Kirsten Dunst To Direct Sylvia Plath Adaptation ‘The Bell Jar’ Starring Dakota Fanning

Kirsten Dunst is set make her feature film directorial debut with The Bell Jar, an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s famed 1963 novel. Dakota Fanning has been set to play the lead role of Esther Greenwood in the pic, which Dunst has co-written with Nellie Kim.

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This is a weird ass question but I love taking about anything J2 so sue me ;) What is your favorite J2 touch? (Yeah, I told ya it was weird) xoxo

This isn’t a weird question at all, but it is extremely difficult ohmygod!  I honestly don’t know if I can answer with just one moment, one touch.  Each touch means so much, has so much behind it, and there have been countless touches over the last eleven years.  

This is one of my favorite touches.  The ‘getting an eyelash off your face’ is a classic romantic-trope so it has a special place in my heart, but it’s not only that. The quick flick of Jensen’s eyes, almost a “What are you doing?” and the lack of thought Jared’s displaying, body moving on instinct when he sees it.  There’s a familiarity of it all that’s amazing and it’s on camera for us all to see. 

The famous MinnCon hands is by far a favorite.  There’s so much in this.  Jensen intentionally sought out Jared’s hand, curling his fingers around Jared’s own.  It wasn’t something that was necessary, not at all; they were standing on opposite sides of the girl, just letting her ask a question.  But this happened and it’s beautiful, their hands fit perfectly together. 

HousCon 2015.  This is a full-body touch and has kept me thinking way more than it probably should.  I do not whisper to people like this, I don’t.  I don’t lean into people when they whisper to me either.  They’re this unit of movement, magnetic in the way they shift and find each other.  

This one is just a subtle thing, but I love it.  There’s a sort of expected etiquette where you don’t touch people you’re sitting next to.  You pull your legs in or sit far enough away; the only people you don’t do that with, typically, are people you are totally at ease with, people who know you beyond what others see on a day-to-day basis.  It’s familiar and speaks volumes of constant touch.

The last two I have are from this year’s JIBCon.  

This hug and the face-grab is everything to me, especially when the context of the situation (Jared talking AKF) is taken into consideration.  Touching in general is a thing you only do with people you’re comfortable with, but face-touching is a new realm.  I don’t know what I’d do if my friend grabbed my face in such a way. It’s not expected, not normal, so the fact that this happens and Jared’s instinct is to wrap his arms around Jensen and pull him as close as Jensen was pulling him says a lot.  It says so much.

And this moment.  I’ve made a whole post about this moment and I stick by everything I said: where Jared slides his hands around Jensen’s hip, Jensen’s entire body just moves with it, he reacts so strong to Jared’s touch, and I want to live in the curl of Jared’s fingers and the intimacy of touching someone like that.

I’m sure there are countless other moments I love, but these all stood out right now :)


Eythora’s teammate Kirsten Polderman with a very cool (but as you can see very hard) tour jete beam mount!