ionlyspeaksarcasm  asked:

Hey there. I was just wondering if you would recommend a Fairyland Minifee Shushu for a first time doll owner? P.S your sets are amazing.

I’m glad you like my sets =^_^=

This is a very hard question because it is such an individualistic one…

At the very least I would say that a Minifee in general is a pretty darn good sculpt…. not too big, not too little, very posable, pretty easy to re-sell if you decide its not for you, pretty easy to find clothes/wigs/eyes/shoes for, the parent company is fabulous to deal with, there are layaway options with various dealers, you can customize your choice pretty well…..

I personally love my minifees to death. I should I have 11 so far XD Hopefully this was helpful! I’m happy to discuss further if wanted.