My stream requests

Here are some things I’d love to see, can anyone help?
Versions of the Elisabeth 20th Anniversary Gala not included in full on the DVD.
Solferino/Carnevale senshuuraku
The Revue ‘99, cosmos version
TeruOscar/KitarouAndre berubara
Daytime Hustler
Like a Black Panther/Dear Diamond
Elisabeth 2016
Hot Eyes
Viva! Festa!
Kiriyan’s Yukariko
Kiriyan’s Me and My Girl
Yuuhi’s Ginchan
Yuuhi’s Dark Brown Eyes shinko
Yuuhi’s Ooeyama kaden
Yuuhi’s Valentino
Shows with senka era Tom.
Tonami’s shows with Wataru
Shows from Tomu’s and Mizu’s time in cosmos.
Paris Festival 2003
Yumiko’s Love Letter dinner show
90s shinkos, especially Mizu’s Cancan shinko
OG gala things like Super Gift, Takarazuka Forever, Reijin, Showism
Victor Victoria with Kashige and Yumiko
OG Grand Hotel, and heck why not the recent zuka Grand Hotel too, and of course the impossible Kaname/Non version…
TV recordings of obscure 80s-90s shows with Takashio Tomoe, Mine Saori, Daichi Mao, Asami Rei, Shion Yuu, Kuze Seika etc, like for example Wanted, Lone Wolf, Bluff, Pale Kiss, Lily of San Grasso, Last Steps…
That cute rehearsal video to Esperanza/Dancing Dreams with Osa, Mizu, Kiriyan fooling around.

it took her a couple tries to get her sword sheathed here lol

i think it got caught on her glove or her lace cuffs

Kiriyan really does make a good Oscar but her chemistry with Touko could have been far better (especially because there’s the Komu/Touko chemistry to compare with)

But F/MA doesn’t give much opportunity to develop that so I think this is as good as could be expected…it does make me wonder what this would have been like in Tsukigumi. Yuuhi Andre and Kiriyan Oscar would have been something…

made it through ‘Ai no Junrei’ gonna go reward myself by watching sky stage silliness from my fave

Kiriyan did a good job with it too, like it’s not quite her range but she handled the style pretty well i thought

instead of writing about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men with borderline abusive behaviour (sometimes even crossing said border) write about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men who turn out to be glamorous japanese crossdressing women:

“you’re tall and graceful with an impossible voice and killer dance moves”

“say it. out loud.”


-otokoyaku who looks suspiciously like kiriyan starts doing jazz hands-


“do you glitter in the sunlight?”

“i also glitter under stage lights.”


“why can’t we be together?”

“because i swore a vow of chastity before entering the music school.” (beat) “also it’d cause a big scandal and i don’t want you involved in it.”


the stagelight saga, with stagelight, new costumes, glitterclipse, and breaking featherbutts