kisa art

mpuzzlegirl  asked:

*shy wave* could I ask for Kisara and Odion in 2B pose?

Soo I may or I may not have slightly deviated from the initial pose reference but the art was practically drawing itself before I realized it, so… yeah… here you go xD I hope you enjoy it nevertheless! 

My seconds cousins (ages 5 & 7) constantly beg me to give them my lineart for them to colour. Thinking my sketchbooks are coloring books. Now since I’m lazy and like to keep copies of my line art when I can (hence why they think I have “colouring books”) I decided to draw a “coloring page” of Invader Zim for them in Photoshop.

They really wanted me to draw Gaz and Zim for them… But, they wanted Gaz reading a book and Zim cuddling her (because they saw a smeet drawing I did of Zim, not because they are into GaZr). Since I don’t do out of character stuff for people that don’t pay me (including & especially children/family I bought sketchbooks for, to draw in themselves), I told them I’d make them a colouring page, but they will be doing things I want… (also their request was complex as they wanted other things in  the page as well…)

I decided to upload it here, as it is a free colouring page. So enjoy!