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Hi. Do you still remember your imagine HQXKNB crossover titled "When two worlds collide?" I really want a continuation for Kise's and Oikawa's rivalry. Pretty please? 🤗🤗🤗 (i'll ask for the others to be continued after another time)

…I have no clue why this came to mind first, dude. But enjoy???

When had you noticed that your two friends, Kise and Oikawa, had made a little competition out of who could impress you the most? Was it when Kise decided to show off his every growing popularity — which far exceeded Oikawa’s in every aspect — when his new modeling photographs had come out? Was it when Oikawa had effortlessly bumped basketballs into hoops using only his forearms — a feat you were sure even Kise’s copy ability couldn’t do — and made all the girls in the gym swoon after his accuracy? Or maybe it had been some other time when the two of them had crossed paths with you at the same time. You honestly couldn’t tell anymore.

All you knew is that you were now taking advantage of that fact and having a little fun.

Kise was beginning to look a little green in the face, his brows furrowed together as he tried to swallow what he had been chewing for the past three minutes. Taking a sip of his soda to help wash it down, he winced as he finally swallowed, a movement that looked almost painful. You could practically see his belly swelling a bit under his shirt from how fast he had eaten.

Oikawa was no better, looking ready to gag at any second as he forced down the bite he had taken — one that was bigger than what he had intended originally. He patted his chest, willing the food to go down his esophagus to what you were assuming was an already too full tummy.

Oh, how evil your torture was.

“I finished first,” Kise claimed, a hand in front of his mouth in a desperate attempt to hold back a belch that was threatening to burst forth. “I’m the winner.”

Oikawa scoffed. “No way, you finished seconds after I did. I win.”

They were going to start an argument again, you knew it, but you’d do nothing to stop them. After all, it was a little entertaining to see them like this. Picking up a fry, you nibbled at your meal at a much more reasonable pace.

All you had mentioned was that you liked a guy who could eat as quick as you because it made it easier to do more fun activities later. They were the ones who had taken that statement to heart, practically devouring every last bite of their meal within minutes just to impress. Neither of them noticed that you had yet to finish yours.

“Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick…” Kise muttered, eyes glancing over to the single stall bathroom at the back of the store.

Oikawa’s eyes followed, his stomach gurgling audibly. “I’m using it first,” he announced, standing.

“Over my dead body,” Kise countered, getting up seconds later to race Oikawa to the bathroom.

You only hoped they could make it in time before regurgitated burgers and fries painted the floor.

Title: Light in a Darkroom
Pairing: Aokise
Genre: Fluffs
Summary: Aomine likes to take pictures of everything, especially Kise Ryouta.

Submission for ohbirds and simplyfx’s Aokise fic contest

“Aominecchi is so talented!”

“Don’t try and flatter me, baka. I’m no where near as good as the professionals who photograph you all the time.”

Kise pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. “But I like Aominecchi’s pictures. They’re more… real." 

Aomine scoffed and returned the pictures to his portfolio. Ever since Kise had bought him his new, high-tech camera (something he accepted only after days of protest) he had been taking pictures non-stop. Of everything. Even he knew he was improving. 

He kept every single picture he took, comparing the old with the new. Kise saw them all. He always brought his newest portfolio to the blond and spread the photos out before him just to watch those golden eyes sparkle with excitement. Maybe it was a deliberate ego boost, but sometimes he needed it. Kise admired him, yes, but he was not beyond offering criticism where criticism was due. 

The blond was no photographer, but he had enough experience with the medium to know where improvements could be made. Sometimes his word choice got on Aomine’s nerves. He was certain Kise was insulting him in some way just to be the pain in the ass he naturally was. Despite his frustrations, he committed every word to memory, sifting through the tease to find the nugget of advice. 

Then he would bring more pictures and the process would start all over again. 


"Does Aominecchi show these to anyone else?" 


“Not even your parents?”

“Well, they see them sometimes when I visit. But I don’t go to them and show off.”

Kise face flushed and he beamed that thousand-watt smile. With the park as their setting, the freckled lighting that peered through the treetops glistening like diamonds in Kise’s golden hair, Aomine really wished he could pull out his camera and snap a picture. 

But that would be weird. He doesn’t need to know.

There were a select few pictures Aomine kept from Kise. He kept them from everyone. They made a home in the darkroom he’d built in the guest bedroom of his apartment. 

“Ah, I’m so happy! I’m the only one who gets to see these!” Kise hummed and rocked back and forth in his seat as he studied the new spread of pictures before him. 


Kise had a signature knock. Maybe it was better to say he was the only one who pounded on the door as if he were being pursued by a murderer. Even in the quiet solitude of his darkroom, Aomine could hear the incessant thundering coming from the apartment door. 

With a sigh, he switched off the safelight and backed out of the room. He was too distracted to notice that the door had not clicked shut behind him. 

“I’m coming already. Jeeze.” He grumbled, rubbing at his nape as he pulled open the door. “One of these days you’re gonna break it down, Ryouta." 

Kise barreled inside, ignoring the comment. It was a common complaint coming from Aomine. "But if I hadn’t knocked like that Aominecchi wouldn’t have heard me!" 

"It’s impossible not to hear you.” He chuckled. 

Kise huffed and made his way down the hall. “Did you even pack your bags?”

“I was just about to finish! Get your ass back in the living room." 

Kise returned to Aomine’s side with a petulant frown plastered to his face. "I thought you’d be ready to leave.”

Aomine reached out and ruffled the blond hair. “In a few minutes. The resort isn’t going to shut down if we’re late, baka.” He was just as eager as the blond to begin their little “romantic” getaway. He turned and made his way into his bedroom to finish packing the necessities for their long planned trip. 

Unable to sit still, Kise moved around the ace’s apartment. He had been here numerous times before, spent the night more times than he could count. Aomine’s home was as close to his own as any. As he paced, however, there was a door that caught his eye.

What is that? 

It seemed there was one room Kise had yet to discover. The door was propped open just a hair, but that was invitation enough for the blond. Kise stepped inside and was instantly bathed in darkness. He knew enough about photography to take an educated guess on what the room might be. He slowly closed the door behind him to avoid letting in too much light, only after his eyes had discerned the location of the safelight switch.

He tugged on the small chain that hung from the ceiling. The safelight flickered to life, offering only a dim glow, but it was enough for Kise to see what Aomine had been working on. The sight left him speechless, breathless even. Every picture that clung to the walls, hung from the lines, and bathed in chemicals–they were all pictures of him. Pictures of Kise laughing, of Kise eating, of Kise sleeping, of him in various states of undress, of him pouting, crying, complaining, playing basketball.

His fingers skimmed over the dry photographs. This was a side of him no photographer had ever captured before. All of his shoots were pre-planned, posed, fake. These pictures, all of these pictures were…

“Ryouta, what the hell are you doing in here?" 

Kise had been so enraptured he had noticed the bright light coming from the open door. Flinging himself around, he met the blazing eyes of the ace. "I… er… The door was open so I thought–”

“You thought that was an open invitation for you to waltz right in to someone’s private room?”

Kise’s face flushed and he averted his gaze to the floor. When Aomine put it like that, he felt nothing but shame. It was rather childish of him to assume that all open doors were meant for exploration. 

“I’m sorry, Aominecchi, but I was just…” He turned and glanced at all the pictures. “These are all–”


“When did you–”

“Obviously when you weren’t looking." 

"But how… why?”

“I see all your pictures in those damn photo books. They’re nice and all. I like them. Kinda. But I like these better.” He took a step inside the darkroom and closed the door behind him. Once more only the dim light from above was their only offered illumination. “These candid photos… they’re the real you.”

Kise bit his bottom lip and watched as Aomine’s dark eyes scanned across every photo on display. He watched as those lips quirked into a faint smile. 

“You don’t look like that when you laugh for a shoot.” He pointed at a picture of Kise laughing so hard he was clutching at his stomach, there were tears that clung to the corners of his eyes. “In those stupid seductive shoots you do, you don’t take clothing off like you do when you’re around me.” His fingers brushed across a picture of Kise with his head caught in the neck of a sweatshirt. “You don’t ever cry or pout in your photo shoots. I like all your faces, Ryouta, and I wanna preserve them.”

Kise took a step to the side and pressed his arm against Aomine’s. He was surprised, pleasantly so, when the ace laced their fingers together in a rare showing of affection. 

“These are beautiful.” Aomine whispered.

“Because Aominecchi took them.”

Aomine chuckled softly and shook his head. “Nah. Because you’re beautiful, Ryouta. You’re my light in this darkroom" 


It’s AoKise day today! YEAAAAAH >___<)/

I’m just so glad I fell in love with this pairing and because of them I were able to make really good memories and friends. ; 7 ;) Kise is also the reason I can even draw male at all lol   

Have a wonderful day everyone and keep on shipping AoKise!

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Kise's gf starts wearing knee high socks and Kise gets irrationally jealous because he thinks she's trying to match with Kasamatsu please!

“What do you think?” You asked Kise, showing off your legs clad in a pair of knee-high socks. They were pink and cute and you were rocking them. 

“Um, they’re nice,” Kise smiles but his tone is a little flat, much to your displeasure. 

“Excuse me,” you say, “they aren’t just nice. You’re supposed to tell me that I look like an angel or a cute little-”

“Or Kasamatsu-senpai. You look like Kasamatsu-senpai because he always wears those socks. _____cchi, I don’t like those socks.” 

“Ryouta,” you smirk, “you’re jealous of Kasamatsu-senpai because we wear the same kind of socks?”

“I might be.”

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gom+kagami+imayoshi's s/o asking them for swimming lessons since apparently they can't swim.

are you sure you wanna ask Kuroko?

^^KUROKO: He starts having PTSD flashbacks of when Riko held the training camp and he passed out in the pool. But seeing how important is was for you to learn how to swim, he gets in the water and does his best to teach you. “You only need to learn essentials.” He says, grateful he didn’t have to do laps.

KAGAMI: Doesn’t mind at all, surprised that you never learned how to do this before. When you’re in the water with him, he’s having trouble describing maneuvers, finding it easier to demonstrate. And while he looks good doing them, you’re still confused. “It’s not that easy, Kagami-kun!” You whined.

KISE: Brags about how he can hold his breath for minutes, and instead of properly teaching you other things, he tries to show off. Kise really is underwater for a long time, but by the time he loses his breath and surfaces, he looks light-headed. “See, ____cchi? Easy…” And then he falls over.

AOMINE: Would much rather teach you basketball or something he deems useful, but obliges anyways. After all, he got to give teasing touches all over your body in your swimsuit while disguising it as “adjusting your position”. You send him incredulous looks, but he only shrugs while telling you to listen to him.

IMAYOSHI: After his endless torrent of teasing you for being childish and not knowing how to swim, you eventually know how to do it. As Imayoshi watches you swim the entire length of the pool to him, he can’t hide his triumphant smile. You look somewhat confused. “I can’t believe… you taught me without any of your games.”

MIDORIMA: He teaches you in a very formulaic way, but his refusal to touch your bare skin is getting in the way. “Shintaro… it’s ok.” You told him, lifting your arms up so he could position you correctly in the water. He sighs, as if this was so difficult. “I-I refuse. If you’re gonna learn, do it yourself.” He shoots back.

MURASAKIBARA: Won’t even get in the water, but sits at the side of the pool. “Just tell me what you wanna know.” He says simply, as crumbs from his chips fall into the pool. You wade over to him, before a glint appears in your eyes. “____-chin, you better not–” Mura doesn’t finish, before you drag him into the water.

AKASHI: Is nothing but clinical and professional, as if this were a lesson you paid for. “After all, I can’t have you drowning on me.” He tells you. By the end of it, you know all the basics of swimming. You hug him against the side of the pool, saying it was actually fun to swim and he only smiles mysteriously.

28. Kiss in the Rain

“Just give it back, Ryouta. You know I’m going to catch you.”

Kise shook his head and shouted, “I’ll give it back if you promise to delete the pictures when I do.” 

Aomine snorted. The sound was loud enough for Kise to hear, even across the deserted park. “I’ll delete them after I save them on my computer, baka.” He took off toward the blonde again. 

Kise was already a step ahead, weaving through the small groupings of trees. The camera slapped against his leg in the pocket of his gym shorts. He had been modeling a pair of Midorima’s glasses in the locker room, and then a toying with Akashi’s scissors. He’d even taken a snack or two from Murasakibara and offered that same bored expression that giant gave whenever munching on his endless bags of goodies. He had been messing around to cheer up the ace after an argument with his father. While Kise had earned the smile and the laugh he was searching for, he had also ended up with a camera full of embarrassing photos. He knew that if the other members of the Generation of Miracles were to find out about these, they would seek him out and he didn’t want to know what they would do to him. 

Aomine’s promises to keep the photos to himself were borderline empty. He might not show some of the racy pictures, but the teasing ones he would definitely show off just to get a good laugh out of the other’s expressions. Kise would be damned if he let the ace do that. 

“You can keep the ones you won’t show off!" 

Kise glanced over his shoulder and found the ace was no where in sight. He kept moving, golden eyes darting from side to side, head whipping back and forth. He’d lost Aomine, but he knew that the ace was not actually lost. In all actuality, Aomine was faster than Kise. He was, at times, sharper than Kise. He was more calculating than Kise, and he knew this park like the back of his hand. It was the park near his home, after all.

"Oh…" Oh shit.

He heard the soft “heh” even before he heard the heavy footfalls gaining on him. He tried to dodge to the side, knowing Aomine would come up from behind. The ace was already reading his every move, watching every twitch of his muscle. He anticipated the direction Kise would move before the thought had even finished crossing the blonde’s mind.

The impact was jarring, even more so when they hit the ground. Kise groaned and tried to pull away, but Aomine rode him down. Strong legs braced at his sides and squeezed his hips as a wandering hand found its way into the deep pocket. 

The way he held the camera, with that triumphant grin, made Kise squirm and whine. The complaint was already on the tip of his tongue, but as he opened his mouth to speak the sound was stolen by a clap of thunder. He froze and directed wide eyes toward the darkening sky. 


"I’ve got the camera, Ryouta. I’m going to do what I want with these pictures.” He leaned back and rested his bottom against Kise’s legs. The camera pinged as it turned on and he thumbed through the pictures, his grin widening with every one that flashed on the screen. “I can see why you’re a model.” He paused at a particularly suggestive picture of Kise sprawled out against the locker room bench. His jersey bunched up at his midsection, exposing a pale line of his tight stomach. Midorima’s glasses slipped off the tip of his nose, lids at half mast as he licked his lips in a manner far too sensual for the locker room. “You really know how to work the camera, don’t ya?”

“I already told you that.” Kise shifted his hips below Aomine and tried to get a leg up to push the ace off. “Get off, baka! It’s gonna start raining!" 

"A little rain never hurt anyone, Ryouta." 

The first drop fell, hitting Kise right in between his golden eyes. He flinched and grimaced. After one, they all came. In a matter of seconds, they were drenched. Aomine’s dark blue hair conformed to his head, the scant bangs that he had drooped down against his forehead. Kise’s golden locks fanned out around him, and the pout on his pink lips made Aomine snap another picture before pocketing the camera to avoid water damage.


Aomine smirked and pressed his hands into the wet, muddy grass on either side of Kise’s head. “I think I’m allowed to take pictures of what’s mine, don’t you?” 

The cloud cover wasn’t enough to shade the red that colored Kise’s cheeks. He turned his face to the side and felt the warm press of Aomine’s lips against the line of his throat. “Then how about you show me what’s yours, Aominecchi?”

The deep chuckle made Kise turn his face toward the ace once more.

"My pleasure, Ryouta." 

A kiss in the rain was everything his imagination made it out to be and more. Kise’s body arched into Aomine’s as he felt the cold water drip from those short strands. His hands mapped the muscles of the ace’s back through the wet fabric of his shirt. It clung to every inch of his alluring body and brought a faint groan from Kise’s lips. 

Aomine pulled back with another deep, warm chuckle. “We’d do this in rain more often if I knew you were going to react like that.” 

"We can do more." 

"What? Really?”

Kise could practically see the excitement swim through those dark orbs. Exhibitionist.

“Lots more.” He rolled his hips upward for added emphasis. 

“Lots…” Aomine groaned and bent to steal another kiss. 

The gentle press of Kise’s fingers against his lips stopped him.

“But only if you promise to delete the embarrassing pictures.”

Dammit, Ryouta.


kise likes showing off his basketball skills