kirkman is perfect

Chris Hardwick: “Why is Carol so emotional when she confronts Morgan?”

Robert Kirkman: “I think Carol is 100% fully aware of the fact that she will kill Morgan and I think that terrifies her.
I think she she’s begging with it like ‘please, don’t make me do this thing I know I don’t want to do but I know that I totally will do. She’s got to her point in her life where she, you know, recognizes the lengths that she will go to…
And I think it scares her a little bit.”

Chris Hardwick: “Well cause, it’s…so interesting, her approach was so interesting of like 'I don’t want to have to kill you but I will kill you and I will kill him so that no one else has to die’…”

Robert Kirkman: “Makes perfect sense to me.”

Chris Hardwick: “It makes perfect sense.”

—  November 30, 2015 - Chris Hardwick and Robert Kirkman on ‘Carol vs Morgan’