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Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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Eliminating Kirin Jindosh hurt more than any of the other targets. Either way, it was destroying a brilliant mind. I’m glad I found that newspaper outside Breanna Ashworth’s office, for some peace of mind

Hello Guys
After two and a half Months without internet I am finally back again. Man it was truely a torture 😅
So I used the time to draw a few things.
Here is one of my sketches:
Kirin Jindosh. The douche of Serkonos.
My best dude @inquissien requested him.
Hope you like it as much as my bro did :D
Have a nice day my friends ❤


As winter approaches, looking back on some of the snow photography I’ve done! 

These are all sculptures made from polymer clay over wire and foil. They are all about 4-8 inches large. Made between 2011 and 2015. Hopefully we have some pretty days that I can do some snow photography this year too.