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10 Year Evolution
The Maine
10 Year Evolution

The Maine || Through The Years 2007-2017

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This lovely little lonely noise is for you…the individual responsible for making the noise audible. A noise that has accidentally brought us together. Not just one, ‘you’, but the thousands of ‘you’s’ that make up the ever-growing 8123 family. We only care to concern ourselves with creating feelings and making noise to share with the ‘you’s’ that it means something to. We possess no interest in being a part of the traditional music industry, so there will be no one else involved with sharing lovely little lonely besides the ‘you’s’ and ourselves. In supporting our creativity for the past 10 years, you’ve helped make this record possible, and we want you to be with us to share it. All this said, YOU are our record label. You have been and will continue to be the reason this little noise can be heard. This lovely little lonely noise is for ‘you’.