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Long question of many to come I’m sure. Getting thru kamen riders but haven’t seen any proper sentais. Originally into toku from mmpr so I love the eighties and nineties esthetics. and Keita Amemiyas works. Kakuranger sits at the top of my list after looking at your blog for a while. Any other recommendations?I also prefer things with long storylines/arcs if possible.(unrelatedly, watched couple guyferd eps and bummed only few are subbed so far. Heard of anyone doing more?)love the blog& thanks!

Ok, first of thanks for the kind words about the blog!  It means a lot to me!

Also, you have great taste!  Keita Amemiya is one of my all time favorite tokusatsu directors/designers and his visual aesthetic is one I can recognize almost instantly.  I would compare it to Tim Burton but that would be doing a dis-service to Mr. Amemiya however it is that distinctive and instantly familiar. That stretches from his earliest works like the sorely under appreciated Future Ninja:

All the way up to the fan favorite Garo series:

Now, I cannot recommend Ninja Sentai Kakuranger enough.  It was the show that got me into Super Sentai to begin with and one that will always hold a place close to my heart.

One thing I will mention though is that Kakuranger is as much a comedy as it is a super hero show.  It feels closest in tone (though nowhere near content) to something like Kamen Rider Den-O with heaping helpings of goofy slapstick and clashing personalities driving the humor while a serious plot bubbles away beneath.

(And yes, the Christmas episode is still on my Must Watch list every Holiday season).

As for other shows of similar vintage to watch that have a really good plot with longer story arcs and an overarching story that continues from episode to episode you really need look no further than the series that immediately preceded Kakuranger, Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Of all the 1990s era Super Sentai series, Dairanger has the best use of plot and character development.  There are maybe 6 episodes out of the series’ 50 that do not directly connect to either the main story or one of the characters’ personal arcs. Each of the characters has their own obstacles to overcome in the form of their own adversaries or challenges be it helping someone they love come to terms with a former friend turned villain, dealing with a martial arts rival gone to the dark side, putting up with a perverted little kid and learning to help him deal with his issues or helping three less than threatening villains break ties with their evil masters through a series of sporting events. 

It also has some of the best fight choreography in the entire franchise with each member of the team practicing a different variation on martial arts.  For the record my favorite is Kirin Ranger and his Drunken Boxing style.

In addition, the mecha for the series are all fantastic, especially Ryuuseioh! I just have a thing for Chinese Dragon mecha.

Plus, their combined form is one of my all time favorites (next to the first combined form in Kakuranger).

So, that’s my big recommendation from the time period you are looking at.  Other good shows to check out would be Denji Sentai Megaranger:

Choujin Sentai Jetman:

and going back a little farther Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

All three of these are good shows with that wonderful 1980s/1990s look, strong narratives and fantastic characters.  I hope this helps you decide where to look after you give Kakuranger a shot.

As for Shichisei Tōshin Guyferd, I have only managed to find the first 10 episodes subtitled and those I ripped from Youtube.

Thanks for the question!


[ATTACK] Darinken Shoot.

In episode 49, Kirin Ranger attached the Rod Arrow to his Dairinken. He then unleashed the new weapon upon one of the Gorma guards. This maneuver was called Heavenly Time Star Dairinken Shoot (天時星・大輪剣シュート; Tenjisei dairinken shuuto; Lit. Heavenly time star big wheel blade shoot).

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[ATTACK] Headache True Fist Thrust & Kirin Bomb Punch.

After Kirin Ranger got Tofu Hermit drunk with his Two Day Hangover Headache Fist (急性二日酔い頭痛拳; Kyuusei futsukayoi zutsuu ken) maneuver, he unveiled his Heavenly Time Star Headache True Fist Thrust (天時星・頭痛正拳突き; Tenjisei zutsuu seikendzuki). A pair of yellow, oversized and block-like gloves then appeared on Kirin’s hands. With those, he delivered a series of shocking punches to the drunken Tofu Hermit.

In episode 25, Kirin Ranger used the same gloves to weaken Copy Empress. This aerial assault was called Kirin Bomb Punch (麒麟爆弾パンチ; Kirin bakudan panchi), though.

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