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To celebrate 200 followers I decided to create a masterlist that I think will be quite helpful to a lot of peopleThis is an enormous masterlist containing more than 300 faceclaims sorted by the time period in which their movie/tv show was set in. Under the cut you will find faceclaims that range from Ancient Greek Times all the way to the 1950’s! I worked really hard on this masterlist, and I hope it benefits other people who absolutely love historical roleplaying!

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Okay, here it is. This stupid story took me like 8 hours, so i really hope you like it. It was never supposed to be this long. Another shoutout to my amazing beta ineedtokeepyousafe.


“I don’t think this is what Maggie had in mind when she gave us a week off.” Kirsten muttered, folding a t-shirt and placing it carefully in her nearly empty suitcase. Camille watched her from the doorway, rolling her eyes.

“She said to take some time and relax after the whole Cameron-almost-dying, Les-trying-to-turn-you-into-a-weapon fiasco. I would say a week in Mexico is exactly what the doctor ordered.” The brunette said, striding over to peer into Kirsten’s suitcase.

“That was over three months ago. Why is she giving us time off now?” Kirsten wondered aloud. She dropped her only bathing suit, a plain navy one piece, into the luggage and then folded the lid shut.

“She couldn’t exactly let us go in the middle of the investigation. And that is so not all you’re packing.” Camille flipped the lid back open and surveyed the contents. “Oh my god, is this one of those Speedo one pieces?” She held the swimsuit up by a strap, turning to raise an eyebrow at her friend.

“I was on the swim team.” Kirsten muttered, snatching it back. “And we’re only going to be gone for a few days. I’m a light packer.” She eyed the cluster of bags sitting in the hallway outside her room. “Unlike some people.” Camille snorted.

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