John Lennon and George Harrison in Stuart’s attic studio in the Kirchherr family home, Eimsbütteler Straße, Hamburg, 1962

“That is one of my favourites. You can see in his [John’s] eyes that he was so let down and sad because his best friend has gone. George is only 18 and he looks like he’s thinking ‘don’t worry I’ll look after you.’” - Astrid Kirchherr, Daily Post, 27 August 2010

George Harrison, Hamburg, late 1962, photographed by Astrid Kircherr (and previously posted on the blog here).

“George was always my favorite, his kindness and his wit. He was just a wonderful person and whenever I was in trouble, like with money and things, he was always looking after me and he invited me a couple of times to London and later to Henley. I just miss him terribly because he was like a little guardian angle for me, I feel like I am in a way lost without him.” - Astrid Kirchherr, Astrid Kirchherr: A Retrospective [x | x]