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Not Without You

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Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

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Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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soft things about TOS!Star Trek

-when kirk gets in a fight and you can see his underoos
-when spock puts his hands on his hips and sighs
-dr. mccoy having no clue how to doctor and then healing the patient anyway
-when the director shines the light on kirk’s eyes like he’s in a romance movie
-when they wear the eyeshadow
-wondering if you’ve gone blind and then realizing no the camera is just focusing on a woman for .02 seconds
-when kirk apologizes for doing a wrong thing
-when kirk gets ready to Physically Fight a racist/sexist person
-spock looking into an endless blue light box. what does he see??
-when spock intentionally cracks a joke at the end of an episode end everyone just chuckles because they are happy to be alive and together
-dr. mccoy and spock standing .02 cm away from one another at all times for no reason
-when spock raises his eyebrow and the music goes bwomp bwom
-when they have to pretend they are lifting something Very Heavy when really it is foam and weighs .02 ounces

“…and therefore, if the radius of a Class-M planet is R.346, what is the entry speed necessary to achieve standard orbit?” 

Spock waited for an answer from the cadet sitting across the dormitory table. When he cut his eyes away from the technical order textbook, he saw that cadet Kirk, instead of formulating a reply, had slumped over on one arm, apparently fast asleep. Spock puffed a sigh, but found that he wasn’t frustrated. In truth, it was nearly 0200 hours, and he admired cadet Kirk’s dedication to his studies. When Kirk had approached him two weeks prior and asked for a tutor, Spock found it difficult to refuse

(and no, it wasn’t because of the way Kirk’s eyes had shone with eagerness–)

so they had been conducting nightly tutoring sessions since then.

(And no, Spock didn’t look forward to the intimate setting, the soft light of cadet Kirk’s tiny bedroom, the gentle smile Kirk would offer him, the promised games of chess after finals week, the budding seedling of familiarity–) 

Spock was simply pleased to assist a junior cadet who had as much of a passion for his studies as Spock himself. 

He stood to leave, was about to collect his notebooks and excuse himself, when a thought froze him. It was of Cadet McCoy, who would be getting off of his beta shift residency rotation in twenty-one minutes. Spock could see clearly–could almost hear aloud–McCoy’s reaction if he opened his shared dormroom door and discovered that Spock had left Kirk to sleep on a hard table all night. 

Spock looked down at his sleeping pupil. Kirk really had overworked himself–the bags under his eyes were prominent. After a moment, Spock stooped to lift Kirk into his arms, taking care not to place his fingertips on any exposed skin. He expected Kirk to rouse, but the cadet was deeply asleep. Spock carried him to his bed and laid him down.

(And there it was, the moment of closeness, the smell of Kirk’s shampoo so apparent, his face barely lit by the lamp now, and Spock moved as if a man underwater–) 

He placed a brief human kiss on Kirk’s forehead, then left the room quickly before he could scrutinize the scene further.

(And somewhere in Jim Kirk’s mind was a floating dream-sense, a deep understanding formed by the touch, and one single word: “friend.”)