t'challa and tony both watched the winter soldier (or what seemed like tws) kill their fathers. both vowed for revenge and both would have killed bucky if they’d been able. t'challa fought and attempted to kill bucky several times before he found closure over his father’s death; we only saw the first fight between tony and bucky in cacw, minutes after tony watched the video of his parents’ murder. stop attacking tony while praising t'challa when they literally had the same initial response

Hi, all.

I know I’ve been gone for a few days and I’m going to continue to be until NashCon, but I wanted to make an announcement that I’m turning off the anonymous option for my askbox.

For the last two weeks, I have received multiple messages a day telling me to kill myself and a variety of other things.  I’ve tried blocking the person or group of people, but the messages keep coming.

I just ask for it please to stop, that’s all.  I don’t want to keep my askbox limited.

Oh, also!  I created a snapchat that I’m going to use for NashCon <3  It’ll be a lot of me crying and freaking out and my sister looking at me like I need help, but I wanted to do something to record the experience without annoying the hell out of people who don’t care.  

So, as time gets closer, I’ll post it so people that want to follow can :)