kirk ships it

Searching the Ship, Deleted Scene

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 824

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“Y/N?” Jim called when he entered your shared quarters. He checked the rooms but there was no sign of you. With a frown he tried his communicator but you didn’t answer, he went to the next best thing and called Bones.

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7 am enterprise tours are a mistake.

i just wanted to draw bones spitting out his coffee and giving jim a hard time. why not do both

I’d like to point out, if Jim and Spock were a man and a woman instead of two men their relationship would be considered one of science fictions greatest love stories. But because they’re two men and we live in a toxic, heteronormative society people who think they’re in a relationship are considered horny fangirls.

Unpopular opinion

I don’t care about straight stories. I don’t have time for your straight ships. I just don’t. I’m surrounded by them and bored by them and I want to see stories about me and my community. I don’t have time for one more. I don’t care.

I don’t care about stories where straight people fall in love. I barely care about stories where straight people do anything else. I. Do. Not. Care. And I’m not going to waste anymore time or energy on straight people’s stories.

"... Thank you, Mr Spock."

Mccoy: *gives cup to the pretty woman he’s trying to woo*
Spock: *gives cup to Jim*