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hollstein softball au
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Chapters: 13/?
Fandom: Carmilla (Web Series)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein
Characters: Laura Hollis, Carmilla Karnstein, Danny Lawrence, Ell (Carmilla Web Series), LaFontaine (Carmilla Web Series), Lola Perry, Wilson Kirsch
Additional Tags: Softball AU, side zeta society, carmell if you squint hard enough

FLUFF FLUFF AND MORE FLUFF. lots of being casual about everything yet still lots of !!!!!???? from silly little laura.

But because we cast these great theatre actors, I was able to say, “Guys, imagine it’s a stage, and, you can’t call cut. You got to save it, so if it starts going south, use your theatre instincts and save it.” 

And they did.

There’s a great moment, where Matt O’Connor, who plays Kirsch, he made this entrance, and this whole scene goes on after his entrance. At the end, we called cut and he’s got the doorknob in his hand, and we’re like, “Oh my God, we have to do that again.” Because we had very little time, like, we had to get it, maybe do a second take, usually we get a second take. Maybe do a third, but we didn’t have time ever for fourth takes.

It was just like, they had to do something magical within that time allotted, we had to move on. And so I was worried that it had been seen, and we watched it, you see it if you’re looking for it. But he just tucks it behind his back, carries on with the rest of the scene.”

- Carmilla Director Spencer Maybee (x, ~20:12)

  • Carmilla Season 1:Oh no, some girls have gone missing and there's a sad backstory about how Carmilla became a vampire aww :( Hollstein is cute, though, and waltzing! :)
  • Carmilla Season 2:Blood-covered bodies. Massacres. Sex. Murder. Crushing hearts. Necrophillia. Breaking somebody's FUCKING RIBS ON CAMERA. A GOD LITERALLY POSSESSING PEOPLE AND TALKING THROUGH THEM.

oh, sorry, did you come onto my blog to laugh and cheer yourself up after that last episode? Ha. Haha. Here, have some feels.

the first one is from Danny, the second is from Kirsch, the third is from LaF, the fourth is from Perry, and the last is from Carmilla. In case you didn’t know.