kiriyama rin


FIRST OFF IGNORE GOU’S ACTRESS IT WAS CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA, Mariya and Renn played lovers in a drama once and that’d be so weird and awkward!! -

Ok because I’m a bitch and I love dramas and shit Asdfghjkl I had to do this and if your ass don’t agree then idk make your own !! Anyways!!

My ideal cast for a Free! L. A.
Haruka - Yamazaki Kento
Makoto - Mukai Osamu
Nagisa - Chiba Yudai (Or Shison Jun idk?)
Rei - Nakajima Yuto
Gou - Mariya Nischiuichi ((CHANGED TO MIKI HONOKA))

Rin - Renn Kiriyama
Aiichirou - Nishii Yukito (Or switch with Chiba Yudai)
Sousuke - Miura Haruma
Momotarou - Shohei Miura
Seiijuro - Ikuta Toma

I still need Kisumi and the teacher lady and the coach and other people but I’m just focused on the main ones

I’m having trouble with Ai and Nagisa so Idk some of you can look up Shison Jun and decide! It would help!

Also I hope I’m not the only one laughing about how Ikuta Toma is Sei and Shohei Miura is Momo. And Renn Kiriyama / Nishii Yukito.