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why is he the way he is

Do you think the Jedi Council has ever gotten completely and utterly smashed together??? Like, does Yoda call a meeting one day during the Clone Wars, declare that “something fun, we need to do. Too dark lately, our lives have been.” And then pull out an absurd amount of alcohol??? Did the other council members ever learn that challenging Obi Wan Kenobi to a drinking competition is a Mistake to be avoided at all costs??? I need to know

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(I’m not 100% sure if this is in or out of character, I’m really out of it sorry @-@ but I know it’s abt the emerge trip) I’m doing okay!

So I posted something last night from mobile, which was the last thing I posted before I let myself fall asleep, and it apparently got eaten by mobile tumblr and therefore never posted..

I was finally sent home on ‘one condition’, I was basically to be watched and that any signs of any more pain more severe than I had constantly through the day) and I had to go right back to emerge and prob. right into actual emergency care and such. They wanted me to be able to go home, cause I’d been there for close to 10 hours and my dad, Ki and I were all very exhausted.

Thankfully I made it safely through the night and so no more emergency for me. I am still in the same pain as I was all throughout yesterday but it isn’t ‘urgent’ and can just make an appointment with my family doctor now.

Interesting thing though. They had no idea what was wrong with me but they did find something totally unrelated. Turns out I have a benign cyst on my liver. Strange. No one’s worried though, says to get it re-checked in 6 months but I should be fine.

Anyway. I’m home. I’m resting. I probably won’t be doing art till my pains settle down, so it could be anywhere from this evening to like a week if it’s persistent. I’m sorry.. ://

But hey, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE ABSOLUTE AMAZING SUPPORT And holy shit the followers I got? I think I ended up gaining 20ish followers yesterday alone.. o-o Thank you!!!!!!

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Hi!!! I need Saeyoung fluff in my life, one weekend with his sons, playing outside or traveling, just the boys, how would he handle taking care of them without MC? Just some family fluffiness 😻😻😻

This was so much fun to write! Thanks Anon! I hope it fulfills all your fluffy Weredad desires.

“Hey dad! Ki got tangled up in the fishing line again!” Gyeong chortled. Laughing at his brother.

“Why don’ you help him then?” Saeyoung yelled at him from the truck. He was pulling out the cooler filled with food MC had sent with them. She didn’t believe they could catch enough to keep themselves fed. He was tempted to overturn it, but, he was more afraid if she was right that she would be extremely angry with him for letting their sons starve. He sighed and yanked it towards the camp site.

“Because it’s too funny watching him!”

Ki had somehow gotten the hook of the line stuck to the back of his shirt and was turning around in circles as if he could catch it eventually. Saeyoung watched his youngest son and shook his head, he looked just like a cat. He shoved Gyeong on the shoulder and gave him a disapproving look. He couldn’t be too mad however, Gyeong was so much like him that every time he did something MC would get mad at Saeyoung more than at Gyeong. And he was merciless when it came to teasing his brother.

Saeyoung stopped his son’s circling and detached the hook from the back of his shirt. He took the pole and set it down.

“God, you’re such an idiot!” Gyeong shot at his brother.

Saeyoung took the Gameboy from Gyeong, “Don’t call your brother an idiot!” he said, turning away and stowing the electronic device in his bag.

“Why not? Saeran calls you that all the time!” Gyeong flung at him.

Saeyoung sighed, teenagers! He turned back around to his boys. “Saeran earned the right to call me that. You and your brother have a very different life than we did.” Saeyoung tossed his bag into the tent he had set up. He sat on the cooler and looked at his sons.

“We know, we know!” Gyeong sat on a log, his arms crossed in front of him, staring into the fire they had all helped to build.

Saeyoung and MC had decided that they were not going to keep their children from knowing the truth about their past. The boys knew about the twin’s abusive mother and absent father, they knew about the time Saeran had been in Mint Eye, although not all of the gory details. They wanted them to know how special their lives were, and what a blessing it was to have two parents that not only loved them, but that loved each other. On top of that, they also had the added benefit of the pack and their Uncles. Not to mention the entire RFA. Saeyoung shook his head, he wondered if any other children in the world were as lucky as his. Had they the need, they could call on the capable abilities of Jaehee, the star power of Zen, and the money and influence of Jumin. Although he hoped they would never be in such dire need. He wanted his children to have a blessed life. A good life. A happy life.

“How come mom didn’t come? Or Uncle Saeran and Yoosung?” Ki asked, digging a hole in the dirt with a stick.

“Well, I wanted it to be just us. We don’t spend a lot of time alone together.” Saeyoung said.

“I like being in the pack.” Gyeong chimed in.

“I do too. It’s just, I wanted to hang out with my sons for a few days. Something wrong with that?” he asked, eyebrows raised. “Besides, you guys love camping, why the sad faces?”

Ki shrugged, “I miss mom.”

“And uncle Searan said he would teach me to hunt the next time we went into the woods.” Gyeong whined.

“I miss mom too, but, we can have fun together right? And, I can teach you how to hunt just as well as Saeran.” Saeyoung was affronted.

Gyeong rolled his eyes.

“Look, I know for you two life seems to be passing by infinitely slowly. But for me, and your mom, it’s going by way too fast! Gyeong, you’ll be going off to university soon and Ki, you’re almost into high school. Soon enough you will both be gone and, well, I’m going to miss you. I want to spend as much time with you while I can.”

Gyeong sighed, but said nothing. He knew he was lucky. Luckier than most kids he knew whose parents were divorced, or who physically or verbally abused them. Even kids with families in tact weren’t as lucky as he was. He didn’t like to disappoint his parents, and he kind of felt bad for making his dad sad, but he couldn’t help it. He figured it had something to do with hormones, whatever reason, he vowed to try really hard and make this weekend enjoyable for his father, even if he himself was miserable.

“Come on guys! This is supposed to be fun! Let’s go fishing!” Seayoung clapped his hands and rubbed them together. He stood up and grabbed his pole and the tackle box. Gyeong reluctantly stood and grabbed his own pole, Ki being the last to get up with his. He held it gingerly out. He liked fishing, but, he was rather clumsy. He’d once somehow gotten the hook stuck in Gyeong’s ear. His father had had to pull Gyeong off him that time. Although he hadn’t really hurt Ki that much. He knew how to pull his punches, as a werewolf, Gyeong was much stronger than Ki.

Helping Ki get the worm on his hook and casting out, far away from Gyeong, out on the dock, Saeyoung turned to his older son, who had already cast out himself. He stood next to him, but far enough away that their lines wouldn’t cross. They stood in silence. Saeyoung could feel the boys’ mind whirling away a mile a minute. They were so much alike, but, Saeyoung had never gone through the typical teenaged stage. He had already been on his own and making a lot of money. His childhood was riddled with pain, and missions.


“Uh huh?”

“When, when did you know you loved mom?”

Oh, shit, it was this conversation? They’d spoken about sex, Saeyoung had no problem talking about it with his son, there were few secrets about it when you lived in a pack, but, love was completely different.

“Well, actually, I am ashamed to say that I pushed by feelings for your mother down. I pushed her away.”

“Why?” Gyeong was genuinely curious.

“Because I was an idiot!” he laughed at himself. Gyeong chortled.

“No, I, I thought it was safer for her if she didn’t have feelings for me. If she loved someone else.”

“Wow, that really was stupid.”

“Yes, yes it was, but, luckily for me, she was smarter. She just wouldn’t let me push her away, and when I finally gave in, I was flooded with so much emotion, so many feelings I’d never let myself hope for. It was overwhelming. Love? I didn’t know if it was love, but, at some point, she’d become something I couldn’t live without.”

“Is she, is she the only person you ever loved like that?”


“What about when you were my age? Did you ever have feelings for someone?”

“When I was your age I was hacking for the agency Gyeong. I didn’t have the time or the inclination for those kinds of feelings. It was something I knew I would never have, so, I tried not to think about it.”


“Why all the questions suddenly? You like someone?” Saeyoung tried not to grin, letting his son take his time.

Gyeong shrugged. “Maybe. It’s just, well, with what I am…how did mom react?”

“Your mom was different even in that. She’s a werecat, so, it was something that she could easily accept. But, I’d be lying if I told you she wasn’t a little afraid when she found out. Gyeong, you know you can’t tell anyone! Not even someone you like, or think you love, not until…”

“I find my mate?” Gyeong finished.


“I know, but, that means that any girl I like right now I’d have to lie to.”

“It isn’t lying Gyeong. The person you fall in love with will know everything about you, they will become part of the pack, whatever they may be. Werewolf, human, whatever! But until then.”

“I understand.”

There was silence between them, but it was a comfortable silence.

“Thanks dad. I love you.” Gyeong muttered.

Saeyoung grinned, but turned away from his son, feeling the sting of happy tears in his eyes.

“I LOVE YOU TOO!” Ki screamed at them from right behind. Gyeong almost dropped his pole into the river. He threw it on the deck and growled at Ki. Ki’s eyes widened and he shoved his pole at Saeyoung and took off in a sprint. Gyeong bellowing behind him.

Saeyoung just laughed and went back to his own fishing, the sounds of his sons in the background.

Werewolf AU

  • Ki-bo: Oh! A machine that serves food to humans, how lovely. Now my friend, would you mind handing over a snack or two so that I can give it to my creator?
  • Vending Machine:
  • Ki-bo: Oh, you must be a shy type of person.
  • Vending Machine:
  • Ki-bo: Hellooo?
  • Vending Machine:
  • Ki-bo: Did I say something wrong?
  • Vending Machine: (recorded voice) Please insert coin.
  • Ki-bo: Huh? So you demand money from a fellow robot? But I want to give it to a hum-
  • Vending Machine: Please insert coin.
  • Ki-bo: How dare you! You are serving humans, why would you demand payment?! You greedy machine!
  • Vending Machine:
  • Ki-bo: That's it. I've had enough of you! If you won't hand it over to me, I'll get it myself!
  • - later -
  • Iidabashi: So that's how your arm got stuck in the vending machine?
  • Ki-bo: But dad! He started the fight!
Five Times Sun Bak Fought For Her Family

Rating: Teen
Fandom:  Sense8
Ships:  Canon References to Sun/Mun
Characters: Sun, Sun’s Teacher, Joong-Ki, Sun’s Dad, Detective Mun, Mentions of Wolfgang and the Cluster


If there’s one thing Sun knows how to do, it’s fight for her family.

(Written for #SunAppreciationDay for #9DaysofSense8. #BringBackSense8, etc etc. Please contact me if you haven’t seen the petition to renew the show yet.)

Notes:  Not sure where this came from, but uh, enjoy?


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au where the age difference between Kagami and Aomine is a few years more, Kagami being in middle school while Aomine is in elementary school. Aomine has a major crush on Kagami, plays basketball with him, and says that he's gonna drink a lot of milk so he can grow really tall so he can date Kagami. Kagami, finding it cute, agrees that if Aomine's taller than him when he's older he'll go out with him. Cue years later and Aomine is now a hot, tall highschooler who hasn't forgotten his promise.

This has some time skips! Also, last drabble of the year folks!! I’m glad I got at least this much done before I say goodbye for the year :D Thanks for all your support and I’ll be back in January!

“Taiga-nii, let’s play!”

Taiga looked up from his Japanese homework. “Hey Daiki, did Mum let you in?”

“Yep,” the little kid grinned toothily, coming inside Taiga’s room and placing a basketball on Taiga’s table, folding his arms over it. “So…let’s play!” Aomine Daiki was his neighbour, three years younger than him and just starting elementary. He shared Taiga’s passion for basketball and Taiga was more than happy to play together with him. He was always smiling, the perfect picture of happiness and innocence.

“I’ve got a test next week,” Taiga laughed when Daiki pouted. “Okay, okay, but just one game.”

Daiki beamed. “Don’t go easy on me!”

Taiga ruffled his hair. “Never!”


“Taiga-nii, I want to hold your hand.”

Taiga shifted his backpack straps, looking down curiously at Daiki as the two of them walked home. “Aren’t you a little old for that?”

“Not like that,” Daiki huffed, pointing at a couple further down and across the street. “Like that!”

Taiga blinked, chuckling. “That’s because they’re dating. So they’re all lovey-dovey with each other.”

Daiki scrunched up his nose. “I know that! I’m saying…” his cheeks grew a little pink. “I’m saying I want to do that with you.”

Taiga blinked. “Uh…what?”

Daiki kicked at the ground. “I like spending time together, and doing things we both like together. And eating together and watching TV together… That’s what people who like each other do right?”

Taiga coughed, feeling his face warm with embarrassment. Isn’t he only twelve…? Kids these days know everything! “Uh, yeah, I guess, but with us…it’s different…”

Daiki scowled, and his eyes were slightly glassy. “Is it because you don’t like me?”

Taiga wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulders and pulled him closer. Aww, he’s so cute, I guess I can humour him a little bit. “No, of course I like you! It’s just…uh…” Taiga racked his brain. He snapped his fingers. “Well, you have to be older! And taller! Yeah. If…if you want to date me, you’ve got to be taller than me.”

Daiki nodded in understanding. “So, that means if I get taller, I can date you, right?”

No harm done. He’ll never be taller than me anyway. “You bet!” Taiga grinned.

“Then…then I’ll drink lots of milk, and I’ll get taller than you, and then we can date and be all lovey-dovey!” Daiki said it with the same determination he showed when he played basketball. Taiga couldn’t hold back his laughter as they went home, a little skip in Daiki’s step.


“You can’t go!”

“Daiki, stop behaving like a child,” Taiga crossed his arms, refusing to meet the other’s gaze. He felt arms wrap around his waist and a face press against his back. Daiki had gone through a growth spurt, now just starting middle school when Taiga was entering high school and reaching Taiga’s chin.

“But…if you go to America, who’ll play basketball with me?” the voice murmured into his shirt.

Taiga sighed, turning around in Daiki’s arms and hugging him tightly, feeling the burn of tears in his eyes. “I’m only going for high school, I’ll be back before you know it. I know you’ll meet great people, and play lots of basketball. And I’ll always be here for you, just a phone call away.”

“Okay,” Daiki sighed, pulling back and smiling up at him. “When you come back, I’ll be taller than you. And then I’m taking you out for sure.” Then he leaned up and pressed his lips lightly against Taiga’s cheek. “Well, I got to go to school, but I’ll see you off at the airport!”

Taiga stood there silently, working hard to keep his blush down.


“Too easy?”

“Yeah,” the voice on the other end sounded…bored. “It’s not even a challenge anymore. It’s like…basketball is losing its…fun.”

Taiga sat up straight, closing his textbook. “Say that again.”

Daiki was silent for a beat. “Uhm, well, I just don’t think it’s fun…”

“Who are you and what have you done with Daiki?” Taiga snapped into the receiver. “Honestly, I’ve been gone for a little over a year, and you’re already like this? Was your love of basketball so weak that just because you got good at it, you’re gonna suddenly lose interest?”

“I-I…” Daiki stuttered.

“I’m gonna come back soon, and I’m gonna wipe the courts with your ass, so you’re gonna realise just how much you’ve still got to learn,” Taiga said, his voice strong. “So don’t go telling me that you’re too good! There will always be someone better than you out there, and that’s why you’ve gotta keep trying hard and having fun. Don’t get deluded, and don’t lose your passion,” his voice softened. “After all, isn’t basketball the special thing that we do together? What will I do if you don’t want to play when I return?”

“I’ll always play with you.” Taiga heard a smile in Daiki’s voice. “…you know, I’m 185cm now. How tall are you?”

Taiga smirked. “You’ve still got a way to go, brat! And remember to keep playing. I’m here for you.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure, old man,” Aomine snorted.

“Well, it’s late, so I’m gonna go to bed,” Taiga glanced at his wall clock.

“Okay, good night, Taiga.”

Taiga licked his lips, not mentioning the lack of honorific. Why am I feeling so giddy, hearing him say my name? “Good night, Daiki.”


Taiga scowled as he tried to unlock his front door. He wasn’t used to such cold after living in Los Angeles for nearly three years, his breath clouding in front of him and his hands shaking to get the key in the lock.

“Just…fit…” Taiga was excited. He hadn’t told Daiki he was coming today, and he wanted to settle in a little before surprising his childhood friend. But the key…wouldn’t…

“You need help with that?” a husky voice said behind him and Taiga turned around, squinting against the streetlights as a tall silhouette with long limbs walked towards him.

“Ah, no, I’m…fine…” his voice trailed off as the face became clearer. An arm braced itself on the door near Taiga’s head and navy eyes shone with a mixture of warmth and amusement. A handsome face with pronounced cheekbones smirked slyly down at him. “D…Dai…ki?”

“Your dad spilled the beans and told me you’d be here today,” Daiki said in a voice that was a lot deeper than it had been three years ago. His face was close enough that Taiga could feel warm breath on his lips. Taiga’s hands weren’t shaking from the cold anymore. In fact, he was feeling rather hot. “And would you look at that…” Daiki stood up straight, his eyes raking over Taiga slowly. “I think I’ve got an inch on you.”

Taiga licked his lips and saw Daiki’s almond shaped eyes follow the movement. “Ah, yeah…you do…”

“I hope you haven’t forgotten our promise,” Daiki leaned in close again. “Because I’ll never forget.”

His soft lips pressed against Taiga’s, and Taiga’s hands gripped his jacket automatically, eyes fluttering. Daiki slowly forced Taiga’s mouth open with his tongue and Taiga didn’t know where he learnt this shit, but that small spark of jealousy was soon squashed when Daiki moaned in his mouth.

“Fuck,” Taiga breathed.

He felt Daiki smirk against his lips. “Isn’t that moving a little fast? But if you want to…”

Taiga slapped him on the chest, feeling his face burn as Daiki laughed.

His appearance may have changed, but his personality sure hadn’t.

And Taiga loved it.

The lack of Bob/Linda art in this fandom disappoints me. I know that shippers don’t usually give as much attention to the characters who are already established as married, but I love these two so much. They’re probably my OTP out of the whole series, haha. I’m really curious about how they met and what their early relationship was like. 

I was sort of picturing this little scene. They’re both in their early 20’s and Bob is still working in his father’s diner. 

Linda: C'mon Bobby, let’s dance!

Bob: Oh… I… really don’t dance. And I have to finish mopping the floor or else my dad will ki… 

Linda: *Jumps up on the counter and grabs his hand* Come ooon; you’re closed! It’ll be fun!

Bob: Lin! I just washed that! My Dad will kill us when he gets back! 

Linda: Just one dance! 

Bob: *Looks around* Oh, all right. Just one. But I have two left feet and I… WOAH. Lin… I-I didn’t know you were that strong! Heh… 

The song that’s playing is Badlands by Bruce Springsteen. Because, they’re canonically from New Jersey and what more reason do you need? Not that he’s my favorite artist of all time or anything.