Here’s another where I’m more satisfied with the writing than I am the drawing. I tried to emulate the artistic style of 1950s advertisements … but the results were disappointing. However, I really, really like this character and think it’s the most believable (within it’s world) of the user-fandom characters I’ve created.

Also, I’d like to apologise for the delay in posting this. I was sick all weekend and I haven’t had wi-fi access until later tonight.

kirchgater requested I draw her as a student at Bully/Canis Canem Edit’s Bullworth Academy

Theme music: Busting In

kirchgater is a bitter, sarcastic and witty girl who has a tendency to like cute things. However, she doesn’t try to appear cute deliberately as this would offend her own personal ideas of what is obnoxious and would raise questioning eyebrows amoung her Greaser peers.

kirchgater is generally thoughtful and passive, especially compared to some of her hot-headed friends, but she becomes extremely defensive when flustered.

She likes people who are funny, loyal, and won’t let themselves be pushed over. However, she isn’t too partial about her acquaintances and will occasionally acknowledge and even help out pushovers from other cliques if they’re cute or endear themselves to her. The other cliques hold little appeal for her although some of the individual nerds are good company and she can find herself getting along with them if they aren’t being defensive and rude. Although she would not readily admit this, she finds the preps amusing. Of course she disagrees with their attitude and their general existence but, nonetheless, their antics are entertaining.

Her closest friends are Lucky, Norton, and Hal although she also finds it horribly fulfilling to vent about the jocks to Ricky. She and Lola were very close in their freshman year but she has since grown aggravated with Lola’s drama-magnetism. Outside of her clique she get’s along with Christy, Cornelius, Lance, Melvin, and Melody.

She is extremely suspicious of the Bullworth Academy staff and Bullworth Town denizens. To her they’re all germs who lack any sort of conviction or thoughtfulness towards their students. She actually sort of likes Ms. Phillips though. Ms. Phillip’s knows her stuff and doesn’t hesitate to point out when something needs to be done or rectified. She can respect that.

Bullworth definitely wears on her. She inwardly whines about injustices and isn’t very empathetic or understanding towards people and actions that are senseless and stupid.  She isn’t vocal about her displeasure with the other students (except the jocks) and she isn’t one to pick needless fights (except sometimes with the jocks), but she will certainly bite back without preamble or hesitance if pressed.

She likes to languish about and whine to her friends about the injustice of how the school treats her and her intelligence; however, when it actually comes to taking the initiative to prove these goofs wrong, she lays down and pushes away the notion because it would be too much hard work to try to change the minds of the staff and her peers. They’re going to be idiots no matter what she does. She’s a bit of a procrastinator, especially in subjects where her grades never improve.

Unlike many of her friends, her ire is not reserved for the preps but is usually viciously directed at the jocks. She’s been known to make remarkable threats about them to her clique and to any of the poor wimps who happen to be the jocks’ target of choice of that week.

The letterman jacket she wears is by no means an attempt to endear herself to the athletes. In fact, she wears it like a trophy. No student besides Peanut knows the full story of how she got it, but it’s been tossed around that Juri said something expectedly stupid and insulting about her and that Peanut nearly punched him out and that, in the climax of this inter-clique tussle, kirchgater finally gave Juri what was coming to him and finished the job with a well-placed kick.  Whatever the story, she enjoys the comfort the jacket provides, despite it being much too large for her.