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Four Continents Day Three

Day three has been completed, and statements were definitely made!


Wenjing Sui and Cong Han of China proved they were not rusty at all, and only won the competition, but it wasn’t even close. They won by over twelve points over Canada’s Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford. Lubov Iliushechinka and Dylan Moscovitch of Canada, despite placing fourth in the short and free, came away with the bronze medal. 

Xiaoyu Yu and Hao Zhang of China placed fifth in the free, and barely managed to hold on to place fourth. Cheng Peng and Jin Yang of China placed third in the free and pulled up from seventh to place fifth. Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim of the US held on to place sixth. Kirsten Moore-Towers and Michael Marinaro had the seventh-placed free skate and fell to seventh.

Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier, the reigning US Champs, did not have their best skate and placed eighth. Ashley Cain and Timothy LeDuc of the US had a decent but not great, and held onto ninth place. Sumire Suto and Francis Budreau-Audet of Japan actually placed ninth in the free skate, but still rounded out the top ten.


In a bit of a surprise, Mai Mihara of Japan made a statement by winning her first major international title. She had a wonderful free skate and pulled up from fourth to win the competition. Overnight leader, Gabrielle Daleman of Canada placed three in the free but held on to take second. About three and a half points behind her, Mirai Nagasu of the US placed second in the free and came up from fifth to win the bronze medal.

Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada, second after the short in a virtual tie with Daleman, was only sixth in the free and fell to fourth. Da Bin Choi of South Korea proved she is a definitely a rising star in the figure skating world - and in her home country, one year ahead of the Olympics in Pyeongchang - by placing fourth in the free and pulling up to place fifth.

Mariah Bell of the US, despite placing seventh in both the short and the free, placed sixth overall. Zijun Li of China placed fifth in the free skate, to pull up to seventh. Elizabet Tursynbeava of Kazakhstan was all of eleventh in the free, falling to eight place. Wakaba Higuchi of Japan was ninth in the free and pulled up to place ninth overall. Rika Hongo was thirteen in the free after a messy skate and fell to tenth.

The competition ends tomorrow with the men’s free.

anonymous asked:

sorry who's queen KMT?

@danelledo​ You can add to this if you have anything else!

KMT = Kirsten Moore-Towers, she’s an absolute gem! I’ve met her three times and she’s super sweet and always down to chat. I guess what you’re actually looking for is Kirsten is a Canadian Pairs skater who currently skates with Michael Marinaro. They placed 3rd at Canadian Nationals however Kirsten has been off on concussion injury for the past year so this season they haven’t been out and about much, however they got an assignment to 4CCs (YAY!) In terms of the Queen title that because she’s always adored in sparkles and gems and dresses like an absolute queen. In addition girl lands throws like a Queen.

Side note: Kirsten attended the Sochi Olympics alongside previous partner Dylan Moscovitch and skated on the team even helping Canada win the team silver. Her and Dylan placed 5th in the pairs event (above current World Champions Meghan and Eric).

Special thanks to @balletfever89 who made this gif for me :) <3