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“I thought we advertise to the world: ‘give us your hungry, your poor, your tired.  But no – not according to Bill O'Reilly!”

– USA Today writer and Fox “News” contributor KIRSTEN POWERS, ripping a new pro-immigration asshole for the no-spin zone.

No, Kamala Harris Wasn't Being 'Hysterical,' CNN Analyst Says

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers doesn’t understand how Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was being “hysterical” while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday.

While speaking to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper about Sessions’ testimony, former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said that Sessions “knocked away some of the hysteria from Kamala Harris and some of the Democrats who wanted to make this a big partisan show.” he said.

Powers fired back, asked: “How was Sen. Kamala Harris hysterical?”

You can read the full conversation below via CNN.

Miller: “It didn’t seem like there was any effort to try to get to a real question or to the bottom of things.”

Powers: “I think she asked a lot of questions. She was very dogged. I wouldn’t say she was any more dogged than Sen. Ron Wyden was, would you say that?”

Miller: “I think she was hysterical. “I don’t think Sen. Wyden was trying to get to the bottom of answers either.”

Powers: “But he wasn’t hysterical, she was.”

Miller: “She was trying to shout down Attorney General Sessions and I thought it was way out of bounds. This is the second hearing in a row.”

Toward the end, CNN contributor Jefferey Lord added that “hysteria is a neutral quality.” To which Powers responded: “And yet, it’s just women that usually are called hysterical.”

The tense exchange comes after Harris was interrupted by her male colleagues during Sessions’ testimony on Tuesday and after she was interrupted earlier in June under similar circumstances.

It was a simple question. Can Sessions point to the policy, in writing, that allows him to not answer a whole host of our questions today.

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris)

June 13, 2017

After the hearing, Sen. Harris tweeted: “It was a simple question. Can Sessions point to the policy, in writing, that allows him to not answer a whole host of our questions today.”

The illiberal left’s attempts to control the public debate are frequently buttressed by a parade of childish grievances. They portray life’s vagaries as violations of their basic human rights and demand the world to stop traumatizing them with facts and ideological views that challenge their belief system.
—  Kirsten Power in her book The Silencing - How The Left Is Killing Free Speach

Camsten fic: Kirsten and Cameron pretend to be a couple for a case. They might have enjoyed it more than Maggie ordered them to.

   A knock on her bedroom door interrupted her thoughts. “Need help packing?” Camille’s back rested on the door-frame. “I still can’t believe Maggie deliberately asked you to do field work.” Kirsten looked at her and shrugged. “I think she’s gotten used to the fact that there is nothing she can do to stop me from going out to the field.” Kirsten looked pleased with herself. After breaking the rules a few times, her superior decided to not keep her out of these cases. Instead, she was to be sent out to do the work whenever it was necessary. After all, Kirsten is the one who stitches into these memories that result in cases; nobody knows what to look for better than her. And, as usual, Cameron would follow suit. Those two had become inseparable. The Wonder Twins, Camille would call them. To Kirsten, it was annoying, but it felt nice to have someone always looking out for her. Not that she would admit it.
“Almost done, little darling?” His eyes full of excitement. Camille pointed out how he seemed a little too eager

   "Pack some protection,“ Camille had advised the blonde before heading out. “Better safe than sorry. Am I right?” And, with a wink, she closed the door after Kirsten. 

   Cameron hurried to get them checked in. “We don’t want too small a room.” He had told Kirsten before walking to the check-in counter, leaving the blonde standing in the middle of the lobby. Alone with all the luggage. Their mission was to pretend to be a couple in order to approach another, suspects of an on-going investigation. Bonnie and Clyde was the name Cameron used to refer to them. Cameron was hesitant, at first. He didn’t want Kirsten anywhere near the power-hungry, mass-murdering couple. But, if not him, who would look after his stubborn co-worker?
   They settled in as quick as possible. The first order of business was to attend the cocktail at the hotel casino. It was the best way to get familiar with the suspects. The Bureau had provided the couple with appropriate clothing for the occasion.

   After a long and warm shower, which led to Cameron complaining about how Kirsten was hogging the bathroom and deciding not to shower, Kirsten emerged dressed in a stunning red dress. The color complimented her skin and hair tone, making her look the most beautiful Cameron had ever seen her. The tousled hair cutie gaped at her. If he thought she cleaned up nicely the day of the rave, this was other-worldly. Speechless, trying to get the words out, he mumbled something about her looking ravishing. The words that came out of his mouth were unintelligible. He ran his hand through his hair and cleared his throat. “You look beautiful, princess. Shall we go?” Kirsten genuinely smiled and, with a nod, they exited their hotel room.
   They waited near the bar for two hours for the suspects to arrive. Occasionally, when she wasn’t looking, Cameron would would stare longingly at the beautiful dame next to him. Ever since he had asked her if she was okay with co-workers dating, he had wanted to make a move. Ask her out. Tell her how he truly feels. Now was as a good time as ever.
   "Kirsten,“ She smiled at his way of pronouncing her name. The way her name rolled out of his mouth with such ease was always something she wondered. It sounded different, but cozy. It made her feel warm inside, a feeling she wasn’t all that familiar with. Did she prefer when he called her by her first name or by his terms of endearment? Maybe both. However, Cameron was interrupted by sighting the suspects. "Damn it. We’re really doing this, aren’t we, stretch?”
   "I’m going to bump into her and apologize.“ Kirsten proposed. Cameron grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "You are not doing that. These people are murderers. They could shoot us for ruining that really expensive dress! Just follow my lead.” Cameron, taking charge? Kirsten couldn’t deny she found this very attractive. 

   "Excuse me, sir. I couldn’t help but notice the ring your wife is wearing. That’s exactly what my fiancee has been asking for.“ Kirsten wasn’t wearing any ring. This off to a bad start, Kirsten thought.
 "I don’t see the lady wearing any ring.” The woman opposed to her said.      "I’m actually quite picky. If I can’t have the right ring, I’d rather not wear anything at all. Luckily, he pampers me.“ Kirsten ran her hand up-and-down Cameron’s arm, finally resting on his shoulder. A shiver ran through Cameron’s spine, but he maintained his composure. 

   When the night ended, they were invited to play golf with the couple the following day. They would be wired for that occasion, but they decided not to think ahead of time. They agreed to stick to the plan and enjoy the rest of the night. A few cocktails and that was it; they headed back to the room. 

   Cameron removed his blazer, undid his tie, and took his shoes off. Kirsten let her hair down and removed her heels. She plummeted onto the bed. She certainly wasn’t tipsy, she could handle more than a few drinks, but, for some reason, she was laughing.
"That’s a good look on you.” Cameron caught her off-guard, “What is?” She was smiling from ear to ear.
“Laughter. It suits you.” He sat next to her in bed. It wasn’t residual emotion when she grabbed a hold of his hand. It was impulsive. She let go of it immediately. Cameron was sure this was the first time he’d seen her blush. She always claimed that it was her condition that made her feel emotionless, but, truly, it was because she hadn’t found the right partner. Cameron was that partner, the one who admitted he couldn’t risk her. The one who worried about her, even when she had explicitly told him not to.  Partners in crime, he once said they were.
   He wanted to feel the warmth of her hand, once again; he gently held her hand, fingers intertwining. Vulnerable. Kirsten looked vulnerable and radiant. With his free hand, he pushed the strand of hair covering her face behind her ear. “God, you really are beautiful, Kirsten.Kirsten. Kirsten. Say it again, she thought. He cupped her face, looking deeply into her eyes, his thumb tracing her jaw. “May I?” She nodded. His lips pressed against hers. At first, the kiss was small. Then, it grew bigger. They both tasted like alcohol. Kirsten could hear the blood pumping in her veins and wondered if Cameron could hear it too. But, he couldn’t. He could only hear his own heart racing as the kiss deepened. He pulled her closer, so their bodies were just separated by the thin layers of fabrics that covered their bodies. And, just like that, their lips parted.

Taking requests

Obama turns a blind eye to Muslim’s violent persecution of Christians

Kirsten Powers has a spot on piece in USA Today about how Obama’s selective outrage shuns Christians who face brutal persecution across the world.

from USA Today:

What do you call it when 12 men are drowned at sea for praying to Jesus?
Answer: Religious persecution.

Yet, when a throng of Muslims threw a dozen Christians overboard a migrant ship traveling from Libya to Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi missed the opportunity to label it as such. Standing next to President Obama at their joint news conference Friday, Renzi dismissed it as a one-off event and said, “The problem is not a problem of (a) clash of religions.”

While the prime minister plunged his head into the sand, Italian authorities arrested and charged the Muslim migrants with “multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate,” according to the BBC.

As Renzi was questioned about the incident, Obama was mute on the killings. He failed to interject any sense of outrage or even tepid concern for the targeting of Christians for their faith. If a Christian mob on a ship bound for Italy threw 12 Muslims to their death for praying to Allah, does anyone think the president would have been so disinterested? When three North Carolina Muslims were gunned down by a virulent atheist, Obama rightly spoke out against the horrifying killings. But he just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle Eastern Christians or the eradication of Christianity from its birthplace.

Religious persecution of Christians is rampant worldwide, as Pew has noted, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in the Middle East and Northern Africa, where followers of Jesus are the targets of religious cleansing. Pope Francis has repeatedly decried the persecution and begged the world for help, but it has had little impact. Western leaders — including Obama — will be remembered for their near silence as this human rights tragedy unfolded. The president’s mumblings about the atrocities visited upon Christians (usually extracted after public outcry over his silence) are few and far between. And it will be hard to forget his lecturing of Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast about the centuries-old Crusades while Middle Eastern Christians were at that moment being harassed, driven from their homes, tortured and murdered for their faith.

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Sadly, the rampant persecution of Christians all over the globe does not fit into Obama’s worldview and therefore must go unacknowledged. 

When an atheist says they are "depressed" by someone's story of becoming religious

I say “screw you”.

Why does it affect you personally that someone else came to a different conclusion than you and decided to be part of a religion or belief system that makes them happy, even if their conclusions aren’t based on “logic” as you see it?

Oh god, it’s so sad that someone has faith in something I don’t believe in!

It’s none of your business what another atheist chooses. 

(Just read a stupid person’s complaints that Kirsten Powers story of conversion from Atheist made them personally “sad”.)


Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson vs. Feminist Kirsten Powers on HANNITY (5-1-12) (by BONDActionInc)

Sometimes You Find a Fox News Gem

It is 1:00 am on a Wednesday morning and to pass the time I decided to watch Sean Hannity butcher the “news” for kicks.  Never did I expect the argument that errupted.  

Political Analyst Kirsten Powers calling out Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on his misogynistic sermons and forcing him to answer for himself.  The outrageously sexist response that followed was steeped in false facts and effectively led to a hijacking of Hannity’s show for a very revelant discussion.  

Never in my life did I think that I would congratulate anyone on Fox for actually asking real questions, but it has happened.  Regardless of what her political beliefs are, Kirsten Powers stood up against a misogynist and owned.  

External image
 (Loser) Vs. 

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Kirsten Powers: Obama Ignores Fox News at Pressers Because He Doesn’t Want To Be Embarrassed