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I'm kind of hoping Touka dies. Not because of anything shipping related (I'm not a fan of shipping in general), or because I dislike her (she certainly isn't a favorite of mine but I don't hate her). But I think it would be a nice shake up to the current plot, and certainly get rid of the expected.

You’re entitled to your opinions, Anon. :) I wrote/reblogged quite a few posts about how the plot could move along without Touka dying though, so personally I am not hoping nor expecting Touka to die because a lot of unexpected things can still happen while she stays alive. 

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Hello! I’m not exactly good at speaking about symbolism, but I believe the whole “rabbits die of loneliness” idiom definitely applies to Touka and Ayato, since they were the two characters the most associated with rabbits. 

However, they’re definitely not the only ones having abandonment issues in the story, as we know very well with Kaneki’s example. Kaneki might have been compared to a rabbit by Hide, and I believe Hide compared himself to one as well, but unless you’re saying Kaneki is a rabbit because he married a girl who has a lot of rabbit symbolism, I don’t think that’s how it works. x)

Anyway, for now I don’t think that Kaneki and/or Touka are going to die (I’m a bit more skeptical about their baby) so I unfortunately don’t have any other answer to give you. Ishida-sensei described Kaneki and Touka as being a set in his mind, since he created them both after one of his dreams [x] so the rabbit symbolism aside, if one of them dies, that might mean the other will as well. Or not. 

I’m afraid it’s really impossible to say, especially when I don’t have the feeling that either of them will die.

Sorry Anon, but have a nice day!