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Prince of Tennis 30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - Your favorite tennis match or story arc (National Tournament Finals Arc)

It’s the finals! We got to see Sanada’s Fū Rin Ka In Zan Rai, Tezuka Phantom, Kaidoh & Akaya in Devil Mode, Yanagi’s control of Devil Akaya, a Mummy Inui, Niou’s Illusion, Fuji’s 6th counter: Hoshi Hanabi, Marui and Jackal’s techniques, Golden Pair’s synchro, Yukimura’s real tennis and lastly, Echizen becomes super saiyan LOL

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Hello there, could I have a scenario of how the Rikkadai regulars would react when Yukimura confessed saying​ that he has a crush???

(tbh i think sanada would faint and yanagi would stalk them but that’s just me)

Kirihara and Marui’s mouths dropped open, and they stared wide-eyed at their captain. “Wait… what??” Kirihara is the first to speak, his exclamation so piercing it causes everyone within a twenty foot radius to flinch. 

“This is rather unexpected,” Yanagi says, already pulling out his notebook. Niou smirks, humming to himself at Yukimura’s content expression. Beside him Jackal stares, his jaw dropped. 

“To think that the captain has a crush…”

“Hm?” Yukimura turns to him, a pleasant smile on his face. Jackal backs away slightly.

“Ah, no, nevermind…”

“What is this person like?” Yagyuu asks curiously, pushing up his glasses. Yukimura’s smile widens, and the entire team leans in closer to see his expression. 

“They’re cute,” is his first remark, and his smile twitches into a teasing, thoughtful smirk. “I’m not really sure how to describe them besides calling them ‘cute’. To me,” and he chuckles to himself, light peals of laughter causing everyone around them to stop and stare, “they’re perfect.” He finishes. 

“Y-Yukimura… has a crush?” Sanada echoes. Niou rolls his eyes.

“I think we’ve gotten past that part, Sanada-fukubuchou,” he says, eyeing the taller boy mischievously. 

“Possibility Seiichi will walk them home… 89%,” Yanagi mutters to himself, scribbling furiously in his notebook. 

“Come now, it’s not that surprising,” Yukimura smiles.

“To think… our buchou is actually interested in something other than tennis…”

“Akaya. One hundred laps around the courts right now.”

“Ack…. y-yes!”

I just want to talk about the room residents in the Under 17 Training camp cause I really find them amusing. I always love the scenes/episodes when they are not playing tennis and just being dorks. (because I’m getting nervous also when I watch them play)

First is this room,  these three coincidentally have the same hobby of raising plants. A peaceful room. No worries.

This room is full of witty people.  May it be a professor, a scientist, or a schemer. 

Next. Jackal’s obsession with Marui is just too cute. XD . 

Ibu and Yagyu, both the silent type but because of that, often argues with Momo being always the neutral. 

The room of the Sweet tooth’s. Getting along always with sugar in the center. 

Niou’s Kingdom.

Atobe’s Reaction vvvvvvvv XD

Wild Akutsu and Kawamura Mama

Davide and Bane-chan: The Boke & Tsukkomi Duo + Koharu and Yuuji: Manzai Duo

( it’s a shame that Davide is not in the spotlight with his puns lately. I love him. T^T)

King Atobe and his peasants.

These Doubles Pairs always battling about which is the True Golden Pair.

Yuushi always last to sleep, always have the time to roam around because his room mates are always early to rest.

This is my favorite room. XD

Kirihara and Kaidou the scaredy-cats in the room is always being played by Hiyoshi while Zaizen is always on the lookout for something to put on his blog.

It’s not yet shown in the anime what situations are happening in this room with these members. But I’m sure that it’s also a laugh because Sengoku and Gin are here. Maybe they’re making fun of Sanada while Tachibana’s  just a spectator. lol

( I just noticed that ever since the New Prince of Tennis started, Sanada’s character personality has somewhat changed. He’s more outspoken with everybody, he’s not that cold like what he used to be and he shows signs of being a dork. I started to like him. XD) 

Higa Chuu’s room is also not shown yet in the anime. But I’m sure this room has that constant fear for Go-ya’s lol

Last is this room. Uza-uza’s gestures is sometimes so damn cute. I wonder if Echizen is the only one who is talking to him. Kintaro is as always overly-energetic and loves to eat. This room looks like fun also. XD

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Reactions for the boys when their s/o shouts "Well then maybe we should just break up then!" at them in the middle of a fight/argument. For Atobe, Sanada, Tezuka, Fuji S., Inui, Yanagi, Kirihara, and Tokugawa.

Here you go, love. <3

It started out as a small, even silly argument, but in a matter of minutes blew out of proportions.


Atobe’s expression stiffened, his hand falling limply to his side. The expression on his face alone made you want to take your words, your eyes wide in shock over your own words. Atobe shook his head as if to clear his thoughts and with two long strides he was standing in front of you. His eyes were intense and you almost wanted to recoil, but Atobe gently placed his finger under your chin, tilting your eyes upwards to meet his gaze. He let out a quiet sigh, “Don’t ever say that, love. No matter how much we fight I always love you. You hear me?” You nodded meekly, blinking away the tears as Atobe smiled at you softly before kissing your forehead.


Both, Sanada and you, froze at your words, a tense silence filling the room. You opened your mouth to say something – anything to take the words back, but  Sanada beat you to it. He had his hands balled into fists, but his voice was calm, “Do you really mean that, (Name)?” Your bottom lip started to tremble when you realized just how stupid you had been for saying something like that because of a silly fight. With tears sliding down your cheek you shook your head while repeatedly choking out “No… I’m so sorry, so sorry.” Sanada wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest, “Shh, just don’t scare me like that again.”


Only a small twitch of his eyes indicated that Tezuka even heard your words, his expression remaining completely calm otherwise. The silence made you want to crawl into a hole. Sighing Tezuka reached out to take your hand, “If you really would want to break up you wouldn’t bother fighting with me in the first place.” You knew he was right, you couldn’t even imagine being without Tezuka and despite this fight he always made you happy. Exhausted you let your head drop against Tezuka’s shoulder, his arm immediately wrapping around your waist. You pressed closer to Tezuka, inhaling his scent “You are right. I’m sorry for saying something like that.”


Fuji went completely silent, but that only made things worse for you. The look in his clear blue eyes was enough to make you realize how hurtful your words had been and you wanted nothing more than taking them back. Without thinking you rushed forward, wrapping your arms around Fuji’s neck, your face buried in his chest while you mumbled into the soft fabric of his shirt “I’m sorry. I don’t wanna fight anymore.” Fuji didn’t react immediately and you clutched him tighter until Fuji gently stroked over your hair, his arm securely wrapping around your waist “Just please don’t say things like that. I love you, no matter what.”


His face went pale and Inui opened his mouth a few times without any words coming out. You had to swallow hard, the words you said replaying in your head. Why had you said something like that?! Inui studied your face for a while before letting out a breath, “78 % the couples regret breaking up during a fight.” Your eyebrow shot up in surprise and Inui quickly waved his hand around to explain himself “W-What I wanted to say is that I don’t want us to break up. I love you and I want us to be together…” You smiled and leaned up to peck his cheek, the blush dusting his cheeks making your smile widen, “I didn’t mean what I said. Let’s just cuddle and forget about the fight.”


You could see how his composure faltered, his shoulders slumping and suddenly all the tension from the fight was gone, the shouting and yelling making place for a far worse silence. Yanagi’s voice sounded incredibly fragile when he spoke up, making your heart clench, “Are you serious? I know it was a stupid fight, but…” You didn’t give Yanagi time to finish his sentence, quickly shaking your head “No, no… no. I was just angry… it slipped out. I’m sorry…” Tears of exhaustion and frustration welled up in your eyes, but before you could wipe them away Yanagi had pulled you into his arms. He rested his forehead against yours with a small smile, “Good, because I love you too much to let you go.”


Kirihara immediately clamped his mouth shut, staring at you with wide eyes. You stared back with equally wide eyes, none of you moving for a while. Only when big tears started to slip down Kirihara’s cheeks you rushed forward, Kirihara’s arm already open to pull him to him. He pressed his face in your neck, squeezing you tightly in his arms, “Don’t leave me alone… please. I love you…really.” You gently patted Kirihara’s hair, hating yourself for what you had said, “I’m not leaving… I’m sorry. I love you, too.” Kirihara let out a relieved sigh, still squeezing you in his arms when he childishly mumbled, “I don’t wanna fight ever again.”


Tokugawa clenched his jaw and the pain in his eyes was enough to make you sob. God, how could you say something like that? Unsure Tokugawa held out his arms to you and you didn’t waste any time, immediately letting yourself collapse against his chest. Silently Tokugawa stroked over your hair, letting you cry until you calmed down enough to look back up at him. Tokugawa softly wiped the tears from your cheeks, looking at you like a lost puppy “W-We are not breaking up, right?” You let out a small giggle, shaking your head “No. I don’t even know why I said that…” A look of relief washed over Tokugawa’s face and he gently kissed your nose “Next time let’s just talk and not fight…”