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#PickUpPitch prompt fills - captain’s choice

Surprising no one, @alwayskels is a champ and has sent out even more #PickUpPitch letters (on PST letterhead, too!) Hats off to Kelci!

The prompt: Mike and Ginny are captains of two opposing teams for a charity baseball game. Ginny has LeBron James and Serena Williams on her team. Mike has Steph Curry and Leo DiCaprio on his team. Feel free to add other celebs on their teams too!

(There’s still time to help @pitchstreetteam​ out by getting our message to Hulu and Craig Erwich before the ATX Festival. Write your letters and send your postcards and I’ll write you your very own fic! Just get me a picture of your mail before you send it off.)

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The rules are simple. Build the best celebrity softball team ever and lead that team to victory in a (not-so-)friendly game benefiting the Padres Community Fund. He has six weeks.

It’s the kind of thing that Mike Lawson was made for. 

Doesn’t matter who they find to go up against him, Mike’s been around the block. He’s not losing this game.

That confidence doesn’t wane when he finds out Ginny will captain the other team. Not even a little.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any Star Trek 2009 fanfic recs?

Where do I start? They’re all kinda old but so good.

My all-time favourite:

Atlas by Angel Baby1/distractedKat

Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning.

And the rest in no particular order, all lovely reads:

West of the Moon by Angel Baby1/distractedKat

They meet Jim in phases, and through him find each other. Once the layers begin to peel back, though, the future bridge crew of the Enterprise finds more than they ever could have dreamed. When the fight to keep him starts in earnest, the cadets and officers of Starfleet begin to learn that not all wars can be won.

Because long before he had friends, Jim had Family, and the Scaretta crime syndicate didn’t survive to the 23rd century by letting go of its own.

Jim Kirk will always be a frustration to Spock–even when that’s not his name.

5 Times James Kirk Almost Died And One He Didn’t by Angel Baby1

You can take the daredevil out of Iowa, but you can’t ever take the driving-off-cliffs out of James T. Kirk, as the unfortunate crew of the Enterprise soon learns.

Illogical (√π233/hy7) by waldorph

If Kirk was a maths genius, and never took Pike up on the dare to do better, but still managed to get to Starfleet? This is what that would look like.

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I know you've been asking for fem!kirk x spock requests, so here goes. Could you write something about all the different guys Kirk (TOS please) has been with? Like how Kirk alaways runs into past signficant others? and maybe have Spocks reaction to each of these times? thank you~~~

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consider it done, anon!

i am a little bit behind with my work (I have two more weeks of my summer class) so i’m gonna try and get this request up at least by then! thank you so much for submitting! I LOVE GETTING REQUESTS. This will go into my log. 

If anybody else wants to make any requests, send me some stuff now! <3