kirk what

Acting Captain’s log, Stardate 4523.3. 

I dinnae know why the captain returned with a ripped shirt while the rest of the away team look perfectly fine. They landed on Tribble Planet. There’s nothin’ but Tribbles there. Doctor McCoy looks mighty peeved and Mr. Spock hasn’t spoken since their return. The Captain looks pleased with himself. Why am I still on this ship. Help.

Where I imagine Science Officer Kirk argues with Captain Spock ALL the TIME. Except then they start to agree with each other.


since Science Officer Jim is still fundamentally Jim



God there’s just so much I want to address here.

• Bones is called away, leaving Spock and Kirk finally alone. And they’re always so comfortable to be alone together…….
• “I did what was necessary” — Spock squaring up against his superiors and threatening to resign if Fleet would not allow him the resources and time to look for Kirk. Again, this is a process that took a YEAR, Jim was missing for a YEAR and Spock knows how fucking important he is to the Federation to throw that kind of weight around.
• A published instance of Spock blushing green ❤️❤️
• “It’s time you and I stopped fooling ourselves. I know you have emotions, you know I know - so why not admit it? At least in here?” – “here” being Kirk’s private quarters (the Lovenaseum)
• “I remember thinking of you, Spock.” And then Spock gently supporting Jim when he is embarrassed about attacking Spock in his delirious state.
• T A L K I N G A B O U T T H E B O N D God it gets me going every time I love it I literally can’t get enough of it I want to read Bondfic until I am dead
• Jim not being 100% forthcoming with his answer to Spock re: if the bond makes him uncomfortable. His answer seems dependent on if Spock has constant access to his thoughts, presumably because he doesn’t want Spock to find out that he falls asleep fantasizing about them snuggled up like little baby kittens every night - at least, not like this. No accidental outing. We discuss my love for Spock like men.
• “It is because we…..we need each other that our minds are drawn together.”
• D I RE C T L Y A D D RE S S I NG T HE B O ND fuck

And on the very last page, the very last line, is Spock:

“Welcome home, Jim. Welcome home!”

(The New Voyages: The Mind Sifter)