So we here at #NeilDoc (The social media hub of Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously the documentary about Neil Gaiman which is availble for pre order right now) know you like gifs

Pretty ones, weird ones, all kinds, soooooo, may we introduce, Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously made ones? (yes that’s a link to our giphy account) Today we give (give as in yes, you can take them and use them,splash them on a jumbtron, perhaps mention where you got them from) you Kirsten Vangsness next week, well you’ll have to tune in to see won’t you?

The signs as Garcia's sassy lines:
  • Aries:I'm Penelope Garcia. My friends call me wonderful.
  • Taurus:You've reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI's office of supreme genius.
  • Gemini:Talk dirty to me.
  • Cancer:I hope you saved me for dessert.
  • Leo:[Is that legal?] Of course not. We'll both go to prison and you'll be someone's bitch.
  • Virgo:Fount of all knowledge, check my flow.
  • Libra:Penelope Garcia's house of 'How may I save your ass today?'
  • Scorpio:You, my fine furry friends, are welcome.
  • Sagittarius:[You're a genius] You're only saying that because it's true.
  • Capricorn:[Hey girl, you're on speaker, behave] Or what? You'll spank me?
  • Aquarius:I am so blogging about this later.
  • Pisces:You're my bitch now.