Kirisi Noir

Ebony innocence shatters alone. 

Appearance: She is petite in stature around 5′2. She has long light blond hair that flows past her shoulders to her mid back although she is thinking about cutting it since its a burden in combat. She has dark green eyes as well. 

Attire: She usually is seen wearing a light blue a-line dress with the skirt reaching just past her knees. She has black flat boots to go with it.

Semblance: Angelic Dominance

In essence it can be called the mastery of aura and the anti-thesis of Grimm. Its an ability that only manifests once every few decades and was wielded by the progenitor of hunters. 

It allows her tremendous control over her own and at later levels other peoples auras and use them to a variety of applications. Currently her only ability is to channel her own aura into another allowing her to rapidly heal wounds (at least surface ones). 

Other uses include Harding aura into a one hit shield (she is close to figuring this one out), making it into a projectile weapon, controlling others aura (to a certain extent), and many others. At the highest possible level she can disburse a Grimm’s body back into darkness with a single touch.  

It has a few side effects however. One is that she feels every emotion twice as hard. This includes fear, doubt, and terror. Another is that since birth her aura has always been on. Nobody unlocked it. When sharing aura sometimes her own feelings and memories can wash onto another. 

Semblance Mastery: 2 out of 10. Replenishing is just as far as she has gotten with it. In reality there are many, many more uses of it. 

Aura Color: Naturally its black but when she transfers aura it shifts to what ever color the receivers aura is.

Weapon: Kresnik 

Classification: PRAT: Protective Rapid Aura Tonfas 

They are a pair of tonfa’s that when turned to the side and held up can function as Uzi’s. The most important aspect of the weapon however is her ability channel aura into it increasing its defense and damage. Mostly used as a form of defense against Grimm. 


Strength: E

Speed: D

Dexterity: B

Defense: C

Aura: Beyond S

Having only training for a year she isn’t that adept with fighting at all. Despite though she is able to wield Kresnik well and is able to channel it with aura to do respectable damage. Her greatest aspect is her overwhelming supply of Aura that simply dwarfs others. 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 

Story: Growing up she had absolutely no intention of being a huntress. Her dream was to be a singer and she took classes and practiced daily to become one. The day of her debut however there was an incident near the concert hall she was suppose to perform at. It was later revealed that it was a bombing done by the white fang. The people were badly hurt and knowing that they wouldn’t live till help arrived she used her semblance to heal the survivors. After that she was soon scouted by beacon and convinced to be a huntress.

Personality: She is meek and a pacifist. Usually she is pretty shy to people she just meets or doesn’t know but once she gets to know them becomes more outgoing. She takes absolutely no joy in a fight and is quite scared of the Grimm. Despite that she is kind, and treats everyone with a kind of love. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong and is severely affected when something horrible or unpleasant happens which can sometimes completely paralyze her with fear. She has a habit of just agreeing with others never expressing her own views, afraid that it may lead to conflict.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Blood Type: O+

Sign: Libra

Team Role: She is the support and third in command of the group. 

She is inspired by the Hanged Man Arcana and the Justice Arcana. They both represent her personality. With the Hanged man representing her passiveness and justice reflecting her point of views and her refusal to leave others behind.  

so what am I doing again?

so I just started this only because I’m bored and stupid. who knows. i’ve made up my mind to treat this like one of those free writing practices that my english teacher told us to do my Senior year, where you write whatever is on your mind and if you come to a blank you ’…’ until the next thought gets into your head. I thought it was stupid at first, but I think it works for me now. cause I do have a whole lot of crap in my head right now. stupid really, I don’t even think the whole free writing thing is going to last. well, we’ll see… 

Fathers of THNR

Reven Erba, a living legend and the father of Tristan and Colm. As an important figure in my verse i have already stated alot about him but he is considered one of the finest graduates of Beacon. He is a controversial figure. Despite being trained as a Hunter he works as a mercenary and only follows his own beliefs. The Council really doesnt want anything to do with him. They are often debates to have his name removed from beacon’s alumni. A hero to some and a villain to others. 

Rainer Arbalest is born into the proud Arbalest family and is the father of Himmel. He is obsessed with tradition and the standing of his family who have always been aristocrats of Atlas. His horrid upbringing of Himmel is the result of that obsession. 

Olin Noir is the father of Kirisi Noir. A simple man who works a white collar job at a office in Vale. He was heavily against Kirisi becoming a Huntress, it was an extremely dangerous job and he simply didnt want his gentle daughter involved in it. Eventually he was “convinced” by a few recruiters from the council. He hopes she will come to her senses and quit.

Kaiden Gail, the unmet father of Lune and Solis. A traveling snake faunus doctor in Mistral. He was a frequent guest of Lune’s village long before he was born. He was known to travel to different villages and mines where conditions were sub optimal. A foolish man who was too altruistic for his own good. His current whereabouts are unknown. 

ask-team-clst replied to your post “I should put some thought into the trailers for THNR ”

You should!

Mhm! I got some vague ideas about what it should be.

Tristan’s is easy, it could be somewhat similar to Yang’s in terms of a straight beat up. Maybe a mission from when he was a mercenary, i can have it connected to one of the trailers maybe.

For Himmel im not sure, he had to pass a test from his parents to apply to Beacon so maybe it could be that although i havent worked out the details of said exam yet. 

Kirisi’s could perhaps be like a training montage. She spent a year prior to her enrollment of beacon of just trying to somewhat bridge the sheer gap of strength and skil and training the other first years had. So it could be a montage of Singer!Kirisi slowly turning into Barely Qualified!Kirisi 

A good one for Lune might be his defection from Hydra and throwing off his pursuers. His main asset is his wits so a battle of cleverness and working out escape routes and staying one step ahead would probably be better suited for him.  

anonymous asked:

Hey Team THNR, you get along w/ any other first years?

“Nope.” Himmel gave a flat reply with an annoyed expression ”Go away”

“H-hey!” Kirisi gave a panicked response and stood up. “We have lots of friends….i think.” 

Himmel rolled his eyes. “Your friends. Not mine.” The white haired boy walked off coldly. 

Kirisi could only whimper in response. “Himmel….” 

ask-team-clst asked:

Team THNR: What's your relationship with your dads like?

Himmel scoffed and shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter.” And thats all he had to say on the matter. 

Kirisi smiled. “Dad is very kind but worries alot. He wasnt very…thrilled about my choice to apply to Beacon or becoming a huntress. Im sure, if he met Lune or Tristan they would know im in good hands.” The blonde gave a sad laugh as if to convince herself.

“I never knew him.” Lune looked away surprisingly coldly. 

Tristan remained silent for a solid a couple of minutes. “Who knows.” The leader gave a soft grin. 

Mun notes: 

Himmel’s father is very abusive, Himmel no longer sees him as his father and his father doesnt even see Himmel as his son just an object that he has.

Kirisi’s father was the most objective to her decision to become a hunter. It made her cry for a long time, she really wants him to support her. 

Lune never met his father as he took off before he even knew Lune’s mother was pregnant. Lune can’t help but feel animosity for a figure that was never there for him during the trials of his life.

Tristan and Reven’s relationship is very complicated. They are close but its not completely Father and Son like. Tristan has not once addressed Reven as father even once. But they feel a sense of belonging and understand each other. Its alot more like a mentor and teacher relationship then anything.