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She was the only thing I needed. If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn’t care. As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world.
—  Kirsty Moseley, The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

So as a response to featheredschist had requested fluff…. Here’s fluff I wrote while I was on holiday! I have some other written which I’ll post over the next few days but here’s the first one i did :)


“Ow. Ow! OW BRUCE!”

“Calm down, big baby.” Bruce rolled his eyes as Clint yet again winced as his hands roamed over the other man’s blistering red skin. Said man was sitting hunching in on himself as his boyfriend soothed cream over the burn.

“I am-OW-not a baby! This is just really-hmphr!-sore.” Clint grumbled and yelped as Bruce rubbed over his right shoulder, the worst affected area. His shoulders, back and parts of his stomach and chest had caught a little too much sun and had turned an impressive shade of red.

“Well when you’re in the sun for 5 hours without any sunscreen, it’s bound to end like this.” Clint opened his mouth. “And being in the water for some of it doesn’t count, that washed off what little cream I could get on you.” That earned him a pouted huff. Bruce sighed and rounded to face Clint who looked up, still in mid pout. “And I did warn you.”

“You didn-”

“I did.” Bruce sharply cut him off. “I told you that you’ll burn without sunscreen. It’s boiling, Clint! I even put it on when I left the water, and I don’t burn!” Clint blinked before puffing again with an eyeroll.

The team had decided on a summer vacation, and finally decided on a Spanish Island resort, not too mainstream and not one of Tonys many houses, much to his distaste. When they arrived however, Tony was the first to enthusiastically unpack and dress for the pool. Bruce and Clint had decided to join the eccentric billionaire and were soon followed by Natasha who demanded to introduce the proper routine of sunbathing to both Thor and Steve. Clint had impatiently let bruce smother his back and shoulder in sunscreen but had raced off after Tony before Bruce could stop him. Bruce was quick to join Tony, Clint and Steve in the water however, playing volleyball and Marco Polo. He hadn’t stayed in too long, returning to his bed and quickly layering sunscreen on, and resuming his book with some chat with Tony. However Clint stayed in for longer, and when he finally ventured out the water, spent the remaining time either exploring round the coastal area directly below them, or lying on a bed chatting to Natasha, all the while his skin reddening and blistering as he waved Bruce’s attempts to relieve his exposed skin.

“Natasha distracted me.” Bruce only snorted at the feeble attempt of an excuse. “Are you finished?” Clint looked up at the amused man who hadn’t moved.

“Yeah. You need to let that dry before you can put a shirt on though.” With a nod, Clint stood and sheepishly pecked Bruce on the cheek.

“Thanks for helping.” Bruce smiled and returned the favour, a quick yet passionate kiss.

“No problem. Next time though, put sunscreen on.” Bruce playfully, yet gently shoved his shoulder with a grin. Clint yelped and swore, bouncing on the spot and glaring daggers at Bruce who was now laughing.

“You did that on purpose!” Bruce rolled his eyes and pulled him into his chest, ignoring the feeling of cream smearing onto his own bare chest, and kissed his cheek.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“You can make if up to me later tonight, after dinner.” Clint mumbled and kissed down his neck. Bruce shuddered slightly and caught his lips in his own.

Later that night, after complaining about his sunburn, when he returned to his shared room with Bruce, he suddenly forgot all about the pain and discomfort, and the next day was complaining of a different kind of pain, accompanied with a soft limp.
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“"Don't let anyone tell you, ever, that this is a zero-sum game. Your genius does not threaten me. It delights & inspires me." @seananmcguire”

Tweet from Kirsty Logan: “'Don’t let anyone tell you, ever, that this is a zero-sum game. Your genius does not threaten me. It delights & inspires me.‘” (Attributed, I believe, to Seanan McGuire.)