kirk bby


i wanted a bby bones but then the crew happened. (aos pls cast a bby bones)

What are embarrassing baby photos like for Spock? What baby Vulcan pictures did Amanda snap while her son was an infant and what embarrassing human-ish, emotional things did he do? And how do his t’hy’lara find out?

Like, does he realize one day while his parents are visiting that he’s left his mother with Jim and McCoy and McCoy’s booze supply but by the time he strides into the room to divert their attention it’s too late, because his mother is sitting with a full wine glass and an empty bottle nearby with Jim and McCoy sitting to either side of her grinning and Spock hears his mother before he even sees which holo she’s showing them “And here’s him tasting a sour Vulcan fruit for the first time–”

And Sarek strides in right behind him, having come to the same realization and intending to do some damage control, but it’s too late.

It’s just too late.


1x29, “Operation: Annihilate!

Imagine that Jim and Tom were the “parents” for the other kids while they were in hiding. Since Tom was injured, Jim was the only one who could go out and hunt for food. Originally someone suggested that made Tom the mom for staying home and taking care or them while Jim was the dad for going out and providing, but Jim promptly said “No way, the lioness is the one who hunts, I’m the momma lion.”

And so Jim was Momma and Tom was Papa to the kids ever since.

Tarsus IV Tuesday: Not So Happy Birthday

So all we know about the Tarsus IV Massacre is that it happened in 2246. We don’t know the specific date.


Since it’s Tarsus IV Tuesday, and (TOS) Jim’s birthday, obviously I’m gonna do a terrible thing.

Imagine that the Massacre happened on Jimmy’s 13th birthday.

Imagine that Tom Leighton was joking around just that morning about how 13 is an unlucky number. Imagine Jimmy just laughing it off with a playful shove.

Imagine the Massacre happening that afternoon, and Jimmy and Tom finally find a safe place to hide. Imagine the first thing Jimmy says since the incident is, “You were right. 13 is unlucky.”

Imagine Jimmy, now Jim, a year later, unwilling to celebrate his birthday when so many people died. How can he celebrate when four thousand people lost their lives that day? How can he celebrate his day of birth, the day when he was given life, when he was unfairly allowed to live when the rest of them were killed in cold blood.

Imagine Jim being absolutely repulsed at the idea of eating cake when this day marked the beginning of several weeks spent in a state of starvation.

Imagine Jim at Starfleet Academy, with people trying to throw him a party for his birthday, and Jim can’t even try to be excited about it.

Imagine people telling Jim that “It’s not like you were there.” when he tries to explain that he’s not comfortable celebrating on such a tragic anniversary.

Imagine Jim just absolutely hating his birthday.

(I’m sorry I made TOS Jim hate his birthday too. Happy birthday?)

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):