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I don’t agree with all these posts and reviews that go “Clockwork Mansion is really a metaphor of how it’s creator’s twisted mind works…. Polished wood and pretty brocades on the outside…. but inside of them…. there are cold…. dangerous….. bare walls…..” Because I feel like it ignores the major aspect that makes Jindosh really interesting and unique as a villain.

This metaphor would make sense if Jindosh invited you for a cup of tea, played classical music while you talk about puppies and eat cupcakes, and then you woke up in the dungeon. But he didn’t. He never tried to deceive you with pleasantries and lure you into a trap. He told you outright it’s a trap. Kirin Jindosh put an audio saying “COME MEET ME IN THE PIT WHENEVER IF YOU WANT YOUR ASS KICKED” right in front of the door.

Cultural conscience always divides villains based on their intellect. Brash and loud = stupid, smart and classy = cold, manipulative, deceiving. But Jindosh is not just another Hannibal Lecter. Yes, he’s brilliant, classy, has an impeccable taste in everything except facial hair, and at the same time he’s an obnoxious, brash, loud little shit. Ffs, he shit-talks you the entire time, how is that for “pretty brocades”? He’s not really manipulative or deceptive, because he’s proud to the point of fearlessness. He promises you fair game and he keeps his promise, even when he sees you destroy all of his murder robots and reach his lair, because as the Heart said, he honestly wants to meet a worthy adversary. He doesn’t try to escape or blackmail you with, say, photos of the Empress using black magic. No, he waits there and jumps at you with the sword.

Tldr - Kirin “FIGHT ME” Jindosh is a genius dandy gremlin in intense search for someone to kick his ass.