emotions as he doesn’t understand how to deal with such a serious, heartbreaking situation, especially since you tended to be the one that he leaned on. He tries to stay calm but gets worked up easily, cutting off most people from his life except for you as he tries to deal with the misery he feels, wondering if things would ever be the same again.


Takao Kazunari: Takao tries hard to keep both of your spirits up as he can tell that you feel as though you failed him, though that’s not the case. He would try to get you to understand his feelings, that he, too, was sad that you couldn’t have a child, but that didn’t mean there weren’t other options out there for the two of you to have the family you wanted.

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How would the GOM propose to their s/o?

literally spent over 3 hours just thinking of this and putting it into words. Kuroko’s came into my head after like two seconds; Aomine took four days and the rest was literally either 5 minutes after each other and then i got lazy wOOPS.



Kuroko: For the past few weeks Kuroko had been planning his proposal to you; his girlfriend of four years. He had bought one of his and your favorite book and decided to do a little tweaking to it. After a long day of classes, Kuroko decided to take you out to a cafe for a snack before heading home. As he watched you happily take a sip from your cup, he brought out the book and pushed it to you on the table. Confused you looked up at him. “Didn’t we read this already Tetsuya?”
“We did.”
“Then why did you get a brand new copy?” You pouted. “I could have just lent you mind if you lost yours.”
He chuckled as he nodded to the book. “Can you read the first line for me?”
Laughing a bit you decided to do so. Just as you turned the cover, you froze. There was no first page let alone any pages; Kuroko had cut out a square hole into the five hundred page book; you cover your mouth as you felt your eyes tear up at what was in the hole. Kuroko reached over taking the box out of the book. He went on one knee while taking one of your hands into his own. Looking into your eyes he smiled,”_____, will you marry me?”

Aomine: “Satsuki you better help me.” Aomine mumbled before he bit into his burger. He felt something nudge his hand; looking down he saw it was a notepad. Flipping through it, he noticed it was a list of stuff you liked. He sighed. “I already know she loves this stuff.”
“Then you should think of something yourself then Dai-chan.” 
At first he was going to be lame and just propose to you the moment you woke up beside him, but he thought that was too lazy of him. Then he thought about taking you out to an expensive dinner and proposing there, but he didn’t want other people to stare at you since he knew you were easily embarrassed.  So Aomine did think and finally some point in the week he got an idea.
During a Friday night where the two of you stood on his balcony, Aomine decided to have a little fun before he popped the question. “Hey ____, do you like weddings?”
“You mean going to them?” You looked up at him with a confused look. “I guess so, why?”
“No reason just curious.” Looking down he feigned a surprise expression. “Oi, look at that!” He said with a smirk. Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked around trying to see what he saw. Before you could ask him, Aomine was on his knee with his head down. Pretending to pick something up, Aomine whistled leaving you even more curious. “You better love weddings now.” As soon as those words left his mouth, you saw a box appear in his hand. With a swift motion he opened it revealing a ring inside leaving you speechless. “Marry me _____.”

Midorima: After countless weeks of waiting for your and his signs to reach the top two spots on oha asa, Midorima tried to gather up the courage to do what he planned to do months ago -propose to you.
It had been a tiring process that involved nagging from his sister and mother; a lot of times spent glaring at Takao for making fun of him; and a lot of effort used to hide the entire proposal from you. Of course you were oblivious, but that didn’t stop Midorima from being extra careful. Everything had to be perfect. “So are you asking her today?” Takao said.
“Are you sure?”
“Shin-chan ar-“
Holding his hands up in surrender, Takao gave Midorima a cheeky grin. “Well, good luck then.” Sighing loudly, Takao stretched, purposely hitting the carrot in his face. “You should have used my idea and wore your doctor attire.” When Midorima turned to glare at him, Takao only started laughing.”Well, I think she would have enjoyed you saying ‘you should marry me because I’m the best medicine’.” Patting his friend, Takao sighed. “Don’t worry, ____-chan, would love anything you do for her.”
And you did. You were a crying mess a few hours later as Midorima was on his knee holding the ring in front of you. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, he pushed his glasses up as he noticed a random crowd form around the two of you.
He had brought you to a park to go star gazing and while the two of you sat huddled together on the grass, he had pulled his collar nervously.
“Are you okay Shintarou?” You looked at him with worried eyes.
“I’m fine.” Turning away, he moved from your side to sit in front of you. You gulped when he placed both his hands on your shoulders. “Look, I don’t say this often, but…” He sighed. “I…I…love you nanodayo.” Reaching into his pocket he avoided your eyes. “A-And I want to spend the rest of my life with you so, will you marry me _____?” Opening the box he watched as your expression turned from shock to awe to a face with streaks of tears. As embarrassed as he was, he would do this over and over again just because.

Kise: Being with you had been some of the best times Kise ever had in his life. The memories he shared with you meant so much to Kise and every time you made him smile-which indeed was a lot- made him even more determined to give you a bigger one in return. So he planned his proposal down to the very last detail.
Kise was at your door one morning, knocking and whining loudly trying to get your attention. He threw a bag with at you while rubbing your bed head. “Comeon, we’re going out today!”
“’s eight in the morning…” You yawned loudly, covering your mouth before rubbing your eyes. Blinking at you with a surprised look, Kise immediately pulled you into a hug. “R-Ryouta!”
And that was the question he kept asking himself the entire day as he dragged you from place to place. When you came out in the dress he picked out just for you; when you chewed your piece of cake happily in the restaurant he took you for lunch; when you tugged at his hand pointing at a little puppy during your walk down a park; all these moments Kise couldn’t comprehend how you made him feel this way.  
Finding an empty gazebo, Kise tugged you to it, helping you up the stairs before taking both of your hands into his own. You blushed slightly. “W-W-What is it?”
“I can’t look at my own girlfriend?” Kise said amused.
“I-I-I don’t know, can you?” You teased back nervously.
“Well then…” Looking at the scenery behind him, he silently thanked mothernature for showing such a nice sunset at the right moment. Meeting your eyes, Kise got on his knees, still holding your hands in his. Beautiful. He thought. You are just breathtakingly beautiful.  “_____-cchi, when can I look at you then?”
“K-K-Kise wh-“
“Can I look at you while you make cute expressions? Can I look at you when you look so beautiful that it makes my heart pound? Can I look at you when you don’t want me to? Can I look at you whenever I want because really,” Kise pulled out a box and flipped the lid open causing you to gasp in shock. “I want to look at you every day for the rest of my life ____-cchi, so will you marry me?”

Mursakibara: Being the care-free type of guy he is, Mursakibara never did a lot of things. Though for some reason, he felt like he needed to do something after dating you for a couple of years. He felt like he should propose to you.  Planning it with Tatsuya and asking Akashi for some tips, Mursakibara decided to do something that would make him and you both happy.
During a night after work, Murasakibara decided to bake a total of sixteen [favorite flavor] cupcakes. He used fondant to make letters and used your favorite frosting to decorate each one. Wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, he heard someone chuckle. Looking at the door, Mursakibara showed no sign of surprise in his eyes. “Muro-chin, what are you doing?”
“I thought you would probably want some help fixing up some stuff before I give you a ride home.” Taking off his jacket, Tatsuya pulled a stool near Murasakibara and the two worked together, while talking quietly. Every time Tatsuya mentioned your name, he noticed the way his friend’s face would relax; even stretch into a small smile. By the time two of them were done, it was 3 am in the morning.
The next day Murasakibara waited for you to come into the store after your shift at work. Just as he got a text saying you were coming, he immediately brought out his batch of cupcakes and held them close. When you walked in, he felt his heart quicken. “Are you ready for our date Murasaki?” You asked while giving him a smile. He nodded. “____-chin, let me set this display up before we go,” It was your turn to nod. As you watch him open the door to the see-through counter, you eyed the cupcakes as Mursakibara lined them up beside each other instead of behind each other. You covered your mouth as you realized what he was doing. ‘W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E ?’
“____-chin,” You looked up as your eyes blurred with happy tears. Mursakibara was leaning over the counter holding a ring in front of you as he patted your head, “will you marry me?”

Akashi: As a child, Akashi was taught by his late-mother that one day he would fall in love. When he asked her if love was like how she loved him his mother had only smiled at him and gently rubbed his head. 

“Not quite Seijuro,” She said, “When you love someone one day, you feel the need to be with them and only them. You will feel that even words can help you explain or understand how much they mean to you.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means that just seeing them smile will make you fall for them over and over again.”
“I don’t want to fall, I’ll get hurt!”

As he thought back on that, Akashi could only smile at his childish antics. Being with you made it feel like Akashi was breathing in fresh air. It was relaxing. Comforting. Wonderful. He never felt the pressure of being your boyfriend and certainly he never felt the discomfort of trying to be perfect for you; but of course he tried and every time he succeeded. After spending a night together on the roof watching fireworks lighten up the night sky, Akashi realized his mother was right. He was more than in love. He was beyond the word’s meaning, because in that moment of seeing you turn to him with a soft smile illuminated by the colourful display he knew. And he felt it-the sense of falling; the sense of what it was like to be in love.
After a night out eating at one of the finest restaurants he could find, Akashi brought you to a grand garden. The two of you walked down a bricked path surrounded by flowers of all kinds. “Wahh, Akashi look!” You ran ahead to the hoard of red roses. You leaned down, deeply inhaling them. “They’re so pretty!”
“Yes they are, but I find that you’re more beautiful than those.” His words caused you to blush.
“______,” He ran a hand down your arm; interlacing his fingers with your own before turning to face you. “I want to ask you a selfish favor.” Moving a strand of hair behind your ear, Akashi’s touched lingered on your cheek. “You’ve given me years of love, happiness, and wonderful memories. I want you to know that no one will ever replace you for me; that you are the one and only woman for me. I want you to be by my side when I wake up and when I fall asleep. I want you and only you.” Getting on his knee, Akashi took out a box and opened the lid, holding it for you to see that ring inside. “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife ____?”

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Nice blog love! Can I please have drunk phone calls from GOM + Kagami + Takao ? Wishing you a great day today :]

christ i am laughing so hard rn drunk basketball idiots are the bomb diggity

Kuroko: He would call you like 16 times. Non stop. Just to tell you random things like, “My head hurts.” or “Nigou’s tail is really fluffy.” and then he would just hang up after saying one sentence. Even after you stopped answering he would leave messages for you to get to later and laugh at. 

Kise: He would call you and you would be able to hear the alcohol in his voice. It would be slightly more high pitched and he would go on and on about how much he loved you. After a while his words would become incoherent as he practically fell asleep on the phone with you, mumbling about your soft hair. 

Midorima: He would call to tell you to pick him up immediately and that he had made a huge mistake. Pretty much the embodiment of the following gif. 

Aomine: It would be all dirty talk. Honest to god this boy would have no filter. His voice would get ten times deeper and breathy and frankly it would be kind of hot. He would probably end up making you horny in the process of his drunken dirty talk but he would never carry out his dirty little threats. 

Murasakibara: He would call you and ask you pick up dozens of snacks for when he gets home and would end up naming off different brands. You started making a serious shopping list for him, but gave up when he started naming off brands that didn’t even exist. 

Akashi: He would call you and have a mental breakdown, spilling out pretty much his entire life story to you. He would explain in detail how he felt after the loss of his mother and would probably tell you that he wished you were with him. To which you would jump in your car and go find him because he’s a sad drunk. 

Kagami: He’s the kind of guy that would bring up that thing from 6th grade that was really embarrassing and probably freak out about whether or not anyone else remembered it. He would start telling you embarrassing stories and things that he regretted, laughing over them to the point where he couldn’t breathe even if it wasn’t all that funny. 

Takao: He would go full on stoner, asking some real crazy questions. Questions like “if parallel universes exist, does that mean that there’s a universe where it doesn’t?” or “What would happen if Pinocchio said ‘my nose will now grow’?” Honestly it would give you a headache thinking about all of the paradoxes he came up with. 

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Nigou or Kise? (GOM, Takao, Himuro, Hanamiya, Kasamatsu, Mibuchi, Kagami thanks)

Nigou: Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya, Mibuchi Reo, Kagami Taiga, Hanamiya Makoto, Murasakibara Atsushi

Kise: Kasamatsu Yukio (begrudgingly), Himuro Tatsuya, Kise Ryouta (of course)

Struggles with picking completely: Midorima Shintarou

Picks both to keep the peace: Akashi Seijurou, Takao Kazunari

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GOM + Hayama comforting their s/o, after she has been betrayed by her family?

Kise, Kuroko, Midorima, and Murasakibara would pull you to the couch and have you tell them everything, wanting to comfort you as best as they could. They would maybe offer a bit of advice but wouldn’t want to upset you any farther, mostly just listening to what ever you have to say and doing whatever you asked of them. 

Hayama, Aomine, and Akashi wouldn’t know what to say to comfort you or have any way to make you feel better. However they would have a little chat with whoever betrayed you. You don’t know about it but that chat drove said family member to apologize with complete sincerity the next day.

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GoM meeting their s/o for the first time via the soulmate/soulmark prompt?

Nyah~ I rly do love the soul thingy XP But I have chosen to do the soul mark one bc it’s rather special XP And just in case others may not be aware of what the soul mark prompt is, it is basically where two people who are soulmates have a word/small sentence printed on their wrist, and theses words will be the first thing they say to each other when they meet for the first time. I hope this imagine is alright~ ^~^

Btw, sorry for such a long hiatus, I’ve been busy with some events and personal matters~

Generation of Miracles

Akashi: “I’m not scared of you.” // “Aren’t you an interesting person?”

Akashi was currently in the changing rooms, getting ready for basketball practice, and when doing so, Akashi saw the words on his wrist once again, ‘I’m not scared of you’, what an interesting choice of words. With that thought in his mind, Akashi made his way towards the sports hall, however upon arriving at the sports hall, Akashi heard a small ruckus.

When Akashi looks around the corner, he sees a small crowd of girls surrounding the basketball team, all of which are very animatedly interacting, apart from one girl who is stood at the back of the crowd, bouncing a basketball up and down.

“What is this?” Akashi calls out and everyone stops what they are doing. “I am very sorry, but we are currently having a basketball practice, and I would not like anyone to be hurt in the process, so if you would not mind, please may you all leave; you are all welcome to come watch us up on the balcony.”

All the fangirls listen to Akashi and giggle at how gentlemanly he is, apart from one person: you. You continue to dribble the basketball and before Akashi can tell you to stop; you shoot the basketball perfectly into the basketball hoop.

“H-Hey! You better stop…” Hayama warned you and when you turned to face Hayama, you were facing Akashi instead. The two of you stared at each for a while, until you broke the silence.

“I’m not scared of you,” you state and fold your arms. Akashi’s eyes widen as the words echo in his mind, they were the words that were on his wrist, the words of his soul mate…Akashi smirks a little and places a finger under your chin.

“Aren’t you an interesting person?” Akashi questions and waits for you a reaction from you.

“Aren’t you my soulmate then?” You mutter and Akashi gives out a light chuckle.

“Yes it does, my sweet, however that does not give you a reason as to why you are here, I may have to punish you.” Akashi says and you raise an eyebrow at him.

“Well, soulmate, we have just met, therefore I do believe it is rather out of order for you to punish me so soon,” you retaliate and Akashi can only smirk at your comment.

“Well said my dear soulmate, I think you are very well suited to be my empress/emperor.”

Aomine: “Watch out!“ // “Oi! Are you okay?.”

‘Oi! Are you okay?’: were they really the first words your soulmate would say to you? You sigh and continue making your way towards the canteen with your friends.

“Wait! We have to go past the sports hall!” One of your friends say and you roll your eyes.

“Why?” You question and your friend tugs on your arm excitedly.

“Do you not know? Only the hottest and most amazing basketball player is there: Aomine Daiki!” Your friend explains.

“And there is Imayoshi senpai!” Your other friend joins in and you roll your eyes at both of them.

“You’re both ridiculous,” you state but still agree to join them as they make their way past the sports hall. Your friends and you stand in front of the entrance of the sports hall; you lean against the door, whilst your friends hold each other’s hands and fangirl excitedly about their crushes.

You look around in the sports hall and see a dark blued hair teen race past with a basketball and dunking it straight into the hoop. For someone who didn’t know a thing about basketball, you were pretty impressed at what he just did. After a few minutes of watching your school play basketball, you soon got bored and looked down at your wrist again. ‘Oi! Are you okay?’ how were you going to meet your soulmate?

Meanwhile, a blue haired teen was looking over at the door and glancing at your friends and you, when Aomine saw you looking down at your wrist, he too looked at his. ‘Watch out!’ in what position would he be put in for his supposed soulmate to tell him to watch out? Aomine shook it off and continued to play basketball.

“Hey (Y/N)!” A friend of yours calls out to you, you look over towards them and cock your head in one direction. “You’re always looking at your wrist are you seriously going to keep to the whole soulmate thing? Be a little more free,” a friend of yours says to you as they give a flirtatious smile towards Imayoshi. Because Imayoshi was distracted by the smile your friend gave to him, the basketball flies past him, and Aomine makes it his job to catch it; he starts to walk backwards to catch the ball, however in dong so, he is about to walk into you. As you are too busy looking at your wrist, you only notice Aomine’s presence when a shadow looms over you.

“Watch out!” You cry out but nonetheless Aomine still manages to walk into you and brings the two of you down onto the floor. When Aomine feels you struggle underneath him, he instantly stands up and rubs the back of his head. He looks down at you and sees you rubbing your head.

“Oi! Are you okay?” Aomine asks. You do not even attempt to answer his question; the only thing you can think of are the words that he just spoke to you, they were the exact same words that were etched on your wrist.

“You’re my soulmate?” You whisper as you point a finger towards Aomine, who just jumped back and looked at his wrist again.

“Y-You…” He stammered and you showed your wrist to him. He straightened up and laughed to himself. “I must be pretty lucky eh? I get a pretty hot soulmate.”

“W-What?” You stammer out as a blush covers your face.

“Well, my soulmate,” Aomine starts and he picks you up bridal style. “I think we should go somewhere where we are all alone.”

“W-Wait, what?!”

Kise: “Who are you?” // “This way!”

It was the end of the school day and you are walking down the calm hallway, after being given some assignments from your homeroom teacher, seeing as you are the class representative. The atmosphere around you was calm, until you heard a pair of trainers screech along the floor behind you. You are about to turn around to face the person who is running, but the said person grabs your arm and pulls you alongside him. You start to run next to him and want to protest, however you suddenly hear many footsteps behind you, and you soon realise that they are chasing after the person who you are running with.

“This way!” He shouts as he drags you around the corner and into an empty storage cupboard.

W-Wait! Those words… Those words were the words your soulmate was meant to say to you. Nevertheless, that thought is erased from your mind when the person wraps their arms around your waist and pulls you towards their chest. You reach over and close the door behind you and lock it. From the outside, you hear the group of girls run past the cupboard and you hear the person from behind you give out a sigh of relief.

“Who are you?” You question and squirm out of the person’s grasp and turn to face them.

“You mean, you don’t know me?” The person questions and your hand hovers around in attempt to find the light switch, however you accidentally poke the person , and instead they find the light switch and turn it on. When the light comes on, you see a very pretty boy with blonde hair holding onto your wrist. You try to pull away from him, however he turns your arm so your wrist is facing upwards.

“You’re my soulmate?” The person asks excitedly and you cannot help but smile at how happy he is, like a puppy. “I’m Kise Ryouta, but you can just call me Ryouta, seeing as we are soulmates.”

“(Y/N),” you say and blush.

“Aww, (Y/N)cchi is so cute! I’m so lucky to have such a cute soulmate!” Kise sings and he pulls you into a hug, which you are too shaken up by to return, nonetheless, Kise continues to hug you.

“Ah! I think we should be able to go now,” Kise comments and holds onto your hand as he leads you out of the cupboard. “So, where would you like to go?”

“Hold up! True, I am your soulmate, but that doesn’t automatically make me your girl/boyfriend,” you state and you giggle as you see Kise’s dumbfounded face.


“Just because you’re some popular person doesn’t make you win me over, you’re gonna have to find another way to win me over!~” You explain and begin to walk off, however Kise quickly follows behind you.

“You’re so mean (Y/N)cchi! But I will win you over, don’t worry about it!“

Kuroko: “I’m sorry!” // “Don’t worry about it.”

You happily skip your way into the Maji Burger; you just had a busy day at your part time job and now you wished to reward yourself with a vanilla milkshake. You walk up to the queue and wait, whilst doing so, you look down at your wrist and the words ‘Don’t worry about it’, are there. You look at the words curiously, what was your soulmate telling you not to worry? What were you going to do to him or her? You shrug your shoulders and take a step forward as the queue decreases.

Meanwhile, there is a light blue haired boy standing behind you who sees you looking at down your wrist, and that reminds him of his own. The words ‘I’m sorry’ are etched upon his.

“Hello and welcome to Maji Burger, what would you like to order?” The person at the counter asks and you smile at them as it is finally your turn in the queue.

“Please could I have a small vanilla milkshake?” You request and they nod as they take down the order.

“Anything else?” They ask and you shake your head in response. You wait a while before a vanilla milkshake is presented to you.

“Thank you,” you say as you accept the vanilla milkshake, as you are about to walk away, you accidentally walk into someone.

“I’m sorry!” You blurt out and you turn to face the person who you walked into to. You see a blue haired boy with a look of a reassurance on his features.

“Don’t worry about it,” the blue haired boy says and you are speechless. Did he just say the words that were on your wrist.

“Hello, I’m Kuroko Tetsuya, what is yours?” Kuroko questions.

“M-My name is (YF/N)(YL/N),” you reply and smile at him, Kuroko returns the smile and Kuroko nods over towards a spare table. And you follow him and both of you sit down at the table.

“You’re my soulmate,” Kuroko states and you giggle at how blunt he is, but also adorable at the same time.

“Yes, I guess so,” you say and you take a sip of your vanilla milkshake. Kuroko then points at you. “Hm?”

“You have a bit of vanilla milkshake on your face,” Kuroko says and you reach out to get a tissue, however Kuroko is already on the case and he reaches over to rub the vanilla milkshake off your face.

“Thank you,” you whisper and Kuroko smiles.

“It’s okay,” Kuroko says and you giggle again. “You are cute when you giggle.”

“Ha?” You stop giggling and instead you start blushing.

“I hope our future is going to be a good one, (Y/N)-san.”

“As do I, Tetsu-chan.”

Midorima: “That’s cute.” // “What? Nanadayo!”

Midorima is sitting in his classroom, with Takao across from him, watching Midroima taping his fingers. Whilst Midorima is taping his fingers, he sees the words on his wrist: ‘That’s cute.’ When Takao notices Midorima’s gaze linger on his wrist, he leans forward to see what it is.

“Aw! Shin-chan! Your soulmate is going to say such a cute thing to you! But what do you think they’re referring to?” Takao asks and he starts to giggle, which makes Midorima huff and pushes his glasses up.

“Don’t be ridiculous, all of this soulmate belief, is nothing compared to Oh Asa,” Midorima states and he presents a cute, fluffy rabbit toy and places it onto the table.

“Is that your lucky item of today? It sure is adorable,” Takao states and Midorima clears his throat.

“Well Oh Asa does say that cancers are the most luckiest today,” Midorima declares and Takao rolls his eyes, until he had a sudden brainwave.

“Couldn’t that mean you meet your soulmate today?” Takao questions and Midorima coughs.

“W-What?” Midorima stutters and Takao laughs.

“Well, first off, your sign has said to be the luckiest today and your lucky item is adorable, so possibly, your soulmate will come in and see your lucky item and bam! You meet them!~” Takao says and Midorima snorts.

“Takao, don’t be ridiculous,” Midorima says and after he finishes taping his fingers, he then proceeds to place it inside his bag, however he also knocks down the rabbit toy.

“Usagi-chan!” Midorima calls out as he watches his lucky item roll to the floor and land at someone’s feet; that person being you. You feel something ghost past your ankles and see the cute rabbit toy, you pick it up and look around to see Midorima, the ace of Shutoku, looking at the rabbit toy in your hand, so you make your way over.

“That’s cute,” you say as you hand Midorima the rabbit toy with a smile.

“What? Nanadayo!” Midorima replies as he takes Usage-chan from your hand and looks away flustered. Meanwhile, Takao was looking between you and Midorima.

“Wait! Doesn’t that mean you’re his soulmate?” Takao asks and you look down at your wrist, your eyes widening at the words.

“Eh, I guess so,” you confirm and grab a seat to sit on it. “I don’t think we have met, my name is (Y/N).”

“Shintarou, Shintarou Midorima,” Midorima introduces and he holds out his taped hand to you, which you shake.

“I may have overheard your conversation from earlier, please do forgive me for that, however I am curious as to what these lucky items are,” you say and Midorima pushes his glasses up as he is about to explain the whole concept, whilst looking at you and thinking how beautiful you are.

“Cancers and (Your Sign) will be the most luckiest today, and in some cases there will be the element of love in the atmosphere.“

Muraskibara: “I’ve never seen those. // “Share some with me.”

You are currently making your way towards the canteen as it is lunch. You look around and see that it is already quite full and curse your homeroom teacher for keeping you behind. You are about to leave, until you see a space next to the giant of Yosen and his friend; Muraskibara and Himuro. You slowly saunter over towards them and take a deep breath.

“Excuse me, please may I sit here?” You ask Himuro who turns to face you with a smile.

“Of course you can,” he replies and you nod thankfully and sit down next to him. Meanwhile, Muraskibara is eyeing you as you open your bento and get your chopsticks. Both Muraskiabara and Himuro note that your bento is very cute.

“Did you make that yourself…” Himuro trails off as he realises that he does not know your name.

“(Y/N). And yes I did,” you reply and Himuro nods with a smile.

“It’s very well made, isn’t it Atsushi,” Himuro says and Muraskibara shrugs his shoulders and he notices how you roll down your sleeves before eating, and he smiles slightly, thinking how cute it is. However when he looks at your wrists, he sees the words ‘Share some with me’. Ah, it’s the words of their soulmate. Muraskibara shrugs the thought away and presents a foreign snack. You stare at the snack and try to decipher the words on it, and after you figure out it is english, your interest perks up more.

“I’ve never seen those before,” you comment and Muraskibara looks at you and looks back down at his snacks.

“Share some with me,” Muraskibara offers and he pushes the snack towards you. As you take one and eat one, Muraskibara’s eyes widen as realisation hits him.

“Neh, so (Y/N)chin is my soulmate,” Muraskibara states and you look at your supposed soulmate with confusion.

“Huh?” You mutter and look down at your wrist. “Y-You are!”

Muraskibara raises his eyebrow at how excited you look and somewhere deep inside him, he feels happy.

“Now (Y/N)chin can share my snacks with me, how does that sound?” Muraskibara questions and you nod your head with a smile.

“That sounds good, Mura…” You are cut off when Muraskibara pushes the snack bag into your face.

“Atsushi,” Muraskibara states and luckily for him, because the snack bag is covering his face, you do not see him blushing.

“Okay, Atsushi!~” You sing and smile up at Muraskibara who pats your head with a smile also on his face.

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Could i have kissing headcanons for Kuroko, Kise, Kasamatsu, Takao and Izuki, please? Thanks and good luck with the new blog! :)


  • He likes to give his s/o goodbye kisses after a date or after he walks them home
  • He is quite reserved, his kisses are short and sweet and leaves you wanting more
  • His kisses get more passionate when you tease him
  • He adores nose kisses, giving and receiving


  • He would be all for kissing his s/o in public if they were okay with it. He sees it as marking his s/o as his.
  • During make out sessions, teasing him is impossible, he uses his copy ability to give his s/o kisses so passionate they make them weak at the knees
  • He’s a very attentive kisser, paying close attention to his s/o’s reactions
  • He loves receiving kisses on the cheek.
  • His kissing style is flexible, and depends on his partner


  • His first kiss with his s/o would be a little awkward due to both of their nerves
  • He will never initiate a french kiss, yet his kisses can get a little sloppy
  • His kisses are quite long and slow, as if he’s identifying each sensation that gradually drowns him.
  • He doesn’t realise the full extend of it, but most of his kisses are deep and sensual and leave his s/o breathless.


  • He loves teasing his s/o between kisses, telling them about how cute he finds their reactions before attacking their lips with bites and nibbles.
  • He always kisses his s/o on the forehead as a goodbye.
  • His kisses quickly go from gentle to passionate as he gets entranced by his s/o’s lips.
  • He’s very touchy-feely, his hands tend to wander the more he kisses his s/o.


  • He would try to play it cool when he kisses his s/o, cracking puns and trying to tease them, but the moment he presses his lips against his s/o he’s putty in their hands.
  • He’s not necessarily the most experienced kisser, but he is a natural who soon learns to make his s/o swoon.
  • His hand’s will often entangle themselves within his s/o’s hair or cup their face when they kiss
Kuroko no Basket Pairs in a Cooking Competion

The pairs for this competition are Kuroko/Kagami, Hanamiya/Imayoshi, Sakurai/Wakamatsu, Himuro/Murasakibara, Midorima/Takao Kise/Kasamatsu and Riko/Hyuga

Last Place: Riko and Hyuga

The judges took one glance at it and eliminated these two so fast it would make your head spin. Lets face it, Riko’s cooking is lethal.

Riko: I say this competition is rigged! why else would they eliminate us before even trying our dish!

Hyuga: *Thinking to self* Or maybe it’s the fact it looked and probably tasted like Okamura’s face.

Sixth Place: Himuro and Murasakibara

They made a good looking dish. So good looking that Murasakibara ate the whole thing. They didn’t have enough time to make another dish but yet, eating no food is still better than risking food poisoning from Riko.

Himuro: I just don’t understand how you could eat a whole cake in such short time

Murasakibara: Well, when you cover a frosted cake in powdered and brown sugar, your kinda asking for it to be put in someones stomach.

Fifth Place: Hanamiya and Imayoshi

They had a very conflicting dish. Very much alike yet, very different. With the conflicting flavors the judges found their dish not satisfying. It probably be better if they worked together and not spent their time trying to get in the others head to find out what they were doing with their dish.

Hanamiya: Knew your sour pork in the dish would ultimately fail us.

Imayoshi: Oh really, cause I only made sour pork because I knew how predictable the sweet pork you were going to make would be and how weak compared to my cooking it’d be.

Fourth Place: Midorima and Takao

Midorima is not much of a cooker so, pretty much he tested his luck and just grabbed random ingredients  to cook with and Takao just went along with it. Surprisingly it wasn’t bad but, wasn’t good so they got fourth place.

Takao: I got to say, Shin-chan, I never thought honey glazed wakame would put us in fourth place.

Midorima: You should see by now, Takao, to never doubt my luck. Even if I feel lucky cooking with a blow torch rather than a stove top.

Third Place: Kise and Kasamatsu

Kasamatsu decided to use a recipe and reapeted to Kise to follow it to the letter and with Kise glad he didn’t have to think of something on his own, he did. However, while their dish was good, Judges thought it was to by the books for them and lacked creativity.

Kasamatsu: I can’t believe it! Sense when is following the rules seen as weak! I’m so mad I think I need to kick something

Kise: Aww! Come on, Senpai! I followed what you said and your still going to kick me!

Second Place: Sakurai and Wakamatsu

For the runners-up, we have an amazing dish that was delicious as it looked. However, Sakurai did most the work and while Wakamatsu was happy to do prep work, they just could pull ahead of our winners.

Wakamatsu: Well, I guess second place is okay. Right Sakurai

Sakurai: Oh hell no! Second place, are you kidding me! We should have won!!

Wakamatsu: Wow, you get competitive when it comes to cooking.*Thinking to self* Esspecaly when it come to food shaped like teddy bears.

Winners: Kagami and Kuroko

They had the best dish by far, with Kuroko and Kagami together and they had solid team work. Even though they had trouble with Kagami bumping into Kuroko they still managed to pull through. Giving a dish to judges that were (and pardon me if this is cheesy) a slam dunk of flavor.

Kuroko: Even though we won together, I think Kagami-kun was the driving reason we won. I mean, he’s a really good cook.

Kagami: *Picks up Kuroko and whispers* If you mention this to anyone outside this contest I’ll kill you.

Kuroko: *silently* Can you stop being so tsudere sometime, Kagami-kun.