I don’t see why people pick on elfgutz and her comet’s glittery face up… have you all forgotten kireix’s rhinestone addiction and head to toe body paint in possibly some of the most obnoxious colors and or glitter. personally I think that was WAYY worse than just some glitter goo under one eye. ~Anonymous

aggressivelybicaptainamerica asked:

Avery fits well into minifee clothes so I'm hopeful. Now one in the right pastel goth blues, blacks and purples needs to come out. XD

I have Ambrose laced in pretty tight, so there is definitely wiggle room ;) Kireix fit her corsets on her SOOM and Luts bodies too~

The awesome colors always go crazy fast tho, so good luck! :D they’re really addictive~

Little Elipses in Leeloo’s Uncanny Dream

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Elipses (Little)
  • Sculpt: Soom Legend Collection Shale

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Designs

Outfit by Dollheart, Wings by SOOM

Leeloo starting a painting

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Leeloo
  • Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Shushu A-Line Large Busty Cutie leg Body in NS

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Designs:

Camera from Photojojo, Clothes form Dollmore, Blank non magnet ears from Yaya Han, Glasses from Unoa

Gaius and Lum love you guys

Doll Info:

  • Owner: KireiX
  • Name: Gaius (Brown Hair) Caprica/Lum (Pink Hair)
  • Gaius Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee El A-Line Muscle Body in NS
  • Caprica/Lum Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Lishe A-Line Normal Boy Body with Girl legs in WS

By KireiX at Uber Otaku Design:

Scull Kimono by 2Otaku, Black Skirt by Dollheart, Pink Shoes from Jpop, Brown wig from Iplehouse