kirsten darling

Re-uploading my Camsten fanfic where they're stuck in the elevator together

“Cameron I’m not having this conversation with you right now!” Kirsten argued with him. “Yes I have a boyfriend, I don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this!” Cameron sighed “sorry if I’m a little bit curious as to why you’ve never mentioned him! Or even notified us that you could feel emotions!” he shouted back.

Camille and Linus watched from the side as the argument continued. “you know what, whatever. I’m not doing this right now.” Kirsten walked away from him as he called after her “where are you going now?” and a screech replied “home!”

He looked over at Camille and Linus who gestured for him to follow her. Cameron sighed and walked after her.“ Kirsten, wait!” he forced the elevator doors open and got in with her.

“look… I’m sorry. I had no right to question you about your boyfriend, it’s your life.” he looked at the flood as Kirsten stared at him for a second. “you’re right. It is my life but don’t worry about it. I’m a big girl, Cameron.”

He looked up at her again and smiled, “I know.”

Kirsten went to press the going down button and there was a small silence before they both heard a sort of knocking sound.“ hey do you hear that?” Cameron looked at her puzzled as it got louder. “oh no.”

Next thing they knew, the entire place had gone dark and they were both on the floor. It took Cameron a few seconds but eventually he groaned and sat up.

“Kirsten?” he asked before gasping and then scrambling to the spot she was in. He used his phone for light to inspect any injuries she could have, unfortunately she had a small gash on her head and was out cold.

“no, no, no… Hang on stretch, I’m gonna call Linus” he panicked and shakily dialled Linus. “linus, yeah listen it’s me. We’re stuck in the elevator together and Kirsten is out cold with a head injury. You need to send help down here right away. I’m elevating her head but right now all. I’ve got to help the wound is my shirt.” there was a small silence before Cameron laughed “of course you would say that, the thoughts that appear in your mind honestly” he thanked linus and looked down at his shirt. “the one day I decide to wear my favourite shirt.” He wasn’t about to rip it so he took it off fully and put pressure onto the wound. “come on stretch, you can do this. Wake up!” he had wounds of his own but they could wait, this was more important.“

He sat with Kirsten’s head in his lap as he stroked her cheek and sighed again thinking about what would happen when they got out of here. He wouldn’t have a chance with Kirsten, especially not now he knew she had a boyfriend.

Around half an hour passed and Kirsten started to regain consciousness. She made a small groan and her eyes fluttered open. "Cameron? What happened? And why are you shirtless…” Cameron cleared his throat. “about that, you’ve got a head injury and it was the only thing I could find to… Help.” Kirsten looked a bit bewildered but just said “okay…”

They stayed like that for a while, just talking, trying to keep the wound from getting infected.

“hey can I ask you something?” Cameron looked at her. “you just did.” she replied and laughed. “haha very funny buttercup, but really? What is your favourite ice cream?” Kirsten tried to look up at him puzzled, “I’ve never really been one for favourites… But mint is quite nice.” Cameron chuckled a little and then Kirsten joined in. “well that’s my favourite too. You have good taste.” Kirsten smiled and thanked him.

“How long do you think before they get us out?” she asked him. “shouldn’t be too long now, Linus told me they were almost ready to get us up again”

Eventually after they had discussed their favourite things, they began listing all the names Cameron called her.

“okay let’s see that’s 10, got any more for me?” she challenged him. Cameron raised an eyebrow and laughed, “you’re on… Darling.” Kirsten burst out laughing, “what did you just call me?” she smiled as he replied “I believe it was name 11” he smirked.

Another hour passed but eventually, the crew threw down the harness and they both got pulled up to the lab again. “after you, rocky.” “thank you, stud” she passed him her Cardigan. “here put this on, saves you going up shirtless.” he smiled at her and thanked her for the Cardigan.

When they reached the top again, all they seemed to get were smirks from the rest of the team. Clearly Linus had been talking again. Cameron felt like teasing them a bit more so he yelled to Kirsten “Hey Princess, thanks for the Cardigan!” all he got was a thumbs up as she left to go get her head checked by the team.

This was really bad I am so sorry 😂 Its late and I got annoyed that it got deleted so this is all I got right now.

What I really loved about episode 1x05

-Camille and Kirsten getting along better and being great roomies (sort of haha)
-Kirsten starting to understand human interaction and emotion, I thought it was really great with the conversation her and Cameron had at the end in the lab…
-Cameron in his glasses and hoodie combo BLESSSSSSS
-Cameron called Kirsten little darling and admitted (kind of) that all of his nicknames are terms of endearment UGH YES
-“No one’s like you, Stretch”
(Basically, all of the episode hahah :) )