kirk ships it

Haters gonna hate

This is a Rant…a big rant…be prepared.

Do you see this picture?

This beautiful picture?

Some dumb ass bitch, who I will refer to as DAB, commented on this picture on my Pinterest board. 

In her comment DAB said:

“I hate that you did this. I don’t make your gay characters straight, why do you have to go making my straight characters gay?”

To which another person replied:

“Gay people ruin everything. LOL”

and another:

“ Amazing detail. Just that Spock is supposed to be with Nayota. NOT KIRK.”

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Unpopular opinion

I don’t care about straight stories. I don’t have time for your straight ships. I just don’t. I’m surrounded by them and bored by them and I want to see stories about me and my community. I don’t have time for one more. I don’t care.

I don’t care about stories where straight people fall in love. I barely care about stories where straight people do anything else. I. Do. Not. Care. And I’m not going to waste anymore time or energy on straight people’s stories.

Someone please write me a fic where Person A is a hockey player that rents/plays/practices at the same rink as an elite figure skating school that Person B attends and the hockey team and the figure skaters are always arguing about time slots and hating each other but Person A and Person B fall in love and it becomes like Romeo and Juliet On Ice™

So I’ve been sitting on this thought for a while and I just need to get it out there. 

So those ships in Beyond, the one that Bones drives? I’m sure everyone noticed that the steering mechanism is remarkably like a motorcycle, and Bones just jumps onto the thing and starts to drive, doesn’t give Spock even a chance, and the guy must be inwardly freaking out.

So imagine this: 

Imagine shore leave, and Jim is back planet side and he misses his old bike, so he buys a new one, because he can. And he takes Bones out on rides, just like his dad used to do with his mom. And Bones is just screaming in his ear, and holding on so tight, because Jim is a freaking MANIAC when it comes to driving, and he’s convinced he’s going to fall off, or Jim is going to take a turn too sharply and they’re going to end up road kill - he’s seen the results of motorcycle crashes in the ER far too often. 

Imagine Jim stopping in the middle of nowhere, laughing and grinning at Bones, and insisting that if he’s going to complain so much, he should just drive. And Leonard of course thinks Jim is INSANE! Because he’s a doctor, Jim, not a stunt driver. But Jim eventually wears him down, and then every time they go on shore leave after that they take turns riding around the motorcycle (because Jim totally manages to store it somewhere on the Enterprise). 

Imagine Bone just automatically swinging up onto the controls of this alien ship, and all the while he’s focusing not on space and the very real possibility of his imminent death, he’s remembering Jim’s smiling face, the feel of his arms wrapped tight around Bones’ waist as they drive around on some alien planet, or on Earth. He remembers those lessons, and he’s so fucking glad that Jim taught him how to drive a death machine because now it’s saved his life and means that he can get back to Jim and hold him again.

P.S. shipping Spirk is like a sense of life.
Art by EphemeralKing