• Carmilla Season 1: Oh no, some girls have gone missing and there's a sad backstory about how Carmilla became a vampire aww :( Hollstein is cute, though, and waltzing! :)
  • Carmilla Season 2: Blood-covered bodies. Massacres. Sex. Murder. Crushing hearts. Necrophillia. Breaking somebody's FUCKING RIBS ON CAMERA. A GOD LITERALLY POSSESSING PEOPLE AND TALKING THROUGH THEM.

Laura Hollis taught me persistence. That the fight will keep on going and sometimes you just have to be the one to hold up the mantle. That even if you’ve already given up, you can pick up the reigns yet again. That sometimes it’s not fair on you but if you don’t fight who will?

Carmilla Karnstein taught me its okay to fight just for your own reason. It’s okay to be selfish. If the only reason you’re fighting is because revenge or an annoying midget, and you love her, that’s enough.

Danny Lawrence taught me that just because I don’t ‘get the girl’, I’ve been through hell, or I’ve literally been stabbed in the back doesn’t mean I can’t make the right choices. Even if I’ve made some bad ones already.

Lafontaine has taught me that making the ‘right choices’ has consequences. That to act with apathy for the greater good is not always good. And you should never forget the little people.

Lola Perry has taught me friendship is the most important thing. That you may not understand where someone is coming from, but ultimately if you love them you accept them. Just because they don’t fit into your box doesn’t mean they don’t fit into your heart.

Wilson 'Brody’ Kirsch has taught me not to give up on my friends in their dark times. (Not that I’m chill with how Danny treated him) He also taught me that some guys do know what 'I’m not into you like that’ means. Also that Dbear is an awful nickname.

William Luce has taught me that it really sucks to choose the losing side. That just following orders doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Like dying.

J.P. taught me that a little research goes a long way, and its easier to categorize in a computer rather than on the shelves. Also that people can come through after a massive body transformation.