I don’t see why people pick on elfgutz and her comet’s glittery face up… have you all forgotten kireix’s rhinestone addiction and head to toe body paint in possibly some of the most obnoxious colors and or glitter. personally I think that was WAYY worse than just some glitter goo under one eye. ~Anonymous

Little Elipses in Leeloo’s Uncanny Dream

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Elipses (Little)
  • Sculpt: Soom Legend Collection Shale

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Designs

Outfit by Dollheart, Wings by SOOM

Leeloo starting a painting

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Leeloo
  • Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Shushu A-Line Large Busty Cutie leg Body in NS

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Designs:

Camera from Photojojo, Clothes form Dollmore, Blank non magnet ears from Yaya Han, Glasses from Unoa

Gaius and Lum love you guys

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Gaius (Brown Hair) Caprica/Lum (Pink Hair)
  • Gaius Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee El A-Line Muscle Body in NS
  • Caprica/Lum Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Lishe A-Line Normal Boy Body with Girl legs in WS

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Design:

Scull Kimono by 2Otaku, Black Skirt by Dollheart, Pink Shoes from Jpop, Brown wig from Iplehouse

Hey all! I am still around and doing things. I’ve just been consumed with moving and a new job that will hopefully give me more time for BJD work. I’m sure this will continue for the next week or two or three as well.

I am seriously thinking of taking a break from major doll purchasing (not from the hobby, just from having at least one doll on order all the time) and focusing my play monies on making my Uber Otaku Design studio setup really quite smexy. (Except Soom just announced a LittleGem event, so I have to get at least one NS and maybe a Bronze shale. Been waiting for this for months.)

So far I am dreaming of a whole room which will have a few functions.

  1. Spray Booth space
  2. (Physical) Creative Space
  3. Drying/curing Space
  4. Photo/Video Space
  5. BJD storage

For my Spray booth space I plan to do a lot of my airbrushing (at least the Sealant part) there for health reasons as well as to keep the afterspray from floating and getting into any and everything else in the apartment/room.

My Physical Creative space would be where the Jewelry/Sculpting/Sewing(?)/Physical painting type tasks get done. I am not so sure on the sewing part as I don’t know if I would want to give up the real estate given how little I sew.

For my Drying/Curing space I’ll have space for letting a few projects dry at once. I will probably just stick with my current drying method in which I use a few sets of rainbow test tube shot glasses, plastic beads, and knitting dowels. It is flexible and pretty.

For my Photo/Video area I am thinking of having different curtains I can use depending on what I want for the background. I also will try to use some sort of modular setup so I can have the table against the wall for Doll photos or away from the wall so I can sit at the table to record (wall will be used as a background) Some of my other creative tools will go outside of my art room.

(Digital) Creative Space Doll Meetup Space

For my Digital Creative space I’ve decided the Cintiq 24 HD touch and an iMac will go out in the living room away from any spraying (even though a vented booth will be used for spraying) my current 2009 MacbookPro will be used in the art room. It’s already on its last leg so I’m not as concerned for its health. I do want my new incoming tech to last me at least 5+ years. Due to space and for ergonomics I am going to see about having the iMac wall mounted so it can be flexible on placement and can be above my cintiq.

For my Doll Meetup/Trunk show space there will be a community area with a kitchen, seating, tables

I’ve got to make some decisions around ergonomics as well. I would love if my work tables were modular (could be a standing or sitting workspace). Standing would allow for more storage underneath. Adjustable tables are expensive! I do like the Geek Desk V3

So many ideas to work out! Stay tuned! I hope to track it all - or at least do a video of the finalized setup! :)