Harper & Callaghan #1

Sunlight poured through the smog over Los Angeles and into the window of a small downtown apartment, resting upon Kiri’s cheek. She was already half awake, having thrown her alarm clock across the room a few minutes before, as she did every morning.

After battling her inner monologue that pleaded with her to stay under her soft, warm duvet, she managed to roll out of bed and trudge to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot, her tank top slightly askew. Shouldn’t have stayed up so long live streaming, she told herself.

After a shower and a lengthy hair styling session, Kiri got dressed and made her way to her car. Working for the Nerd Exploratory Reclamation Division of the LAPD had afforded her the luxury of a decent hybrid car which she cherished. It was hard to get around L.A. without a car, and she felt it unnecessary to contribute to the smog problem.

She arrived at headquarters and took the elevator to the basement level. The LAPD had stuck N.E.R.D in the basement because they had no other place to put them. The division was relatively new, and focused on nerd and geek related crimes, mostly thefts. As she stood in front of the door to the division, she was reminded once again of the intense discomfort the fact that the word “nerd” was in the acronym of “N.E.R.D.” gave her. She huffed and went through the door.

She arrived at her desk, which sat face to face with her partner, Nika Harper. Nika had already arrived, and was busy playing her 3DS with her buckled boots propped up on her own desk.

“Morning, sunshine,” Nika said, not looking up from her game.

Kiri grumbled a reply and plopped down into her desk chair. Nika paused her game and looked over at her partner.

“You look like shit,” she said.

Kiri rolled her eyes. “Appreciate the positivity first thing in the morning.”

“No problem. Live streaming?”

Kiri nodded. Nika chuckled.

From the other end of the room, a booming voice yelled, “HARPER! CALLAGHAN! MY OFFICE, NOW!”

“Oh great,” Kiri said.

“He’s probably going to tell us how great a job we did yesterday,” Nika said, smiling.

Captain Wil Wheaton paced behind his desk, taking slow, deliberate steps. He wrung his hands behind his back and forced a smile as Kiri and Nika sat down in chairs across from his desk.

“Ladies,I just got off the phone with the mayor,” Wheaton said. His knuckles whitened as his wringing got harder. “According to him, the initial report from the Department of Transportation detailing the events of yesterday afternoon estimates the cost of the damages to over half a million dollars.”

Kiri and Nika bumped knuckles. “New record,” said Nika.

Captain Wheaton stopped pacing, slammed his fists on his desk, and said through clenched teeth, “You two knocked down three streetlights, a traffic light pole, five fire hydrants, two parking meter officer’s vehicles, sixteen parking meters, and a gourmet schwarma truck! This is not a good thing!”

“Hey, that guy was a high priority suspect,” Nika replied.

“He owed $600 in late library book fees!” Wheaton’s face turned red and a vein bulged from his forehead.

“We’ll be careful next time,” Kiri said.

“Next time?!?! There better not BE a next time!” Wheaton composed himself, taking several long, deep breaths. “Nevertheless, you two have a new assignment. Last night someone broke into House of Secrets and stole the week’s entire shipment of new comics. Go over there and find out what happened.”

“Will do, Cap'n!” Nika said, saluting him.

“And do me a favor, ladies,” Wheaton pleaded. “Don’t break anything.”

Kiri and Nika nodded and left the office. They gave each other a high five as they went to their desks.

“Shall we try for 750k next time?” Nika asked.

“I dunno. Captain is getting tired of talking to the mayor, I think.” Kiri replied. “But if they job requires it, we’ll do it. Let’s go find us some comics.”


Part n+1 of “stuff I’ve made recently”: Another fan art piece of Alys - The Terra Mirum Chronicles (written by kiricallaghan)

It’s basically a “teaser poster” of Alys as a Hollywood summer action movie blockbuster. Kiri herself playing the role of Alys. I felt some of the events in the book were quite personal, so she is Alys in my mind when I read the book. (Also when I saw this picture taken by Jason Heilpern, the fan art pic pretty much made itself.)

If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend it. It’s full of juicy visuals that definitely inspires me to create stuff.

“Halamshiral” by Kiri Callaghan is so heart-breaking and beautiful that I can’t stop listening to it. I’m a sucker for melancholic love stories, and this one hits the sweet spot. If you haven’t heard it, you should definitely look it up, because you won’t be disappointed! Well, maybe a litlte sad but you’ll fall in love with Alistair’s romance all over again!!


Ok, full disclosure, this song/video made me tear up. Like seriously, didn’t shed a tear for the whole les mis play/movie/whatever, but this…. TOO SOON!!!

But it is beautiful, and poignant, and heartbreaking, and surprisingly informational about why such an amazing show got canceled.


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