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Seigaku and Rikkai’s Halloween Costumes



Edit: Added Tezuka~


So this new merch features Tenipuri boys and… Fairytales!?

Anyways I’m really into folklore so I wanted to break this down.

Echizen: Issun Bosshi

Tezuka: Urashima Taro

Atobe: Cinderella (Is he actually cinderella?)

Hiyoshi:  Tennin?

Fuji: The happy prince

Yukimura, Sanada, Renji: The three musketeers

Niou: Alice in Wonderland (Mad hatter)

Jackal: Jack and the bean stalk

Kirihara: A journey to the west (Sun Wukong)

Kite: Billy the kid?

Hirakoba: Alladin

Shiraishi, Kenya: Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Zaizen: Gauche the Cellist?

Kintarou, Oni: Kintarou

I just want to talk about the room residents in the Under 17 Training camp cause I really find them amusing. I always love the scenes/episodes when they are not playing tennis and just being dorks. (because I’m getting nervous also when I watch them play)

First is this room,  these three coincidentally have the same hobby of raising plants. A peaceful room. No worries.

This room is full of witty people.  May it be a professor, a scientist, or a schemer. 

Next. Jackal’s obsession with Marui is just too cute. XD . 

Ibu and Yagyu, both the silent type but because of that, often argues with Momo being always the neutral. 

The room of the Sweet tooth’s. Getting along always with sugar in the center. 

Niou’s Kingdom.

Atobe’s Reaction vvvvvvvv XD

Wild Akutsu and Kawamura Mama

Davide and Bane-chan: The Boke & Tsukkomi Duo + Koharu and Yuuji: Manzai Duo

( it’s a shame that Davide is not in the spotlight with his puns lately. I love him. T^T)

King Atobe and his peasants.

These Doubles Pairs always battling about which is the True Golden Pair.

Yuushi always last to sleep, always have the time to roam around because his room mates are always early to rest.

This is my favorite room. XD

Kirihara and Kaidou the scaredy-cats in the room is always being played by Hiyoshi while Zaizen is always on the lookout for something to put on his blog.

It’s not yet shown in the anime what situations are happening in this room with these members. But I’m sure that it’s also a laugh because Sengoku and Gin are here. Maybe they’re making fun of Sanada while Tachibana’s  just a spectator. lol

( I just noticed that ever since the New Prince of Tennis started, Sanada’s character personality has somewhat changed. He’s more outspoken with everybody, he’s not that cold like what he used to be and he shows signs of being a dork. I started to like him. XD) 

Higa Chuu’s room is also not shown yet in the anime. But I’m sure this room has that constant fear for Go-ya’s lol

Last is this room. Uza-uza’s gestures is sometimes so damn cute. I wonder if Echizen is the only one who is talking to him. Kintaro is as always overly-energetic and loves to eat. This room looks like fun also. XD


Kutsurogi Stickers ~Monogatari no Oujisama~

My 1st box of Kutsurogi has arrived! ^^
I’d love to post the stickers individually but Tumblr has a size and quantity limit.

*also, if you’ll repost these scans somewhere else kindly credit it*


New Prince of Tennis Calendar 2018

Release Date: November 2017
Price: 1,800 JPY + tax each
Specification: Wall Calendar, 7 pages
Size: A2

Months with the corresponding characters:

•Cover = Tezuka, Atobe and Yukimura
•January - February =  Fuji, Shiraishi, Kawamura and Koishikawa
•March - April = Echizen, Momoshiro, Marui and Kirihara
•May - June = Kenya, Zaizen, Mukahi and Hiyoshi
•July - August = Amane, Kurobane and Saeki
•September - October = Chitose and Tachibana
•November - December = Niou, Yagyuu, Akutsu and Sengoku


Higa&Rikkai Characters Guide
I apologize for any inaccuracies/typos I could have made



Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - Your favorite tennis match or story arc (National Tournament Finals Arc)

It’s the finals! We got to see Sanada’s Fū Rin Ka In Zan Rai, Tezuka Phantom, Kaidoh & Akaya in Devil Mode, Yanagi’s control of Devil Akaya, a Mummy Inui, Niou’s Illusion, Fuji’s 6th counter: Hoshi Hanabi, Marui and Jackal’s techniques, Golden Pair’s synchro, Yukimura’s real tennis and lastly, Echizen becomes super saiyan LOL


JUMP FESTA 2018 GOODS ~Showa Note~

•TeniMikuji (JF2018 Limited)

Release Date: December 16-17, 2017
Price: 300 JPY each
Specification: Bookmark Type with PP, with Ribbon
Size: 5.5cm x 9.1cm

•Shikishiki Collection

This will be given as a prize for getting  大大吉、大吉、大凶 and 大大凶  with the size of the shikishiki is 24.2cm x 27.3cm. On the other hand, you can get 12.1 cm x 13.6 cm shikishiki if you draw  大吉 and大凶


Release Date: December 16, 2017 (General Sales starts on January 2018)
Price: 1,200 JPY + tax each
Material: Zinc Alloy, Acrylic
Size: 4cm x 4cm
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka, Atobe, Hiyoshi, Yukimura, Kirihara, Shiraishi and Zaizen
Privilege: Each brooch will come with the corresponding character post card

•Paper Accessory

Release Date: General Sales starts on late January 2018
Price: 1,500 JPY + tax each
Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal
Size: 24.5cm x 5.5cm
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji
*The jewels can be used as a keyholder by attaching a ball chain

•Jewelry Stand

Release Date: December 16, 2017 (General Sales starts on late January 2018)
Price: 3,200 JPY + tax each
Material: Plastic, Paper, Metal
Size: 24.5cm x 5.5cm
Characters: Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhouji
*The jewels can be used as a keyholder by attaching a ball chain

*Buy both Paper Accessory and the Jewelry Stand for only 4,700 JPY + tax that comes with an A4 Art Sheet