The sky is high, and the wind sings

I had a dream, someday man will attain his joy

Or so you believed with the eyes of a child.


Quick drawing made as an exchange with @shebasborg​: like she drew Shinkane in an Anidala AU, I was going to draw Shinkane in a Kiritsugu x Irisviel AU. It kind of fits, considering that Fate/Zero also was written by Psycho Pass main writer, Gen Urobuchi, and so you can see certain parallels between the relationships between Shinya and Akane with Kiritsugu and Irisviel. (I’m afraid Shinya looks too much like Kiritsugu in this fanart LOL, sorry). 

I think both Shinya and Kiritsugu are very similar: they’re two men who want justice and do good, but in the process they don’t mind stain their hands as well sacrificing their bonds or the people they love, as much as they hate it, thinking they’re doing it for the greater good - and that’s what led Kiritsugu to his downfall, and I’m sure it will happen the same to Shinya :(, yet, at the same time they have a soft side and both mentored and encouraged their own ways of thinking to Akane and Iri respectively. Akane and Irisviel are more different, but they’re both sweet, smart and strong willed women who are firm in what they believe in and don’t take shit from anyone, either be Sibyl or Kotomine, and while they don’t approve or understand Shinya or Kiritsugu’s ideals, they still care for them and want to walk at their side nonethless.

I find it ridiculously cute that what is basically Iri’s EX attack in Taikoro is Kiritsugu sniping. Like she calls for him first in a ridiculously cute voice and then he shows up on a building, Walther in hand, fires a few shots, leaves, and I’ve won Battle Royal.