kiri diary entry


Hello everybody!!!

Finally I’m back home and having some rest! I had such a busy but enjoyeble summer!!! First of all a Bronze medal, it was a huge success for me and my partner Nadia. I would not change all of my trophies for this medal!!! It was such a special and unforgeteble moment in my life!!! Finally I learned how to play on grass, after 9 years this surface become one of my favorite hahaha.

I want to thank our president Vladimir Putin for such a nice present for all the athletes who got a medal for such a nice car the Audi A6. I got to see it just couple days ago when I got back home.

The tournaments in USA went faster then usually, as I played only 3 tournaments, not 6 as always… So I didn’t get to tired after beeing in States only 3 weeks. But obviously it was such memorable summer in my life as I got a medal!!!

Also want to thank all my fans who supporting me!!! It gives an extra energy and more power. Thank you everybody for believing in me!!! See you soon in Korea!!!


P.S : but with support of my ((only one)) what I got during my summer season it was difficult to show different result. It was a special summer for me!!! ))))))