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Can I get a really fluffy scene with Hanamiya and his s/o where he realizes how head over heels in love with her he is, also if you wouldn't mine maybe something about how much she turns him on ;) ps: your blog is my life and it's nice to t see that someone else appreciate kiridi as much as they should be

hope you don’t mind that i combined the two xx

They laugh; Hara making a particularly loud provocative comment whilst even Furuhashi has a mildly amused face. Apparently it’s funny, him giving you a piggyback, yet he finds the only joke is the jealousy they’d never admit to. After all, they don’t have someone as perfect as you- hell, no one but he does.

“Fuck off,” he growls and they do accordingly, albeit not without teases. They simply don’t understand, Hanamiya tells himself, that he would do anything for you as you would do so too. There’s an unspoken agreement that the two of you will always support the other and he knows he needs that loyalty; he receives much from his mother yet worries it will stop when she realises just how dangerous his match play is.

You realised a long time ago but you have never wavered from his side.  

He has so many reasons for loving you, so many little things (like the shine in your eyes when you speak of your passion and how you hold his hand as if you’ll never let it go and how you so often smile at him and murmur how much he means to you), yet your support will always be number one.

In this moment, he realises how much you mean to him and how much he’ll be destroyed when, not if, you go.