Howdy! I’m Thomas Kirkeberg. I thought Andrew’s post looked so lonely, so I decided to give it another post to befriend. Anyway, here are a couple of illustrations I’ve cobbled together recently. Both are alternative book covers I made for school, for the bookseries “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. Some of you may be familiar with a show on HBO called “Game of Thrones”. If you’re not, then I’ll sum it up for you: Kings have, in general, very short life expectancy and winter, appereantly, is coming.

Moving on, this is a cover for the first book “A Game of Thrones." I did have a leftover idea that I wanted to do, so I did a cover for the third book as well, "A Storm of Swords.”

Both of these are done digitally in Photoshop, based off of a line drawing (that often is quite different from the final art). I also use use my own, homebrewed brush for painting, as well as a standard soft brush. This is all I have to so for now. Hope you dig. Dig your self down into the snow that is promised to come.

-Thomas Kirkeberg


Last week, and like the previous week before that, I posted some snippets from my story concept thing I have been doing over this semester. So far I have only been showing my animal studies and a logo. Well, now is the time to show where the blood, sweat and gorillas lead to, because now I have uploaded the design for one of the species in my story.