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Hey I have an OC more about her under the cut B^)

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Sitting in the park with @faerie-salve-and-tiger-balm and trying to figure out how I want Kirsa (my Mario OC) to look in the style.
She owns a cafe and is a traveling chef. Goes around trying different cuisines.
Kirsa owns a cafe in the current rp I’m doing with my friends.
She hopes one day to own a resturant. >:3c
If you want baked goods and coffee from the Beanbean kingdom, she’s the gal to go to.
She’s a good listener to.
Kirsa’s cafe is supposed to be another one of those hub places where a bunch of people gather and you’ll hear lore/gossip and stuff like that.

I’ll try and make a final colored version today maybe ehhh.

( @kirsafee​ )

shen practically slithered around the room, transforming into his dragon form and pouncing on the ones he recognized as enemies without hesitation. shen could sense the magic in him, he knew it wasn’t sitting quite right with the dragon spirit that was already in him, but he didn’t care.

because his wish was granted. he was finally powerful

he moved around the room, changing back and forth between forms at will. he clawed his way up people in dragon form, and shoved them out of the way in human form. he finally came to a stop in front of a familiar girl, in human form. his eyes flashed, and smoke billowed from his nostrils as he snarled.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m really into Dragon Age these days.

These are my main Wardens. I guess we all have an AU where all of our Wardens live and work together. I also have another three, whom I created mostly for playing their Origin.

Pardon my awful handwriting, I’ll just copy below what I’ve written in the drawing

Alim Surana:
- skilled manipulator
- defrosting ice king

Diana Mahariel:
- curious
- smiles to hide anxiety

Kirsa Brosca:
- cynic
- has a strong sense of justice nonetheless

Mordecai Tabris:
- loser
- doesn’t like this adventure at all

( @kirsafee​ )

shen laughed brightly as the boy he was dancing with spun him around. he had somehow lost jin for a bit, and managed to get snagged into a dance with some boy wearing a choker. his laugh cut short as he misstepped and stumbled, bumping into the couple behind him.  oh gosh, i am so, so sorr - oh, hey, if it isn’t my favorite pretty girl !! ” 

“–no, mum, are you kidding me? they watch us like hawks here. haven’t been able to smoke at all.” kirsa dropped the unlit cigarette from her mouth, picked it up again, wiped it on her sleeve, then put it back where it belongs. “can’t say the same for freddie and rio. don’t tell clara i said that. they’re fine – no, seriously, they’re great.” she paused, waiting for something, but she sighed when it didn’t come. “…yeah, just call me whenever. hope the meeting goes well. yeah…bye.”

slipping her phone into her pocket, kirsa huffed. she hopped off the seesaw on the playground, picked up a rock from the side, and then threw it as hard as she could at the brick wall with all the chalk drawings on it. picking up more, she threw them again, and again, and again.

( @xiacli , @illyriadx )

kirsa had never had a physical fight in her life, so she didn’t know why she was running to one now. she’d screamed when xiaoli was thrown, but had frozen in place when the chaos broke out. she’d managed to avoid some wacko with a shield and sword, but now that she saw the boy engaging with xiaoli had disappeared for the moment – she went up to her friend, believing that she was fine. 

“xiaoli! xiaoli –” kirsa rushed forward, armed with nothing. 

( @xiacli )

kirsa blew a kiss at the boy she was dancing with as she left; his smile had been giddy, not unlike someone she knew, but it wasn’t the same. “two down,” she said, rushing over to xiaoli. “is that a drink? is it fruity or does it have a little bit of –” she gestured downing shots.

“– and that’s definitely lacking something…” kirsa popped open the cup of coffee she’d been given, took out a silver flask, and poured its contents into the coffee. “you know what, auradon, you’re not that bad. it’s exciting here. yeah, that’s right i’m talking to you –” she grinned at the nearest person, holding out her coffee like a toast. “happy new year, you sweet, sweet, problematic idiots. i love you all already.”