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Re: The Unhealthy Side of Zeki

I’ve accidentally lost this post once already after almost finishing it, so I’m just going to apologize in advance for if there’s lack of clarity anywhere and say that anyone is more than welcome to ask me to elaborate if necessary. Initially when I woke up this morning I fully intended on writing my chapter meta before enjoying the rest of the day outside, but after seeing the disagreements over @getoffthesoapbox’s post here, I felt the need to address that instead because I think a lot of people are missing the point of her concerns and are getting hung up on the way she personally feels about them instead. Her personal feelings, whether you agree with them or not, do not detract from the issues that she has brought up, and in fact I brought up some of the same issues just last chapter.

I’m going to place the rest of this post behind a cut, but I hope that those who were bothered by @getoffthesoapbox’s post will take the time to read it before just writing it off because of a difference of opinion.

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Do you think Zero and Yuki eventually married?Personally I don't think so because I like to think Yuki wants her first wedding to be with Kaname and now that he's dead she chooses not to marry And two,she's a Kuran Queen,Ai is the princess now I guess,like what Zero is going to take the Kuran name?Yuki can't take the Kyriu name,the whole marriage just won't work

Hello, dear anon!

I deeply apologize for this long awaited response - we’ve all been terribly busy this year and it gets harder for us to predict when we’ll be free. But due to all our supporters like yourself, we will put in more effort into making this blog active like it used to be. Thank you for being patient with us.

You know, I personally haven’t paid much attention to the notion of a marriage between Zero and Yuuki. It’s exactly as you’ve said it, anon: “the whole marriage just won’t work.”

Yuuki is not only a Kuran, but the pureblood Queen. Her bloodline is the thickest of pureblood blood and because of that, her relatives/ancestors before her ruled monarchy amongst all vampires. You could say that they are the most important vampires on the vampire chain. For Yuuki to change her surname would not only cause an uproar (could be considered disrespectful), but essentially it would change the future of the name Kuran bloodline to the Kiryuu bloodline (Like how Ai is a Kuran, she would go to being a Kiryu and so forth.)

Following that, for Yuuki to take on Zero’s last name would be like discarding a part of Kaname away, (and essentially herself) because he is the Kuran ancestor. Yuuki holds Kaname very dear to her heart and considering her own identity, I just don’t see Yuuki ever taking on the Kiryu name. And it’s almost common sense that Zero would never take on the Kuran name. I think we can all agree that we just don’t see that happening (unless Hino dements him).

And lastly, the most obvious is just look at how long it has taken for Yuuki to even consider dating Zero (50+ years). And even when they started dating, they had NO progression in which the only thing Yuuki wanted to do with him were things that they had always been doing as childhood friends - except holding hands was new, but c’mon… Yuuki didn’t even remember that they had held hands until Zero brought it to her attention, pfft. Marriage? The mere thought is laughable. I’m sure it would take twice the lifespan of Haruka and Juuri before they ever considered marriage. The facts are there: Yuuki loves Kaname more and considering how she would have wanted to marry him instead as they were in the engagement stage - I think that marrying Zero would be out of the question. It would be too painful for Yuuki to push herself that far as her heart wouldn’t be ready for that either (if ever).

All in all, I agree with everything you said, anon. Please come again!

- @kingkanamekuran

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What do you think about his tattoo not being so noticeable almost as if it's fading

Hi, anon!

My guess is that Hino’s art style is changing. If you’ve noticed, especially with the newest Zero art cover, the colors she chose are a bit more subtle. None of the colors are out there and extreme. It’s much softer and blends together with the image nicely. There are no super hard lines differentiating each object and she uses shading mostly in place of it. As a result, her depiction of Zero’s tattoo is not as harsh and lighter in color.

But of course, Hino could just be trolling me and all of us and she has a specific reason lolol ANyway - that’s just my opinion from an artistic perspective.

Thanks for the ask!

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I really love reading your analysis for VK. :) You really tried to view the character objectively and isn't blinded by your love for one ship against the other. Mind if I change gears a little from Yume and Zeki? I want to hear your thoughts about Ichiru. Despite his flaws, I felt a lot of sympathy for Ichiru, and got upset when he died when he finally reconciled with Zero. T_T He was pretty tragic character, I think. Also, if Ichiru had lived, what would you like to see from him in the series?

Aww well thank you, I appreciate that. We all have our bias but I try to acknowledge mine when I can lol and look outside it if possible. I definitely don’t mind if you switch gears, I know I (and others) talk a lot about the trio and the love triangle but that’s mostly because Hino doesn’t give us much choice and chooses to focus so much on it. But I love other aspects of the series too and enjoy talking about them.

I… had mixed feelings about Ichiru. When he died, I was sad, but I don’t know that I was sad for Ichiru so much as I was sad for Zero? I feel like Ichiru is a pretty twisted guy and I’m not sure there was ever going to be any chance of salvation for him from that. His biggest issue is that he wanted to be together with Zero forever, and as a kid, that just meant doing the same things Zero did, and being by his side. Learning that their parents wanted to split them up was so unforgivable to him that he fostered a resentment toward them that pushed him into Shizuka’s arms, and pushed him to conspire their murder with her. Was it because he was manipulated, or because secretly he wanted to get rid of anyone who would keep him from Zero? I don’t know, and truthfully it’s been long enough since I read those chapters that I don’t really remember what all was said about the situation. I believe it was implied he was manipulated by Shizuka, but that (I believe) was implied by Zero himself, who may never have understood Ichiru’s true feelings, much like Yuuki never understood Kaname’s. 

The thing with Ichiru though is he obviously learned to live without Zero, although he arguably swapped one codependent relationship for another, so I’m not sure that he necessarily learned to live for himself. And that kind of is the tragedy of his character, I guess, that he didn’t want to live for himself. If he did, he would have seen what his parents said about how training wasn’t working out for him because he was weaker, and he would have done something he was actually good at and interested in for himself. But he didn’t want that, because so much of his identity was wrapped up in being Zero’s other half, and he refused to try and find an identity of his own outside of that. Again, that’s where I see a lot of similarities between Kaname and Ichiru, because Kaname did the same thing with Yuuki. 

I think if Ichiru had lived, I would have wanted him to do what he couldn’t before. With Shizuka gone, and Zero following his own path, Ichiru would have been forced to forge his own without following in someone else’s footsteps, and I think that could have been interesting to see. Unfortunately, a lot of Zero’s stability as a vampire came from completing the twin fragment and devouring Ichiru, so it also would have caused a lot more trouble for Zero in the end. I believe it was implied, if not said directly, that completing the fragment would stop Zero from falling to Level E. And so if Ichiru had lived on, Zero would still be facing the same problems he did in the first arc, except it would have been worse because this time he wouldn’t have Yuuki to save him. As it was, he struggled immensely and was forced to feed on the vampires he hunted to try and cope with his thirst. I think the only way for Ichiru to live would have been for Zero to die, and that’s not a trade I’d be willing to make with all the things Ichiru did. 

The one good thing to come from Ichiru’s death though is that he finally got his wish. He was happy to be reunited with Zero in a way that no one would ever be able to take away from him. The tragedy of that situation was really Zero’s, because he had regained a family member he thought was lost to him forever, only to lose him again because there was no way to save him. And that’s really sad. 

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What do you think is in the "box" that Ai opened?

The box is, of course, a metaphor. Ai “opened” the lid when she asked her mother, in her own roundabout way, if she loved Kaname more than Zero. The answer to that question is what’s inside.

Ai wanted to hear her mother say that she loved Kaname more, not because she was his birth child and she wanted to know that she was born out of pure love – no. Ai wanted Yuuki to lessen what her attachment to Zero meant so that she could marry him one day without remorse.

The logical conclusion to draw from the way this scene is being set up is that we’re finally going to be told, definitively, that Yuuki loved Zero more than Kaname.

I say that with certainty because Yuuki has already expressed with ease that she loved Kaname when asked by their daughter, but when asked if she loved Zero less, Yuuki lost all good humor for her child, and the lid of the box was shown opening.

As a part of growing up, Ai must now learn of the shocking things that transpired between the trio – how much Yuuki suffered being parted from Zero, how much she blamed herself for Kaname’s predicament, how Yuuki perceived her love for Zero as Kaname’s downfall. And that will lead to the painful confession that Yuuki IS lonely without Zero by her side, and the responsibility that Yuuki continued to shoulder as a Kuran pureblood.

The final “nail in the coffin” for Ai would be the truth of Yuuki’s overwhelming love for Zero that would dash all hope of her ever “stealing” him away, because Ai would then know that both Zero and Yuuki share the same desire, and Ai would never have the right to interfere – as was the case for Kaname.

Ai narrated to us the reason human!Kaname’s irrational behavior and suggestion that he rip his heart out to regenerate Yuuki didn’t bother her or send her into crisis, and that was because she knew “what had been carved into his soul.” Ai could identify with Kaname, so she felt nothing but an understanding that whatever he chose to do, whatever way he tried to alter her mother’s fate, the answer found in that box would never change.

Yuuki would always love Zero more, and Zero was the same.

Kaname smiled for the way Ai made no attempt to stop him from harming himself, and he said that he’d refrain from doing anything stupid that would anger the one that gave him a new chance at life. Ai was quick to say that he wasn’t being stupid, because she too harbored similar thoughts as him… once upon a time.

To want to meet someone, to want to possess someone, desperately– both Ai and Kaname have felt that way.

By opening that box, Ai would learn of the complexities of love, and just how much suffering  Yuuki had to endure because of her own heart, suffering that Yuuki and Zero continued to endure to be together, and suffering that Ai and Kaname must continue to endure for the ones that they loved.

This isn’t as in depth as I usually like to go, but I hope it’s sufficient. Feel free to ask me to clarify anything. Thanks for the ask!

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Hello madame ray pardon me for asking but what would joshua and neku look like if they were merman or sirens. Sorry I love mythological creatures and I love your art and I am if you will be doing more joshneku Au's.

Sorry for the late reply but eehhh first off please don’t call me madame,, thanks Anon // O(–( Just ,, my name is fine ///

I honestly have no idea about this because I have never ventured that far also I suck at uhh designs so I hope you don’t mind this sketches !! I tried !! T-T9 ;;I haven’t drawn them for ages so I am surprise this came out tbh ahaha 

Also thank you for liking my art and … I don’t catch the I am..? ///

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Hi again! I was the anon who asked about Zero is selfish. I fully agree, the double standard in vk fandom irks me. I just happened to see an old reblog where a yume stated her hate for Zero. When I saw the reblogs, many agreed with how Zero is a coward and selfish. I even remember how Zero should stop being emo because it's only one vampire who killed his family, not the whole clan.

(2/2) Sorry I continue to rant haha. You remember the scene where Zero pleaded Yuuki to stay with him in the end after Kaname is n ice block? Haters think Zero is awful and selfish for guilt tripping Yuuki and that he’s like a dog begging. I seriously believe they forget the fact that Yuuki loves Zero and that Zero is trying to save her. I find it weird that the things they hate about Zero also applies to Kaname.

“Zero should stop being emo because it’s only one vampire who killed his family, not the whole clan,” LOL yet Kaname supposedly decided to kill every pureblood because of one attacking Yuuki - not even killing her! - and that was totally cool. Again, double standards. The hate for Zero used to always confuse me, too, because I could understand preferring one over the other, or even indifference, but hate? How do you hate a character like that? One whose story we explored so much in the original series, he seemed more like a main character than our actual main character? I do think part of it is also attributed to Zero fans, because fans of a character or ship can turn you off of the character and ship very easily (as I’m sure we’ve all probably experienced).

Anyway I don’t mind the ranting! I saw a similar post last chapter in the tags about Zero guilt tripping Yuuki into holding his hands and actually lost my own chill for once, which doesn’t usually happen. It’s not that I was mad at the statement so much as I was mad at the double standards, because Kaname literally threatened suicide to make Yuuki stay. And whether or not he “meant it” (a popular counter argument to this) Yuuki thought back on his words repeatedly, because she believed that he did. Like, no honey, that is guilt tripping. Sometimes I feel like people are so offended by us making comments like that about Kaname that they deliberately try to use it to describe Zero because they know it’ll get a rise out of his fans. 

During that scene you mention, yes, Zero was desperate, but it was to save Yuuki’s life. He knew she was suicidal, Yuuki talks about how dark of a period that was in her life, and he had to watch helplessly while she lost herself to that darkness. Of course he’s going to do anything he can to try and pull her out of it. The difference between Zero’s “begging,” and Kaname’s begging is that Zero did it for Yuuki’s benefit. Kaname did it for his own. When Zero did it, Yuuki snapped out of it and moved forward toward her own happiness. When Kaname did it, Yuuki spiraled further and further into despair and lost her smile. But you could explain that until you’re blue in the face and it wouldn’t matter. 

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I've enjoyed all of the zeki moments throughout the course of VK. But, I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed and somewhat bewildered as to why Hino has chosen 'actions', 'hints', and 'interpretation' instead of giving the end of VK (+extra chaps) a very solid and spoken aloud confirmation that Yuuki loves Zero. What are your thoughts on this?

We do have 87th Night’s confession from Yuuki, but you’re right – it was left unspoken.

And we were given confirmation that Yuuki’s love for Zero is very deep with the extra chapter, “Life,” but that was also stated in a roundabout way.

I know those that feel disappointed that we were not presented with straightforward disclosure about her feelings as that would end the love triangle rather succinctly, wouldn’t it? Which is pretty telling in itself.

All contextual proof sides with Zeki.

It’s impossible to say for certain why Matsuri Hino chose this mode of storytelling, making symbolism, actions, and inner monolouge convey Yuuki’s heart. However, I do believe the quiet was more meaningful when compared to the spoken that could do little to save a failing relationship.

For all the scenes we have of Yuuki speaking about her love for her ancestor, Zero always came back to her in the form of uncontrollable thirst.

And with Zero, the two of them could talk about being estranged, about being enemies, but that never changed how they truly felt about each other.

Even when Yuuki kept quiet about her revelation during the dance and kiss on 87th Night, her feelings for Zero were said to “overflow,” meaning her heart was not divided, but past the point of full.

Compare that with how she couldn’t even lie at the beginning of her engagement, telling her fiance that her heart was not entirely his, but belonged partly to Zero.

Even before Yuuki admitted to the full depth and validity of her emotion for Zero, no one could deny that it was there and growing all story long. Theirs was a love that had been revealed to us as a slow but ever rising curve.

That contrasted with Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship being shown as fast burning but very short-lived, only able to exist with one of them effectively removed from the others’ life.

It does seem to be a creative choice on Hino’s part, seeing as how she kept all of her other lifelong couples from expressing their feelings the way Yume did. Instead, she kept the successful ships focused on their gradual buildup in trust as well as on their happiness together [Haruka/Juuri, Aidou/Yori, Kain/Ruka, Shiki/Rima, and of course Zero/Yuuki].

Maybe it is needlessly convoluted, but it seems intentional that we use a different language to speak about love in VK – one not so straightforward, one that words cannot properly carry the weight of. It’s frustrating in a pretentious sort of way, but it’s not too hard to suss out.

Also, I personally think Hino chose this route as she was afraid of ostracizing part of her fanbase. By giving those that liked Yume loving words to grasp on to, she in turn gave Zero and Yuuki certainty in their love by giving them their happy life together.

If we were honestly allowed to see Zeki exchange declarations/vows, they would completely invalidate all of Kaname and Yuuki’s shared space because it would be words Yuuki could actually hold true to.

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make me choose: zyuden sentai kyoryuger or ressha sentai toqger

“The strongest and bravest in history! You’ll be surprised when you hear!”

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jon, zero, kaidan, cullen, poe


Okay. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I haven’t had a carb in 3 and a half weeks.

1. Jon Snow. I’m sorry but no one can take this spot. Not even my living, breathing fiance.

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2. Zero. Just fuck me up. Drink all my blood. I can die it’s fine.

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3. Kaidan. I will remember that sad little hand reach during the sprint to the beam for the rest of my miserable life. What a beautiful bastard.

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4. Cullen. The lip scar is so distracting tbh I don’t even know what Inquisition is about. What is the point? Just take me to the desk. I literally installed a mod so my Inquisitor could look like a proper slut when Cullen lays her out.

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5. Poe. I can’t believe I’m putting him last but someone has to go here and he’s only had one movie to steal my heart. And my panties. Still he is a perfect smol pilot with the jaw stubble of the gods. 

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send me five characters and i’ll list them by preference!


I translated the story on Hinata’s “The Younger Brother’s Individuality” card, Kurou’s “Costume Craftsman” card, and Yuuta’s “The Older Brother’s Direction” so… haha. They’re all in one post, since they’re related, and separating them is kind of a pain, I’m sorry;;

2wink is so cute~ Tetora is so cute~

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