Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.



Perhaps the Human’s heart did burst then. The answer was not at the level of words. There were words running along below the level of mind-speech, ancient words, intoning […] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me … There was a bracing of the wide shoulders and a ripple of quicksilver through their bond. “Gates of Hell, Spock. We’ve broken out of worse places.”

This is some fanart for a scene from the ultra-gay TOS Trek novel The Price of the Phoenix. It’s honestly mindblowing that this book got published in the 70s. It has something for everyone: Protective!Spock, Kirk clones, a badass female Romulan commander, and even Vulcan mind links and marriage bonds–it’s all there!

I couldn’t let Spirk Day 2017 pass without a drawing of my two favorite fashion-forward grandpas out running errands and being very much in love :^) 

I also wanna give a shoutout to my fellow Spirk content creators @hanasheralhaminail , @petimetrek , @onedamnminuteadmiral , @nim-lock, @speff,  @plaidshirtjimkirk , and all of the other amazing artists and fic writers out there. Without people like you guys the Trek fandom wouldn’t be half as good, and I appreciate you! Dif-tor heh smusma <3

anonymous asked:

Ooh can you draw Spock and Kirk in 3A? Spock being the one who's embracing Kirk and being mad that something hurt his boyfriend? Thanks!

Thanks for the prompt, anon, and for your patience! This is one of my favorite tropes–injured Jim and protective Spock. After all, we all know that Spock never fights harder than when he’s doing it to defend Jim.