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GoM, himuro and takao reacting to their s/o falling asleep and accidentally leans on their teammate's shoulder on a train scenario? Thanks in advance!

Kuroko: There was a strong bond of trust between himself and his teammates, so Kuroko didn’t really mind when you had fallen asleep against Kiyoshi’s shoulder. Quite the contrary, he felt a little bad for you. The second year was much taller than Kuroko was, so you had ended up craning your neck in your sleep. He’d be willing to help you out with the kinks if it was sore later on.

Kise: You could have fallen asleep on literally any other person’s shoulder and Kise would have been fine, but the fact that you’d fallen asleep on Moriyama’s shoulder bothered him the most. He felt a twinge of jealousy every time you unconsciously nuzzled his teammate’s shoulder. The least Moriyama could do was look a little more guilty, damn it!

Aomine: Had it been anyone else, Aomine would have woken you up before pulling you closer to his side, but he was pretty sure he could trust Sakurai not to do anything weird. He let you be, sleeping against the timid boy’s shoulder as he tried desperately not to move a single muscle lest you wake up. Aomine ended up falling asleep himself, practically draping himself over you.

Midorima: The glare that Midorima was sending Takao’s way could practically set fire, it was that intense. Takao was staring back with wide, panicked eyes, his body rigid and he tried not to wake you up from your impromptu nap. Midorima wasn’t sure what would be more upsetting; leaving you to lean against Takao while you slept or waking you so you could move away from him.

Takao: Quietly pulling out his cellphone, Takao snaps a picture of you leaning up against Miyaji. Eyes closed and mouth open, you were drooling all over his shoulder and the older male was having a hard time restraining himself from yelling at you to wake up. Takao thought the entire situation was hilarious, doing his best to keep the volume of his laughter to a minimum.

Murasakibara: Jutting his lower lip out in a pout, Murasakibara glared in Fukui’s direction. He wanted so desperately to bring your cheek away from his teammate’s shoulder, but he knew just how tired you were. It’d do neither of you any good if he woke you up just to get you to lean closer to him. Instead, Murasakibara settled for making childishly jealous grunts the entire ride.

Himuro: It was a little funny to see you sleeping against his captain’s shoulder, your face peaceful and quiet compared to the embarrassingly vibrant blush screaming across Okamura’s face. Himuro took the situation in good stride, understanding that you couldn’t quite control where you fell asleep with how exhausted you were.

Akashi: As if the entire train car could sense the murderous intent rolling off Akashi in waves, the people present were silent. He was glaring in your direction, but instead of his eyes fixating themselves on the spot where your cheek met Mayuzumi’s shoulder, they were targeting the spot where Mayuzumi’s cheek met the top of your head. Bastard probably wasn’t even really asleep…

I love how Takao always smiles at Midorima


Even though Midorima is 100% with Takao most of the time…

There are those little moments when you can see him smile back

Even if Takao usually can’t see it, his precious shin-chan is actually looking out for him as well

marry someone who looks at you like Takao looks at Midorima