when jim joins spock and nyota’s relationship, he feels a bit like an outsider, because spock and nyota have been together so long and he has never had a relationship last very long that didn’t end bad and he starts to kind of freak out about it a little but he can’t go to bones about it really because yeah he and bones love each other but bones doesn’t understand

but spock and nyota do

so they suggest that they start going on dates separately - spock and jim, jim and nyota, and nyota and spock, and then all three of them, and repeat, until things start to work themselves out.

Brandy Alexander

Sharing a night off can have memorable effects, especially when alcohol is involved. Not necessarily the regretful or embarrassing ones. But ones, that when looked back upon, spark a fond smile or a lighthearted chuckle over the memory. This would be one of those moments; one shared between a Captain and his Lieutenant.

What started out as Nyota and Jim lounging at separate ends of his couch evolved into the linguist casually laying her body over his legs, resting her back on the armrest while Jim idly winded his fingers through her hair.

They were in the midst of a debate; one neither of them can recall how it started, and yet almost naturally it became heated… as well as juvenile.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“I am not!”

“Whoa, don’t start getting mad at me Lieutenant… just because you’re wrong.

“Oh whatever Captain, you’re just silly.”

“And you’re just beautiful, Nyota.” His eyebrows rose, giving her a somewhat smug look behind those icy blues, like he knew that would be the killer to the argument. Needless to say, it was a good judgment call.

Nyota opened her mouth for an instant rebuttal, but hearing what Jim said gave her reason to pause. She tensed her jaw in the slightest amount and rolled her eyes away muttering, “You shouldn’t say things like that…” as she leaned over to place her drink on the coffee table in front of them. 

He let out a small chuckle, waiting until the glass was free from her hand before snaking his arm around her back to pull her closer until only a small gap remained between them.

“And why’s that?” Jim’s tone gradually became deeper, falling to a whisper as his nose brushed against her cheek, moving along to nuzzle her nose.

She quickly wet her lips, letting out a soft sigh. “Because it’ll just make me want to fall in love with you.” Nyota may have sounded like she was only teasing him, an attempt to get back at him in some way. Yet there was something else behind those big brown eyes that was just too hard to ignore.

He pulled back at that, but only in the barest amount, partly surprised at the statement, partly something else his mind couldn’t grasp yet. Jim caught himself staring; the mix of liquor and the tone of Nyota’s voice were becoming intoxicating on so many levels.

Slowly the arm around her back tightened while the other twisted under her legs, his hand deftly brushing against the soft skin of her thigh for a few seconds. In one swift motion Jim stood up, naturally taking Nyota with him, cradled in his arms. He was of course a bit wobbly at first, something that caused the linguist to tightly grasp Jim’s shoulders to which he responded with a chuckle.

 “And falling in love with me… that would be a bad thing right?” He joked, leaning to plant a kiss on her forehead as he took a couple strides to get his bearings.

She shrugged, giving him a little smirk. “Not sure, haven’t really decided yet.“

Jim could only shake his head at that, reacting with a brief snort. Eventually his steps had them heading towards the bedroom, ending with the two of them collapsing onto the bed in a fit of laughter.

“Be sure to make it known when you do decide, alright?” He whispered once their amusement subsided, moving to lay at her side and plant a few kisses along her neck.

Nyota let out a breathy chuckle while her hand traveled up Jim’s arm to rest on the back of his neck, making small circles within his hair. With a content hum she took some initiative, grasping at Jim’s hair then pulling him up until their lips glided against one another’s.

"Trust me; you’ll be the first to know.” The quiet murmur left her while her dark eyes met his for a fleeting moment before drawing Jim in for a deep kiss, and by the end of the night it was safe to say that Nyota’s choice was made perfectly clear.

you know kirk x uhura is really hilarious (beautiful) to me because they’d break up like every other day and they’d constantly fight and jim’s cheek would probably always be smarting from being slapped for some rude goddamn comment he could’ve kept to himself and poor nyota goes around talking crap to christine and carol and janice about how much her wrist hurts from having to hit him all the time but then

then there are those moments

when they’re doing paperwork together and listening to a playlist on one of their padds when an old-as-dirt song comes on and they both start to sing it because freakin nerds of course they know all the words how could they not? when jim found out nyota liked old songs, he went back through and listened all that he could, and suddenly it was happening just like this - singing together. singing is what brought them together, and it’s what kept them together, and it’s what has jim jumping up and pulling nyota up with him. he stops singing just for long enough to say “dance with me!” and she only stops long enough to sigh fondly.

Rough Day by james-t-kirktacular

“Nyota needs to unwind after a day of tension, but it seems Jim beat her to the punch.”

Warnings inside; non-sexual infantilism link above

WARNING: below the read more is an unedited/uncut version that I was going to upload and then though better of. It is still non-sexual (to me, anyway), but features “breastfeeding” (and the quotations are used here for a reason). if you don’t wanna read anything about “breastfeeding”, read the link instead

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