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Can someone please explain something to me? Why is this fandom like in love with shipping two people who canonly despise each other/first/only interactions are ones were they are beating the living shit out of each other?

I mean first we had ErenXLevi which one of their first interactions was this lovely meme moment:

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(Not the actual moment but y’all know what I mean)

Then you have Mikannie. Not only are they physical rivals for the top of the class but Mikasa literally hates her, Reiner and Bertholdt because of the fact they have tried to kill Eren and take him away several times.

And for some reason ErenxJean is a popular ship. You know it’s not like Jean doesn’t openly hate Eren for being so close to Mikasa, the woman he is forever in the “friend zone” for. That’s totally not canon, is it?

And now we have the newest one that made me aware of this pattern: ReinerxPorco.

Porco is most closely shipped with Reiner and I honestly don’t know why? We’re talking about a character who literally despises Reiner because he believes he is the reason his brother is dead. So obviously he would love to bang his brains out.

(Please note this is not hate on any ship in the fandom, just sincerely trying to understand y’all mindsets as this is a very popular and concerning recurring pattern if this happens to over 4 major ships.)

AOT/SNK Characters as Zodiac Signs

Aries || Mikasa

Taurus || Eren

Gemini || Bertholdt

Cancer || Historia and/or Krista / Marco

Leo || Sasha/ Jean

Virgo || Connie

Libra || Reiner

Scorpio || Ymir

Sagittarius || Hanji

Capricorn || Annie/ Levi

Aquarius || Erwin

Pisces || Armin

What I'm Looking Forward in Season 3

1. The new Levi Squad
2. Erwin’s character development (THIS ONE IS A MUST)
3. Levi and Hanji torturing a dude
4. Armin killing a dude
5. Erwin’s abs
6. Levi’s abs
8. Heads blow up like birthday baloons
9. Erwin’s beat up face
10. Rod Reiss titan
11. Levi’s past
12. Historia’s coronation
13. Basically every single part that actually happens in the godamn manga

Mmmmm let’s just skip the Opening haha
—  None, in the history of Shingeki no Kyojin opening’s ever.

Guys, can we take a moment to see how sweet and cute Sasha is with her BF?


Only a doodle for my daily dose of good feeling that I postet smth and make someone happy :D It is a “cheer up“ for @otakuchan449 :3 I hope you will getting better soon(JeanMarco forever! Yeah, I am in my JeanMarco world again and it feels so good and I have a few Ideas that I want to draw… let´s see what will comes out in the end ;) )~