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Silent night by Mia Stålnacke

inuloveskago  asked:

Hello, that "Happy Ending" Escaflowne manga - do you have more pages? I really want to read it and looked through ebay for it to buy it but I really want to make sure I'm getting the right one since the ebay one is expensive. Please give me as much info as you can on it please xD Thank you!


There are 2 versions of this doujinshi: one that is printed on paper and is 20 pages long with the story “A Happy Ending”, and the other which is about 50 pages long only in .pdf format and contains “10 years of love”, “A Happy Ending” and “15 questions to the Fanelia couple”. They both have the same cover.

For us foreigners, the printed one is only available through Ebay, Mandarake or Yahoo Auctions using a proxy service. It is usually sold at a very high price.

The digital one is available for $5.15 / 525 yens on this site : If reading it on your computer doesn’t bother you, I suggest you buy this one as it is cheaper and has more pages.

I have translated my digital copy in french on my website: You can download it with this link. There is also a bonus story called “10 years of love - another day” that the author posted on her pixiv account. I have translated it here.

Hope this helps!


Lapland Tipi by Matt Kawashima
Via Flickr:
Kiruna, Sweden Took this photo during a dogsled tour up in Swedish lapland. We were given some tea and other Swedish snacks, but most importantly a chance to warm up and escape the frigid cold in this warm tipi/teepee. It was a weird sensation having the tears in your eyes freeze… It still blows my mind that people used to get around like this and live in such freezing cold places. I would highly recommend visiting Lapland at some point if the opportunity presents itself.