I cant. I… It hurts to breathe.

If KirbyKat played baseball, he’d be KirbyBat
If KirbyKat was overweight, he’d be KirbyFat
If KirbyKat was a fly, he’d be KirbyGnat
If KirbyKat fell off of a tall building, he’d be KirbySplat
If KirbyKat was secretly a mouse, he’d be KirbyRat
If KirbyKat was talking to a friend, they’d be having a KirbyChat
If KirbyKat was a doll, hed be a KirbyBrat(z)
If KirbyKat bought a rug, it would be a KirbyMat (x)

Live for Me

Cover Art can be found here

A/N: If I actually wrote out how much I loved and hated writing this, it would end up insanely long. So I’ll just say this: This story was originally going to be 2 pages. It turned out to be 10. I deleted and rewrote so many things I just– Ugh. Frustration.

But I hope everyone enjoys it.
Dedicated to and inspired by Yunnie and the zombie picture, respectively

(Also, bear with the beginning. It’s a little rough. It smooths out more as you go on, though.)

((Also also I know Red hates dying in stories but she sort of had to. And I don’t know why Russ acts like a jerk either. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy in real life. It just happened okay?))


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Ahahaha oh man, i found this years ago when i was a kid, never could figure out where it went. Searched my family laptop and i found it. Its how i feel every time I’m at school and people keep poking me