kirin ranger


[ATTACK] Darinken Shoot.

In episode 49, Kirin Ranger attached the Rod Arrow to his Dairinken. He then unleashed the new weapon upon one of the Gorma guards. This maneuver was called Heavenly Time Star Dairinken Shoot (天時星・大輪剣シュート; Tenjisei dairinken shuuto; Lit. Heavenly time star big wheel blade shoot).

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[ATTACK] Headache True Fist Thrust & Kirin Bomb Punch.

After Kirin Ranger got Tofu Hermit drunk with his Two Day Hangover Headache Fist (急性二日酔い頭痛拳; Kyuusei futsukayoi zutsuu ken) maneuver, he unveiled his Heavenly Time Star Headache True Fist Thrust (天時星・頭痛正拳突き; Tenjisei zutsuu seikendzuki). A pair of yellow, oversized and block-like gloves then appeared on Kirin’s hands. With those, he delivered a series of shocking punches to the drunken Tofu Hermit.

In episode 25, Kirin Ranger used the same gloves to weaken Copy Empress. This aerial assault was called Kirin Bomb Punch (麒麟爆弾パンチ; Kirin bakudan panchi), though.

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[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Tofu Hermit.

Tofu Hermit, a master of the drunken fist technique, defeated Kirin Ranger and kidnapped Machiko. The creature also inebriated both Daigo and Shouji. 

Later, Tofu Hermit challenged Kazu to a sake drinking competition. Upon drinking all of his sake, Kazu fell down. When Tofu prepared to strike with his blade, Kazu blocked the attack. Two Cotpotros began to fight their own comrades. In truth, Daigo and Shouji had dressed up as Cotpotros and they switched Kazu’s sake with water. After Ryuu Ranger and Houou Ranger saved Machiko, all five Dairanger regrouped.

Kirin Ranger gave Tofu Hermit his own special qi power sake. The intoxicated monster was unable to defend itself from Kirin’s new Headache True Fist Thrust maneuver.

Tofu Hermit grew to gigantic proportions, and the Dairanger formed Dairenoh. Tofu’s flame breath caused Dairenoh to let go of the Great King Sword. The enemy used the weapon against his opponent until Kirin Ranger triggered Great Discharge. Tofu Hermit released the sword and Dairenoh unleashed Raging Hurricane Waves.

From: Episode 12

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