Today’s artist on Tumblr feature - Kirsten Rothbart!

Please briefly introduce yourself and your work to us!
Hi, I’m Kirsten Rothbart and currently I study Comic and Illustration at the School Of Art And Design in Kassel, Germany.
I’m an illustrator and i try to make comics. 

You are a fan of pastel colors, aren’t you? Why do you like these colors so much?
I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan os pastels, but i do fancy them in my works yes! Whenever I color my drawings, they always end up super sticky colorful. I guess I have a subtle urge for sweet, harmonic and rich color compositions!

What/who inspires you the most?
Uh, a lot of stuff! Movies, photographs mostly. But also many little things. Like places I go. Clubs, restaurants, etc. It’s good to keep your eyes open for everything that is around you! Sometimes it’s the smallest things that inspire me most. 

Which artwork is the one you are most proud of so far and why?
That’s a though question. I like most of my drawings. But I strongly prefer the ones with complex compositions. 

How did you decide to become an artist?
I didn’t really decide this. It just happened. One afternoon in my early teenage years I was sitting and drawing, rather copying, a drawing by my favourite comic artist. When I looked at my drawing I was so proud that I realized I wanted to become a serious good illustrator.

Do you like animals? Which one is your favorite?
I do! I don’t have any big preferences.. But I do like strong animals alot. Like tigers, dogs, whatever!

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